Suit Donations

Anything is possible with a little confidence and a great suit.


Flex Suits is committed to supporting disadvantaged and homeless job seekers through suit donations.

There is something magical that happens when a man puts on a well-made suit.  His confidence rises.  His posture straightens.  His chest lifts.  In the moment where a man looks into the mirror and sees the image of himself wearing a sharp suit is reflected back to him, he is able to see his full potential.

At Flex Suits, we believe the suit makes the man.  As life-long residents of Los Angeles, we understand all too well the plight of homeless, under-housed, and disadvantaged men in our area.  While many of these men are eager to find work, get off the streets, and build a prosperous life for themselves, the obstacles and barriers presented with the job-hunting process often prevent them from ever reaching their full potential.  Unfortunately, many homeless men remain on the streets simply because they didn’t have something to wear to the interview – a fact that Flex Suit Founder and CEO became all too aware of one day when walking an armload of suits into the store.  He was approached by a homeless gentleman who asked if he could have a suit for the day so he could go to a job interview.  The moment stuck with the CEO , and our business would never be the same.

As a way of giving back to our community while doing our part to help those in need, Flex Suits not only donates beautifully crafted, stylish suits to disadvantaged and homeless men in our community, but we connect them with local resources, supports, and trainings designed to boost their confidence and increase their chances of landing the job.  By providing the suit, the support, and the knowledge necessary, we have been able to help transform the lives of countless men in Los Angeles, and will continue to do so with humility, joy, and compassion.

At the end of the day, Flex Suits is a company committed to helping our fellow man.  We believe that by providing hope and opportunity to our most vulnerable citizens, we can help elevate the conversation and improve life for everyone.  Will a sharp suit from Flex Suits change the world?  Maybe not – but it will change the world of one man who is eager to take control of his life back and live up to his true potential.

It’s really amazing what a great suit and a little support can do.