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Trendy Ideas On What To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

by Miguel 08 Aug 2022

Ideas On What To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

The blue sports coat is an iconic staple in every man’s wardrobe. It’s undeniably sharp and a timeless classic.  And for good reason. The blue sports coat can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and is equally at home during an outdoor fall festival as it is at a black-tie wedding.

Sport Coat

A sports coat is a patterned jacket that one can wear with trousers that are not made of the same fabric or have the same pattern. The sports jacket was originally the attire worn by a sporting man. Most sport coats are suit jacket that is single-breasted with two or three buttons, notched collars, and flapped pockets. More casual versions may be referred to as " blazers ".

The sport coat is most commonly worn by men in the U.S. with a classic combination of grey pants, navy blue, khaki pants, and matching brown accessories.

Click here to learn the difference between a sports coat and a blazer.

The Fit

The sports coat’s original function affects its fit. A sports suit jacket should always fit loose enough to allow for layering underneath. The shoulder pads should be minimized to avoid looking dated or like a mannequin. A center vent in the back helps provide easy movement.


The sports coat was meant to look more rugged than the suit and the blazer. As such, sturdier fabrics were used. The most popular fabric used in sport coats includes tweeds such as houndstooth and Donegal.

Lighter Canvas or Cotton twill jackets also look fantastic in warmer months. A cotton Canvas sports coat will give you the same sharp look as flannel, but with greater comfort. Be sure to choose a fabric that is sturdy enough to resist wrinkles, especially if you’re buying a light-colored sports suit jacket.


The original purpose of the sports suit jacket was meant to function as sporting attire for a gentleman. This accounts for the jacket’s more rugged appearance as well as for some of its style details.

Shirts To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

Shirt To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

When choosing a color shirt to wear with your blue sports coat, you have many options. They are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe and can be styled for just about any occasion. The following are some of the most popular types of shirts worn with a sports jacket.

Dress Shirts

Pairing a dress shirt with a blue sports coat gives a classic look for men. The easiest way for you to do this is to stick with dress shirts in a light tone like a white shirt. If you prefer a casual look, a blue sports coat and a white or blue gingham crisp button-down shirt look amazing.

You can wear brightly colored dress shirts like pink or yellow with your blue sports jacket. Blazers that are brown, grey, or maroon also pair well with these types of shirts.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts with blue sports coat

A polo shirt worn under a blue sports coat is an excellent option when not required to dress formally. Like the dress shirt, the polo should be light colors with white and light blue looking the best.

Pairing a blue polo with a sports coat of a different shade of blue will look great. A solid base of a dark hue like a black shirt, grey, or navy blue t-shirt can be worn underneath your sports coat. Use this Polo shirt image as a reference.

Pants To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

Pants To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

Keep in mind that you still have to be mindful of the dos and don'ts of matching them up. A list of some essential dress pants that you can match up with the navy blue blazer is listed below.


Jeans with blue sports coat

Blue jeans look best when they are lighter than the sports jacket. When the hues match up too closely as from a distance, it can look like a suit.

Classic Chinos

Classic Chinos with blue sports coat

An excellent contrast to the blue sports coat. Classic chinos blend well with a light dress color shirt with matching brown shoes.

Pairing dark chinos with a denim jacket is an outstanding option for work or play. Avoid wearing grey trousers that will clash with the blazer. Use the image below as a reference.

Grey Flannel Trousers

Grey Flannel Trousers with blue sports coat

Grey flannel trousers are a classy way to match the blue sports coat. Experiment with light or dark shades of grey dress pants. It's difficult to mess up coordinating navy blue blazer combinations. Below, the image is for reference.

Moleskin Trousers

Moleskin Trousers with blue sports coat

This fabric is named based on its heavy cotton construction, which resembles the fur of a mole. The last few years saw designers experimenting with moleskin blazers which pairs exceptionally well with trousers of the same structure.

Shoes To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

Shoes To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

To choose shoes to pair with a blue sports coat think about the attire that you’re going to wear. The more formal your suit jacket, the dressier your shoes will have to be.

The following are some types of shoes that go well with a navy blue sports coat:

Derby Shoes

Derby Shoes with blue sports coat

The versatility of a pair of derbies is only a match to wear with navy blue blazer outfits. Pair with classic chinos or moleskin trousers for the best look. The derby shoes are made with a soft suede which makes them dressier look than leather dress shoes. Use the image below as a reference.

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap Shoes with blue sports coat

Monk strap shoes are identifiable by their buckle and leather enclosure compared to laces. Given the lack of lacing, monk strap shoes perform better in a casual environment. Tasteful leather-soled shoes are the perfect complement to your sports coat. The image below is for reference,

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots with blue sports coat

Chelsea boots are another casual shoe that looks great with the navy blue sports coat. Depending on your event, suede is a great casual option while leather will step up the blazer slightly. As a reference, the image is given below.


Moccasins with sports coat

If you are one of the adventurous ones who want to pair their blazer with jeans, the driving moccasins will be your best bet. As with most of the shoes on this list, brown will be your color of choice.

If you still need some help check out this guide on what to wear with a blazer.

What Accessories To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

What Accessories To Wear With Blue Sport Coat

Men love to show off their style, and accessories are a great way to pull it off. Accessories to Wear with a navy blue sports coat are listed below.

Pocket Square

The pocket square is a great way to add a subtle pop of color to your outfit. Look through the options and pick out a color that compliments both your skin tone and navy blazer.


A necktie may be a bit too much if the rest of the outfit is casual. If your work environment allows it, adding a necktie with a colorful pattern will add an extra element to your outfit.

Classic Watches

A watch with a leather strap is the best option for adding to your navy blue outfit. Depending on the time of day, you can be casual or dressy by choosing between leather and metal bands.


A boutonniere is a great way to add color and flavor to your outfit. Read up on boutonnieres and pick out an arrangement that compliments the rest of your look.


In order to add a more polished look, silver or white cufflinks are the best choice. Go with a design that compliments your outfit for a great combination.

Tips For Wearing Blue Sport Coat

Tips For Wearing Blue Sport Coat

The tips on what to pair with a sport blue coat for all sorts of situations. Whether you want to go business casual, formal, or somewhere in the middle, there’s a way to rock a blue sports coat that’s perfect for you.

Here's a great article with more tips on what to wear with a navy suit

Wear Light-Colored Shirts

When it comes to wearing a blue coat, you’ll generally want to match pair it with a light-colored shirt. Like all things in style, there are exceptions to this rule, but if you’ve just purchased a navy blue sports coat for the first time, you’ll want to keep it simple and stick with those high-contrast light colors.

Blue On Blue

When you’re working in a sport blue coat and jeans, you can actually wear dark blue jeans with the sports coat. This is because the contrast comes from the different textures of the two materials and not the color. 

Button-Down Shirt

The best kind of shirt to wear with a navy blue sports coat is a white button-down shirt with a collar. An oxford or dress shirt is the best option in most cases, but you can pair your sports coat with a linen shirt if you want to get creative.

Go For Polo Shirts

For a business casual look, throw on a light-colored polo shirt, chinos, or wear jeans, and your blue sports coat. The important thing is not necessarily whether the shirt has buttons, but whether it has a collar stays.

Formal Shoes Work Best

If you’re trying to create a casual look, you’re better off erring on the side of semi-formal. Sneakers will look out-of-place with a navy blue blazer, while formal shoes will create a round look. If you absolutely feel the need to wear sneakers, go with some canvas ones, as they’re slightly less casual.

Final Thoughts

With the right shirt, pants, and accessories, you can wear a blue sports coat to almost any event. If you’re not sure what to wear with your blue sports coat, our tips will help make your decision easier. Just remember to keep it simple and classy yourself. 

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