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Men’s suits are available in two styles, single-breasted and double-breasted suits with each having its own style quotient.

Single-breasted suits are the most popular ones as it features a smooth line of cloth covering the wearer’s upper half without any interruption or break in between. These types of men's suits usually feature one or more buttons on the front of the suit and may include a single-breasted reverse.

On the other hand, double-breasted suites feature a style that is far more traditional and dramatic as compared to its counterpart. This type of men's suit features two parallel columns consisting of a row of jacket buttons with a second flap of cloth underneath concealing the buttons.

Some of these types of men's suit styles are traditionally tailored to further enhance their dramatic look and provide a more comfortable fit with pleats in between for added comfort.

One can opt for either a single-breasted or double-breasted type of suit depending upon his personal style preference, however, it is not very easy to wear these types of men's suits.

If you are still confused about the double-breasted suits, then don’t worry here are complete details about a double-breasted jacket with images that would provide you a better understanding of its fashion.

Single Breasted Suit Vs Double Breasted Suit

The difference between single-breasted and double-breasted suits is that double-breasted suits are more traditional and dramatic, while single-breasted suits are the most popular. Double-breasted suits feature two columns of jacket buttons with the second flap of cloth or revers hiding them underneath. One can wear either a double-or single-breasted suit but they both require more care to wear.

It all depends on your personal style preference.

A double-breasted suit looks more attractive than a single-breasted one. Single-breasted suits are worn in every kind of affairs, while double-breasted ones are worn for special occasions like wedding ceremonies. That’s why it is always preferred by the groom during marriages/weddings.

The double-breasted suit can be buttoned in two styles, the one where the top button is undone and midriff will be uncovered, and the second style of double-breasted suits buttoning is with all buttons fastened at once. It also depends on your body shape which will help you to know what kind of stuff (shirt and tie) will be appropriate for your body type.

A single-breasted suit is the most popular suit. It features only one flap of cloth covering the upper half without any interruption or breaks in between, whereas a double-breasted suit has two such flaps which add style to it. A single-breasted suit is generally worn for daily use. It is slim fit and varies from person to person.

With the double-breasted suit, you can wear a tie or bowtie in contrast with the color of your jacket because it’s not like single-breasted button-down suits where one has to wear ties at all times. Double-breasted suits are considered for classy dressing in office wear, whereas single-breasted one is more casual and suitable for all affairs.

You can go with either style but make sure you go with a well-fitted suit because it will provide you an elegant look on the occasion.

When Should You Wear a Single Breasted Suit or Double Breasted Suit?

When deciding when to wear a double-breasted suit, one should keep in mind that style is more traditional and has to be worn with formal shirts, otherwise, it may give you a sloppy look. Double-breasted suits are considered more suitable for special occasions like parties or weddings & engagements etc. It has to be buttoned up in the right way to avoid any form of inconvenience.

Single-breasted suits include V shape, U shape, and skinny fit while double-breasted include a notch, peak, and shawl collar. They look more stylish in comparison with single-breasted suits, but one needs to know when to wear them to feel comfortable on an occasion or event. It’s always better not to experiment much with a double-breasted suit because it’s a traditional style that has been brought in with the trend of western fashion.

A double-breasted suit gives you a mature look, so if you are young or in your 20s it’s not recommended for you because double-breasted suits will make you appear older than your age. But if you have an office where employees dress according to their level then they can experiment more. It is not very easy to wear these types of men's suits. However, for this type of suit-wearing, one must have prior knowledge on how to wear it, or else it might be an embarrassing situation for them.

A Brief History Of The Double Breasted Suit

The double-breasted suit has a long history and is very common in men's wardrobe as it adds a certain toughness to the look which makes you appear more handsome and confident.

In Europe, this type of suit was worn by sailors from Britain as they were double-breasted to keep them from catching water while sailing.

In the year 1949, Steve McQueen was seen wearing double-breasted coats in a movie and it became a trendsetter for men to wear suits with two rows of buttons.

Nowadays, this type of apparel has been used by different people to give their look a classy touch. From actors to businessmen from all over the world are seen wearing this type of suit.

Different shops offer different types of double-breasted suits which you can purchase according to your liking. As the trend is catching up, there are a lot of online websites where you can get these outfits in different colors and styles so that it's easy for you to choose what suits you best for your look.

Whom to Wear Double Breasted Suits

The body shape is categorized into three major types. They are lean or slim type, stocky/ athletic type, and well-built. Depending on these types of shapes, men may prefer wearing single or double-breasted suits. If you have an athletic body shape then it’s better to wear a double-breasted suit because it will make your body appear thinner whereas if you are lean then it’s good to wear single-breasted suits.

It also depends on your body shape which will help you to know what kind of stuff (shirt and tie) will be appropriate for your body type because each person has a different hip size, chest size or shoulder size, etc. Generally, double-breasted suits are worn by men who have broad shoulders or V-type waists.

How to Wear Double Breasted Suits?

Follow these simple steps if you are experimenting with a double-breasted jacket:

  1. Button it up: You need to button at least the middle two buttons of the suit and it does not matter which one you choose.
  2. Wear a formal shirt with a double-breasted suit: As we know that this type of men's suit has a traditional style so it’s better to wear a formal shirt with this suit.
  3. Tying a necktie: You need to wear a necktie with formal attire so it’s better not to ignore it and if you have a double-breasted suit then don’t forget to tie the necktie from underneath your collar as it will help you to avoid any discomfort.

Main Reason: Why Double Breasted Suits

A man looks classy and casual in a double-breasted suit especially a dark blue or a black one. It is an ideal formal attire for men which can be paired with any kind of shirt even the finest designed collared polo shirt. On other hand, it can also be worn as a business suit to impress clients or customers. This kind of suit looks great on any body type and it can be worn by all age groups.

It’s a great investment for men to buy a double-breasted suit and have it in their wardrobe because nowadays people wear this kind of suit according to the event or occasion. So if you do not want to put extra effort into shopping for different kinds of clothes for different occasions then this suit is preferred. This suit has its own uniqueness that’s why they are worn at social gatherings, weddings, and at the office.

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Where to Wear Double Breasted Suits

Double-breasted jackets are mostly used as a formal dress and bold styling in the warmer months than single-breasted suits.

Single-breasted suits are designed to be more lightweight and subtle as they fit close to the body. Double-breasted suits can fit like a loose coat, which helps them work well with warmer climates and seasons. It's cut so it can be worn loose or tight, depending on the person's preference.

Ways to Wear Double Breasted Suits

There are many ways to wear a double-breasted jacket with unique and elegant styles that define the shape of the body, customize your style as you want. This style not only defines formal wear for men but is also used in many events. It gives rich look to the wearer with a perfect fit.

When it comes to choosing a style of a double-breasted jacket, always remember that it should be perfectly fitting and must have the ability to enhance your personality. Here are some tips that could help you to get a perfect look:

  • Always choose a jacket that is not too short or long cut from the waist, because it will make your body look longer.
  • If you are wearing a double-breasted suit then you are free to experiment with bow ties, neckties, or earrings.
  • Try some unique styles that will help you to get an elegant look the choice of your shoes is also important so keep it formal and stylish.

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Corporate Double Breasted Suit Jacket

In the office, a double-breasted jacket is a classic and formal look that typically features navy or gray, and recently has been adapted in black. This form of men's suits is very popular in the workplace since it delivers an air of confidence among men.

Most gentlemen prefer wearing this kind of dress to be able to communicate an aura of authority and ambition. For a formal or business event, a double-breasted suit is one of the few garments that can be deemed appropriate.

When wearing a double-breasted suit at work, men have more freedom to experiment with colors and accessories since this type of garment has been traditionally worn during the day in many industries. Males who prefer wearing neckties tend to wear this dress because it is more comfortable.

But aside from this type of clothing being popularly worn in the office, there are other reasons for wearing a double-breasted suit that often goes unnoticed. For instance, these dresses tend to keep men warm during winter seasons, and also create an appealing silhouette that can positively impact one's self-esteem.

In the end, a double-breasted suit is often preferred by men who wish to look elegant and stylish in their work clothes because of its versatility and formal appearance.

Winter Double Breasted Suits

Winter double-breasted jacket is the perfect choice for cold winter days.

They are not only wonderful for providing extra warmth but go effortlessly with any knit tie, shirt/sweater combination, allowing you to easily layer other items underneath should you feel the need to do so.

These suits work well on formal and casual occasions because of their versatility and everyday comfort.

A well-fitting double-breasted suit will go a long way, serving as one of the most versatile and functional pieces of your wardrobe.

Double Breasted Suit Jacket Separates

Casual dressing is easy with a double-breasted jacket, you can dress down with jackets, pairing blazers with chinos or denim. This look helps to give you a more formal look and style.

You can also go for separates such as the blazer, shirt, and trousers to create new looks. Ensure that your choice of trousers is a slim fit with slight or no break which will help you to pair them up on different occasions.

To play around with the traditional office formality of a double-breasted jacket, you can choose a colored blazer and chino pants to give your outfit a more relaxed look.

If you are looking for stylish or casual wear, then you can wear both the jacket and pants in different colors to create a special formal effect at work.

Double Breasted Suit With White Pants

For a perfect summer look use double-breasted suits with pants and trousers for a sharper out layer with a neat and clean look. This type of outfit will allow you to attend formal office meetings.

To look more appealing, wear your beautiful shoes with the dress and use small accessories like cufflinks or vests which can give your outfit that perfect touch.

You can wear both double-breasted pants for matching outfits that are non-matching as well. Although colorful outfits cannot be paired with white pants, you can wear them for casual outings.

The best thing about this outfit is that it will leave you looking charming and trendy which will help to make heads turn when walking down the streets.

A blazer with silk linen contrasted with white buttons by adding loafers looks very classy and elegant.

Double Breasted Suit With Denim

Jeans with double-breasted blazers can be worn for casual occasions and even formal ones. This look will not only give you an edgy yet stylish feel but you will also stay cool during the summer days. It’s a rock and roll look that will make you stand out in a crowd.

With this outfit, you will be able to stay active all day. In short, the denim blazer is great to wear for all occasions if worn right.

The idea to achieve this look is by wearing your denim jacket with contrasting colored pants so as to break from the monotony of blue jeans. You can use bright colors to contrast with your dark denim blazer and give your all-black outfit a colorful touch.

To make sure that you stay comfortable, choose your jeans carefully as this dress will be worn for many hours. Also, keep the other accessories minimal to ensure that your look is simplistic.

If you are planning to attend events such as wedding parties or outdoor affairs, then you must go

Jeans are easy to wear with double-breasted blazers, you can choose to mix match your outfit with different types of shoes, shirts, and other accessories like cufflinks or watches.

The best part of this outfit is that you can wear it with different colored blazers depending on the occasion at which you are attending.

Double Breasted Suit With T-Shirt

Looking casual and cool are two very different things, but if you can wear clothes with grace and class, people have to choose your look. This type of outfit will help you to attend informal events at the office party or outdoor activities.

The best thing about this dress is that it's easy to carry off without having any hassle, just go for a nice pair of shoes which will match your look and you will be set.

To make sure that your outfit looks good, wear an unbuttoned blazer over the tee instead of wearing a shirt underneath. The idea is to dress down without looking shabby or dirty which will give you a stylish and trendy feel.

You can choose your jeans well as the color and cut should match your shoes for that perfect look.

The best thing about this outfit is that you can experiment with different colors of tees and blazers to give yourself a casual yet stylish look without trying too hard.

Double Breasted Suit With Shorts

You can even wear shorts with this type of outfit to give your look a funky yet different feel.

This type of attire will help you to attend outdoor events like parties.

The best part about this dress is that it looks very appealing and stylish. You can pair these outfits with sneakers or loafers for that perfect summer touch which will keep you cool while giving you an edgy look.

Double Breasted Suit With Colored Pants

This type of attire gives you a fun and funky look just by wearing shorts with a double-breasted blazer. To pull off this look successfully, choose the color of your pants well as it should be in contrast with the color of your blazer.

For example, if you are wearing a blue blazer, you should wear black or white-colored pants to keep the look simple and not wear green or red pants as it will be too much color.

If you are attending an outdoor event, then this type of attire is perfect for you. It’s very casual yet fun which will turn heads wherever you go.

Add On Accessorizing To Your Double-Breasted Suit

Adding accessories enables you to add color and make your outfit more personal. This also gives an edge to your look which makes you look more professional yet stylish.

Cufflinks, watches, leather shoes, belts, and other accessories will enhance the look of someone in double-breasted jackets by making them look classy and well-dressed. When you are choosing accessories, always keep the rest of your outfit in mind so that it all works together.

For example, if you are wearing a suit with no tie, don't wear a big watch which will compete for attention while making the entire look very mismatched.

At times, to make your outfit stand out, choose monochromatic colors to go with your accessories. For example, you can choose a watch which is black and brown for a simple yet classy look.

Adding different types of accessories will give you a different look for every event so try out as many as possible to see what matches your personality.

Aimable Double-Breasted Look

In conclusion, the double-breasted suit can open up a whole new world to enjoy for fashion-forward men. It can even be a statement piece in a sophisticated wardrobe for those moments you want to bring a little extra shine to an event. It’s a style that catches the eye quickly. So you will want to pick your stage accordingly and balance it with your personality. As always, you want to ensure that it fits your body type either slim or larger. Any alterations are crucial to the end result of the look.

This look is becoming more common in today’s fashion world which makes it easier for you to buy one. You do not have to go shopping all by yourself as there are many different double-breasted suits available on our website. Click here

Fashion is a huge part of our lives and this trend will surely catch on quickly. The question then becomes, don’t you want to stand out from all the rest? This look can provide that advantage to your wardrobe. So go ahead and purchase a look before it’s too late, you never know when the trend will pass.