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A man in a business suit is a man who means business. As cliché as it may sound, the kind of empowerment a classy business suit grants a man is unbeatable.

It’s an undeniable fact that whenever a man needs to make a statement, there’s nothing that can beat the seriousness, professionalism, and authority of a business suit.

So let us learn more about the most powerful outfit in your wardrobe and the overall business professional attire that it forms a part of.


What Is Business Professional Attire for a Man?

While the term is no longer as commonly used, the application is still pretty much around. However, we do witness certain variations for the business professional attire from time to time.

For men though, these variations are far more subtle than for women. Basically, a business professional attire for a man would be a business suit, a clean shirt, and a tie. Of course, the shoes should match the overall “business” look, feel, and appeal, too.

However, the choices related to your shirt or tie, shoes, and particularly the accessories allow for greater flexibility today.


Business Professional vs. Business Formal Attire

They are similar in the sense that both bring a professional appeal to the table, but there are some minor yet important differences that you should take note of.

First things first, business formal attire is the most formal type of attire for a man, more formal than the business professional. The choices with respect to the colors of your suit, your shoes, shirt, and tie are very limited.

In fact, for certain events that require strict business formal attire, you may be expected to don a tuxedo than a suit. But most events are a little more accommodating in this area.

However, the color of your business suit needs to be dark. No exceptions. In fact, technically speaking, if you really want to qualify your outfit as a business formal attire, you need to go as dark as possible with the color.

On the other hand, a business professional attire would be considerably more flexible, especially with respect to the colors. Pick any neutral color for your suit and you would be fine.

You also have more options when it comes to shoes, tie, and your shirt as well. Just don’t go overboard and cross the line towards business casual attire, since that would be seen as something entirely different and even a little out of place if not disrespectful depending on the occasion or event.


Why Should You Wear a Business Suit?

According to a recent study, formal clothing appropriate to the theme of the place, event, or occasion you’re going to be a part of influences how people see you. The right type of outfits at formal events are important because they go a long way in determining whether people will take you seriously.

At most events or occasions with a more formal or “business” appeal, a business suit is therefore the obvious choice. It’s what people expect of you, and yet it’s what helps you express yourself too.

The right type of business suit that complements your personality is a great way to feel confident and to also be seen as confident and professional. A lot also depends on the fitting of your business suit, though.

A golden rule when choosing a business suit – or any suit for that matter – is to never compromise on the fit. Get a custom-tailored suit if you have to, but get the fit right.

The same goes for the quality of material used to make your business suit. Despite what you may think, it’s surprisingly easy to tell if you’re wearing a subpar suit.

However, in certain business settings, wearing anything but a business suit is not even an option. But even when you do have other options, they typically don’t go beyond a formal tuxedo either.


What’s the Best Type of Business Suit?

Well, the best is usually always subjective, especially when it comes to clothing. That said, the choice can be significantly easier when you’re shopping for a business suit for man.

And that’s especially if you have your requirements clearly figured out. Just keep the type of events you’re going to be wearing the suit to in mind and the chore will get much easier.

With that said, the pinstripe suit is our personal favorite. It never fails to impress, and it can help you make a statement no matter the event you’re attending.

In a sea of ordinary suits, a pinstripe stands out like no other outfit can. It’s also surprisingly versatile, so with a little adjustments, almost every man can enjoy the authority and power it has to offer.

In fact, we wouldn’t hesitate to say that a pinstripe suit that matches your personality is going to be your best shot at looking the best-dressed man in the room!

Just go with a simple black pinstripe suit if you're unsure about the color or pattern, and you can still get an extraordinary look.


What Colors Should You Choose for a Business Suit?

Well, as we said above, the darker the color, the better. However, to be specific with the color, grey and black are the safest bets.

In fact, charcoal gray is the most preferred color for a business suit, because it’s also a bit more versatile and would go well with a larger variety of shirt colors and ties.

Also, you can pair a charcoal suit with brown shoes, and you will have a unique combination to work with while still staying within the realm of a business setting.

Finally, if you would like to go beyond these typical business suit colors, you can even try out navy blue. It’s also believed to be perfectly acceptable in a business setting while still giving you a bit of an edge as it’s more unique.