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How Pinstripe Suits Evolved Over Time

Since the 1980s, pinstripe suits have been the staple uniform for all bankers: you couldn't go wrong with them. British bankers originally brought about the classic style in the 19th century.

However, contrary to the primary aim of standing out from the crowd within the modern mindset, the aim back then was to merge within the masses. Interestingly, the pinstripe uniform for each bank was differentiated by the striped suit type, particularly the stripes' weight, and shade. These were the primary identification elements for each bank.

However, these pinstripe suits gained popularity and a sense of modernism when the Chicago Cubs Baseball team took them on in 1907. Subsequently, these were made more famous by the New York Yankees as they decided to adorn this fashion statement.

When Should You Wear A Pinstripe Suit?

As the fashion industry moves through various mood shifts, you may come across pinstripes on a pair of joggers more often than you would on a suit. Interestingly, people have acquired the sense of updating their style by pairing pinstriped trousers with a T-shirt and some chic trainers.

However, the pinstripe suits never go out of style. It all comes down to the combination of colors you opt for. Going for classic colors for your pinstripe suit will keep you looking classy in a rather risk-free way.

However, the association of the pinstripe suit with the alpha male still leaves you standing out on formal occasions. This kind of outfit will have you getting compliments the further you experiment with the design. Therefore, don't hesitate to put on a suit that prominently features pinstripes at that upcoming wedding.

Interestingly, you can style these suits to your benefit if you're among the shorter guys. Go for narrower pinstripes because these tend to accentuate your heart. Therefore, you can play around with the pattern and the accessories to oomph up your look.

5 Ways To Style The Pinstripe Suit

Believe it or not, pinstripe suits can be very versatile if you keep away from contrasting color shirts. If you wish to keep your appearance sharp and classy, here's how you can style the best pinstripe suit:

Mix and Match

When you're styling yourself with a classic black pinstripe suit, your ultimate aim needs to be to break out of the stereotype of looking like a boring banker. Therefore, to keep the outfit casual and fun, let go of the waistcoats and play around with the colors and fabrics. The key tip is to expand your mind and think differently.

Hold onto one major rule: go for a nonchalant vibe if you want to pull off a classic double-breasted pinstripe suit. These were the ultimate power statements in olden times but tend to take the opposite effect today. Therefore, your confidence will do the job for you.

If you're around trading grounds, ditch the bright blue shades and attempt replacing the silk ties with linen. We also recommend keeping the collar free and open to eliminate the stereotype of an office look. Moreover, attempting to play around with colors and prints, breaking through basics, and experimenting always makes a statement!

Give It A Modern Spin

Believe it or not, one of the trendiest approaches to making a stylish pinstripe suit is not to wear one. You could just as easily throw on a pinstripe trouser with a block-colored blazer or sweater, keeping your look cool yet sophisticated. You should remain subtle as you create your customized look using these trendy pinstripes.

However, the strong association of stripes with suits can make it difficult to pull off this look. Therefore, align it with the season and keep your walk confident yet smooth as you make your fashion statement. Don't throw out the idea of wearing a polo or a casual T-shirt with these striped pants either! You may surprise yourself.

Keep It Clean!

Beyond those chalk stripes, your overall accessories can be a major addition to the wardrobe. Styling your suit with a nice pocket square will take a long way. Take your dress-up regime as canvas construction: you're creating your fashion statement by taking your style a level up.

However, although accessories can add to the class of a suit, we recommend keeping it neat and tidy. Plain shirts with a pinstripe suit will stick you with the right amount of attention. Hold onto the rule: Less is more. Therefore, let your stripe jacket do the talking while going for a cool tone.

While most people have higher chances of pulling off a minimalistic look at a special event, sometimes experimentation can make for a great suit! Going for wilder looks with slightly disruptive patterns can be a pleasant surprise.

After all, new trends matter! Therefore, don't be wary of looking like a screaming sign in the middle of a football game. Moreover, pairing this up with a baseball cap or beanie will help tie the whole look together.

Old Can Sometimes Be Gold!

Whether you're aiming to mix up your office wardrobe or are a city boy, the original pinstripe suit style can be exceptional. There's no such thing as ordinary when it comes to a basic blue tone, a double-breasted jacket, a formal dress shirt, and perhaps even a vest.

However, keep the accessories minimalistic and take the loafer approach rather than your average oxford shoes.

What Colors Can You Go With?

There is a wide variety of pinstripe suits available out there, especially when it comes to colors. Therefore, here's a list of colors you may cross paths with, along with what they'd look best with:

Black Pinstripe Suit

You might hear "Orange is the new black" often, but no color can truly replace the simplicity yet boldness of black. Therefore, a classic black pinstripe suit would look best with a clean white button-up and a light grey tie. Surely, a chic slim-fit black suit truly remains unmatched!

Navy Pinstripe Suit

All those who've previously worn suits know that navy never goes out of fashion. It is one of the most commonly found colors for a pinstripe suit and keeps you looking business-formal yet elegant!

However, don't let this blue pinstripe suit confuse you; styling a navy blue suit is fairly simple. If you want to experiment, throw in a popping color to draw more attention. Otherwise, the white button-up with a navy blue pinstriped jacket is truly the epitome of style!

Gray Pinstripe Suit

If you want to scream sophisticated, we recommend wearing a pinstripe suit. These suits come in various shades ranging from slate to charcoal, making them one of the most versatile additions to your dress closet! These are ideal for all occasions and stand out with blues and purples. Therefore, pair it up with a blue shirt and head to your business meeting.

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