Who We Are

Based in sunny California, our company was founded on the principle that how we present ourselves should be an affordable choice for inspirational men who value making a strong first impression. We know it’s imperative to amaze people by the way we dress, so we started Flex Suits to help you do so without breaking your bank. We were inspired to help men have a suit that’s affordable yet fashionable. The business began when we were looking for the perfect suit just two days before a wedding – yes, we know: a huge mistake! As a result, we couldn’t find anything that fit our bodies as well as our wallets. We struggled because we didn’t want to spend over $200 on a suit and or anything designer because we couldn’t afford it. We came up with something on our own, which is how the idea for Flex Suits arose. We’re here today, in the online world, to take care of you and your suit preferences. We’ve been there; we know how important our work is!


These days, it’s hard to find an elegant suit for every occasion that will fit you and be affordable. We have that: Ready-to-wear prices and comfortable suits for every body type. Empower yourself with Flex Suits and express who you are and where you want to be in life. We’ll take care of you.

We’re proud of our quality suits and the custom made suits we design according to your measurements. Choosing the color you like will make you stand out, so we offer you 20 to choose from and a variety of styles, combined with higher thread counts that provide even better quality.


From a classic suit to a fashionable work suit to an elegant, modern suit, we create them at extremely affordable prices so you’ll look amazing and feel terrific. We will continue this and diversify into other aspects of the clothing business soon. Together, we grow!