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Beige Suits for Men Is the New Trend and Here's Why

Beige suits for men are a classic choice for the summer season. As a color, beige reflects a confident, stylish, and relaxed attitude and choice for a fashion-aware and modern man. Just by properly choosing the right color of shirt that will go well with beige, you create a great fashion outfit. Many consider beige to be not a very happy and revealing color. Sometimes it might be even regarded as a bit boring. But, this summer, the beige suits for men are all the rave and they are most definitely trendy.

If you are willing to amp up your stylish suit game, then, there is no better way to do it this summer with the beige color. Here is why the beige suits for men are the new trend and how to wear them.

The formality of the beige suit

The formality of the beige suit

If you are looking for a casual suit, then, the beige suit is the most casual one you can find and wear. Darker suits indeed carry a bit bigger dose of formality. According to that, the lighter the shade, the less formal the suit looks. Beige suits for men are a very laid-back option, which makes them great and suitable for warm weather and tropical climate events. A smart casual look will most easily be achieved with these suits. Also, they are a wonderful option for summer weddings.

            Beige wedding suits for men

Beige wedding suits for men

As mentioned above, the beige suit is a great option for summer wedding attire for men. It is a wonderful option for both the groom and the wedding guest. If you are a groom opting to wear a double-breasted suit, then, the look you will look formal. A white shirt, dark navy tie, or a vanilla bow tie are the accessories that look great on a beige suit, as well as the option to wear a three-piece suit. As for the shoes and the belt, go with a matching choice of navy or dark brown.

What colors go well with a beige suit?

What colors go well with a beige suit

As a natural color, beige goes and styles well with many different shades and colors. The majority of colors on the color wheel go well with beige. The muted hues however are better since they match the vibe of the suit. However, that does not exclude the bold colors either.

All the blues go extremely well with beige because they add warmth to the suit. They do not look too dark as black but complement the beige color. The next color that styles well is pink. It is a soft and gentle color that creates a soft and interesting appearance. When it comes to green and yellow, both the colors work great with beige since they style great with the earthy undertones of brown and cream that are found in beige. Another great color for beige is dark brown or tan. These colors deliver a monochromatic effect that adds additional warmth to the suit.

Beige suit combinations

Beige suit combinations

Beige is a great color that styles well with lots of different colors. Depending on the event the occasion, the color choice as well as the pattern and design of the accessories and other fashion garments make a look complete and defined.

How to wear a beige suit

How to wear a beige suit

Wearing a beige suit is very easy. Especially if that is your choice for the summer season, beige is a suitable and interesting color choice. It carries just enough dose of elegance and casualty, making the beige suit a great option for all those who want to play in between.

            What tie color to wear with a beige suit?

What tie color to wear with a beige suit

The white shirt and the beige suit style are great with darker shades or tie and bowtie like tan, brown, navy, dark gray, dark green, etc.

What shirt color to wear with the beige suit?

What shirt color to wear with the beige suit

When it comes to the suitable combinations for the beige suit, it is inevitable to mention the white shirt. It is a common, expected, and most suitable option. It delivers an elegant, professional, and smart look, and it is a standard choice for all suit colors. One can never go wrong with a white shirt.

Pale pink is also a great combination. It is subtle and light, different from the white, but still interesting and dominant.

Light blue and similar pale blue shades are also great for a laid-back and relaxed look of the beige suit.

What pants color to wear with the beige suit?

What pants color to wear with the beige suit

When it comes to a beige suit, it is best to wear matching pants to the blazer which will deliver a more unique and formed outfit. A beige blazer and beige pants are the combos that are best kept that way.

Beige suit jacket combinations

Beige suit jacket combinations

For a more casual and semi-formal outfit, the beige jacket will deliver a smart and interesting look when paired with darker pants. For example, go with dark jeans or navy blue pants. Dark olive and dark green, as well as brown, are also great pants options. As for shirts, the beige suit jacket styles great with a white, light blue, striped, or checkered shirt.

Accessories for beige suit

Accessories for beige suit

The accessories that complete a suit are a tie, bow tie, pocket square, pin, belt, and shoes. In these terms, it is best to keep the colors of the accessories complementing and matching. For example, if you go with a blue or navy tie, choose a similar pocket square. The belt will always look elegant in dark brown, dark grey, or dark navy color. The accessories should create a contrast to the suit.

Shoes for beige suits

Shoes for beige suits

The shoes for the beige suit should be weather appropriate, like the suit itself. Light brown, navy, camel, and similar colors will complement the suit. Choose loafers or brogues for this summer outfit.


            Can you wear a beige suit in summer?

Beige is more summer color, so it might not be appropriate for a winter suit choice.

            How do you style a beige suit jacket?

A beige suit jacket will always look great with a formal or a semi-formal shirt. Also, for a more sporty look, you can choose a polo shirt.

            Can I wear a beige suit to a wedding?

Yes, the beige suit is a great option for a wedding.

            Are beige suits professional?

Yes, the beige suits for men can look professional in the summer, if they are styled and paired with the proper colors.

            What shirt goes with a beige linen suit?

A white shirt looks clean and elegant with a beige linen suit, as well as a light blue shirt.