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Tips To Find How To Measure For A Tux

Tips To Find How To Measure For A Tux

When buying a Tuxedo or Suit it is important to accurately determine basic information of your sizes to get the best fit. It is not like getting a t-shirt where you have to choose between small, medium, or large. 

What to Know About How Tuxedo Size Work

Before you measure for a tux, you’ll need to be able to read and understand tux sizes.  There are a handful of different measurements that go into making up your size and not all of them may be appropriate for you. 

Jacket Chest

Jacket Chest for tuxedo

Tux jacket size labels will include a number in the highest point. The number corresponds to the circumference of your chest measurements in inches. It is recommended that you measure your chest over a dress, but not a Tux. You need a cloth measuring tape or a piece of string and a rule to do this.

Usually, you will have someone tailored fit measure for you. Wrap the tape around your chest just below your arms. The tape should be flat and level, and you should breathe out before taking the measurement. If your chest falls under 38", we recommend going with a 44 or 46 jacket to make sure it will fit when wearing a Tux Shirt.

Jacket Length

Jacket Length for tuxedo

Most tuxedo jackets come in short (S), regular (R), and long (L) lengths. This is measured from your armpit to the bottom of your jacket. Jacket length is a personal preference and you will need to decide what length is right for you. If you plan on wearing the jacket with a Tux Shirt, be sure that it isn't too short or too long.

Tuxedo Pant Sizes

Tuxedo Pant Sizes

The first number on a tux pant label is the waist size. It is important to wear your dress pants when taking this measurement. The second number on the pant label is inseam (leg) size, which can be obtained by measuring from your crotch to where you want your pants hemmed.

For example, if you have a 34" waist and a 33" inseam, order a 34x33 and expect to get an inch taken off the bottom of each leg. If you fall between sizes, it is best to order up the same size so you can have your pants hemmed shorter. If they are wearing shoes, take the measurements at the heel where the sole meets the shoe. Measure round up to the nearest 1⁄2 inch. For men, this is typically between 37” to 45”

Formal wear VS. Casual Sizing

Formal wear sizing is not the same as casual wear. A size 36 in a tuxedo will be much more fitted than a size 36 in jeans or pants. Casual sizing goes more by the actual waist measurement, whereas tuxedo pant sizing goes by the pants waist as well as your inseam.

Brand To Brand Sizing

Sizing from brand to brand is usually comparable. You’ll find that if you wear a size 40 tuxedo from one brand, the other brand will probably fit similarly.

However, because tuxedo sizing is based on measurements it can be difficult to determine your exact size without trying on tuxedos. It is recommended that you try on tuxedos before purchasing if you can.

When it comes to Fit you should know as much as you can about your body type and fit. For more information be sure to check our other articles on how a suit jacket should fit

Types Of Fit In Tux

Types Of Fit In Tuxedos

When selecting the correct fit for you, it's best to go with whatever style makes you feel most comfortable. It comes down to personal preference. The following fits are discussed below:

The Classic Fit

Classic fit tuxedo

A “classic” fit will be more generous in size measurement. Rather than a contoured cut. This is a good choice for those who have slimmer builds or may be involved in active sports. It’s also a popular fit among men with larger chests and arms, as it does not show off much of your torso.

Traditionally, a classic fit tuxedo jacket will have the same arm width at the waist as it does at the chest.

Skinny Fit

Skinny Fit tuxedo

Skinny fit will contour your body closely, and won’t leave you with much extra fabric. Although, some men prefer it to the classic fit look. This tuxedo style is great for taller or more muscular builds with smaller waists. A skinny fit can also minimize stomach issues and give you an overall slimmer appearance.

Slim Fit

Slim Fit Tuxedo

The slim fit offers the best of both worlds: a contoured cut that looks fitted. If you have a larger build and want a tuxedo that will make you look slimmer, this is the way to go.

A slim fit can be customized with your measurements more than any other type of tuxedo—and it allows room for more movement and contouring so there is also less chance of it being too tight.

Steps To Tape Measure A Tuxedo

Steps To Tape Measure A Tuxedo

When buying a Tuxedo online it is important to accurately determine your sizes to get the best fit instead of the wrong measurements. Here are the accurate measurements needed to order a tuxedo.

Before you keep reading here are a few things you should know about measurement for a tux fitting

Jacket Chest Size

Jacket Chest Size for tux

Place the measuring tape under arms and measure around the broadest part of the chest. You should be aware that chest measurement does not include the front of the jacket. Jacket chest measurement will be measured from side to side, across the chest. The jacket chest size measurement image is given below as a reference.



Overarm measurements for tux

With arms down to the side, place the measuring tape around the broadest part of the chest and shoulders. This should be the same place where you took your Jacket Chest size. Overarm measurement will be measured from side to side, across the shoulders. Use this image as a reference.


Jacket Length

Jacket length for tux

Jacket lengths range from Short, Regular, Long, and Extra Long.  Short typically tape measure between 33” to 34”, Regular measures 36”, Long measures 38” and Extra Long measures 40”.

Neck Size

Neck size measurements for tux

Tape measures around the neck size where a shirt's collar would be buttoned. Neck size is important for fitting the collar of your shirt. Tux Neck size will be measured from side to side, across the neck. Keep one finger inside the tape. Use this neck size measurement image as a reference.


Sleeve Length

Sleeve Length for tuxedo

Place the tape measure at the base of the neck centered on the spine for appropriate length. This is where the collar would sit. Measure down the arms to the wrist bone, keeping the tape measure firm and a straight line for sleeve measurement.

Measure from neck or shoulder seam down sleeve to wrist with your arm hanging straight and slightly raised. The standard sleeve length for a dress shirt is 34”, however, if you like to wear cuff links and French cuffs it is better to select 35” or 36”.Look at the below image as a reference.


Waist size

Waist Size for tuxedo

Wrap a tape measure over a shirt around your natural waist at the height you usually wear dress slacks. This is the final piece of information needed to order a tuxedo.

The average male waist measurement has between 25 and 29 collar sizes, 12 to 14 dress-wearing shoe widths, and 32/33 pants waist measurement as inches. When ordering a tuxedo you should pick the closest matching collar, shoe size, and waist size according to your measurements. Use this image as a reference for measuring waist size.


Tuxedo Pants Length

Tuxedo Pants Length

Tape measure your Outseam from the top of the waistband on a pair of dress slacks or pant size that fit you well to the floor. Tuxedo pants length should be measured down the pant leg with tape measure straight and firm. This inseam measurement is the final piece of information needed to complete your tuxedo order. Use this image as a reference.


Tuxedo For Your Body Type

Every body type is unique, and for some of us, it can be difficult to find the right fit with some of the most accessible brands. Whether you are very tall or short, pear-shaped or skinny, some tuxedos will suit your body type.

Here's a great guide for measuring a tuxedo.

Custom Tuxedo

Have a tuxedo custom made, shop for (or rent) separates, or plan on taking your off-the-rack garment to a tailor for fine-tuning. Custom Tuxedo is the best option if you are looking for a unique style and fit to compliment your body.

Off The Rack

Buying a tux off the rack means you’ll get the “standard drop”. There’s not a lot of customization available with off the rack. Off-the-rack tuxedos are typically more affordable than custom tuxedos but come with limited sizing and styling choices.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about how tuxedo sizes work, it’s time to measure for your perfect tux. You can use our handy guide below to get started and make sure you look sharp at your next black-tie event. Do you have any questions about finding the right size or fit? Click Tuxedo Flexsuit and we’ll be happy to help. What tuxedo size fits you best?