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How to wear a light blue tuxedo for a wedding in 2023

A light blue tuxedo for a wedding is one of the rare formal menswear looks that can look exquisite if it is styled right. Picking the right color for the occasion as well as the right accessories will deliver an interesting and extraordinary appearance. Picking a light blue tuxedo for a wedding is a completely different affair. However, if you thought that it does not work, you are wrong.

If you are planning on wearing a light blue tuxedo for a wedding in 2023, here is everything that you need to know on how to style it and pick the suitable blue color that will present you in the best possible light.

How to wear a light blue tuxedo

Just like with the other color that is different from the classic black, there are some secrets and key things to owning and flaunting a look of a color tuxedo. As formal wear, the tuxedo delivers the utmost elegance to the event and the venue. In the case of a light blue tuxedo, there are several things that you need to pay attention to.

Start with choosing the right shade of light blue. Find the one that you like the most and that will complement your skin tone.

The fit of the light blue suit is what will make or break the look, so knowing how to measure for a tux will surely flatter your body shape.

When it comes to prints and patterns of the light blue suit, the only thing allowed are the subtle checks.

Weddings are a great option to wear a light blue tuxedo. It is a modern and stylish option. Also, the light blue suit can work for other formal occasions too.

Why wear a light blue Tux

Why wear a light blue Tux

Contrary to the popular belief that classic colors are the safest choice, light blue is an option to try and go with. As a color, blue is always considered fun and fresh. Especially for weddings, it is unique wedding attire. It will look great with the venue itself and is not a traditional choice. In terms of fashion, blue is the new black. Light blue is absolutely a great choice for summer weddings and there is no miss when it comes to the color. With few accessories, it can be easily dressed up or down, depending on the vibe and the occasion.

Tuxedo trends and attire for wedding

Tuxedo trends and attire for wedding

One of the trends that never go out of style when it comes to weddings is the classic style. The effortless cool of the 1920s tux is the most appropriate wedding attire that you can choose. It will remain fashionable and stylish for many years to come and is definitely worth the investment no matter how much does a tuxedo cost. A classic suit is also an option that is a safe choice, which can easily be dressed up or down depending on the formality of the occasion. Another big trend n the tuxedo and wedding attires is the shift from black to blue. Especially popular are the navy suits, but lately, light blue is making its way up on the trends list.

Tips for buying a light blue suit

Tips for buying a light blue suit

When buying a light blue suit, pay attention to several details that make the light blue suit flattering to your look. Look at the fabric and see whether the color of the suit matches the fabric. Keep in mind the season, the venue, and the occasion. If all of the answers check the box, then, that is the right suit for you. Be sure to have the proper tailoring to the suit, so that you will achieve the right fit.

The important rules for wearing a light blue tuxedo

The important rules for wearing a light blue tuxedo

Although fashion is always suggesting thinking outside of the box and trying out new things, in terms of the light blue suit, there are some simple rules that you better follow if you want to look dressed accordingly to the occasion.

For formal events, like wedding and groom attire, keep the look elegant but toned down, which means that the white shirt is simply a must. Not only does it looks good with the light blue suit, but it is a classic and elegant choice.

When choosing a light blue suit, pay attention to the lapels. For a light blue tuxedo, the most appropriate shawl lapel styles can come in other fabrics or with a different finish, which will make the tuxedo itself look more upgraded and stylish.

For footwear, pick colors that will match with at least one accessory. For example, let the shoes be in the same color and the tie, bow tie, or pocket square.

Always pick a shirt that is designed and suitable for a tuxedo, not for a suit.

Suspenders are a great addition to the tuxedo for all those who want the traditional look and the appearance of the tuxedo.

You do not have to match the light blue tuxedo jacket with the same-colored pants. You can break the look with different colors of the pants, as long as that same color appears on the jacket (on lapels, on pockets).


Is a light blue suit Ok for a wedding?

Is a light blue suit Ok for a wedding

Yes. The light blue tuxedo is a very stylish and modern option as a summer wedding attire.

Is it appropriate to wear a tuxedo to a wedding?

If the formality of the wedding requires a white-tie or black-tie dress code, then, the light blue tuxedo will fit great.            

Which is better tuxedo or a suit?

Depending on the look that you want to flaunt, the venue, and the formality of the event that you are attending, you can pick the fashion option accordingly. You can even go in a sporty style, but you will need to follow the tips for wearing a blue sports coat.

What color shirt goes with a light blue tuxedo?

For a strong formal look, always choose a crisp white shirt with a light blue tuxedo.

What color suit should a groom wear?

If the entire wedding party, including the groom, is dressing in blue color, then, it is best to keep the groom's suit in light blue color. The wedding party can wear royal blue suits for men, navy blue, French blue or something similar.