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The different Wedding Attires for Men

by Miguel 03 Aug 2022

Weddings are fun affairs, a time of joy for everyone involved, including the guests. However, weddings can also be stressful times for men when it comes to deciding what to wear, particularly if there is a dress code to adhere to. Men cannot help but wonder which of their suits will look the best, whether or not they need to wear ties, and what the other gentlemen at the wedding will be wearing. The challenge is to dress in the appropriate manner without appearing to look exactly like every other man who is at the event. So, with these considerations in mind, here are a few tips for men on what to wear at weddings, helping you adhere to the dress code, flash a bit of personal style, and look good too.

Black Tie/Formal Wedding Attire for Men


This dress code is highly formal and highly specific. Therefore, you are best advised to observe the traditional list: a tux shirt in white, black tuxedo and black bow tie with black leather shoes. Avoid bright colors and neckties at all costs. This may seem very limiting and it will be a challenge to set yourself apart with such a dress code in operation. However, you can try in little ways, such as by wearing a collar that is fold-down and by accessorizing. You can wear button studs, suspenders and a pocket square to personalize your outfit. As you can see, the personalization that goes with black tie wedding attire for men is low key.

Black Tie Optional Wedding Attire for Men

It may say that the black tie is optional, but it is not. If this is the dress code for the wedding you are attending, you are permitted not to wear your tuxedo. You can wear a suit, preferably dark in color, with a tie, even a necktie instead. Moreover wear black leather shoes.  However, we recommend that you wear a tuxedo if possible, albeit dressing down somewhat. You do not have to wear a tuxedo in black but can wear a midnight blue one instead along with a bow tie in black and white.

Creative Black Tie

While this wedding attire for men is still formal, it relaxes the rules a little. Wearing a tuxedo is still a safe bet, but you can experiment a little too, for example, by wearing a dinner jacket instead. Bow ties and neckties are equally good for this kind of wedding attire. You can wear a suit too, with a white shirt or a dress shirt. You can also wear black or brown leather shoes.

Cocktail Attire

If your work attire was business casual and you had to go out for the evening, not having time to change, you would be in a cocktail outfit. It is an outfit that can cover both those cases. What you are looking for is something with a bit more personality that would be appropriate at your 9-5. You can wear a blue or navy suit, a dress shirt in a solid color, a bow tie or a necktie with or without patterns, a tie clip that is optional, cuff links, pocket square and leather shoes in brown or black. 

Casual attire

You will not find ‘casual’ often printed on a wedding invitation. It is a risky proposition. However in case you do, you ought to be smart enough to know that it does not mean you wear shorts or jeans along with a T shirt. At least put on dress trousers with a blazer. Better yet, wear a dress shirt with a suit (not in black), to be sure you are covering every base. Aim for a look that fits in well with a fairly relaxed environment, at the same time paying tribute to the momentous occasion of joining two people in matrimony. You can also wear a necktie, pocket square and brown shoes in suede. Cufflinks and belts are optional.

White tie

If you get invited to a white tie wedding event, you need to be dressed immaculately. This wedding attire for men is the most formal of them all. You will need tails on your jacket for this one. You probably want a black tailcoat along with a white bow tie, a tuxedo shirt, button studs and waistcoat, black tuxedo pants along with black leather shoes.

No Dress Code

This must mean that the bride and bridegroom trust their guests – a lot! Be careful how you dress when there is no dress code. You do not want to be so overdressed that you surpass the groom. It is better not to wear a tuxedo under such circumstances. Aim for an outfit somewhere between a cocktail and casual. You can wear a navy or charcoal suit, solid colored or white dress shirt, bow tie or necktie or no tie, cufflinks, white pocket square and brown leather shoes.

Wedding Attire for Men According to the Seasons

The wedding attire for men will change slightly according to the seasons. If you are attending a wedding in the fall, you will want to layer your outfit so that you can keep sufficiently warm. Try wearing a vest that you can easily remove in case it gets warmer. Should the dress code be casual, you can allow the season to help you make color choices, choosing a tie and pocket square to complement the colors along with brown leather or suede shoes. You can do the same for spring weddings, though you may want to choose a lighter colored suit on warm days; on cooler days you can wear blue or grey. In summers you will want to wear a light suit or perhaps a white dinner jacket, protecting yourself from the heat.

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