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What you need to Know About Different Suit Colors For Men

Want to know the best suit colors for men? Check out our guide on what to wear to different events and how to choose the right color for you.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of the color of your suit. It’s simple to think that the only thing that matters for your suit’s color is if you like it or not. However, thinking that way will be a huge mistake on your part. The colors of the suit you choose to wear can say a lot about you and your attitude and they can help you build an image as well.

There are different suits for different occasions but there are also certain colors that are appropriate for special occasions while others are better for casual events.

Exploring Color For Men Suit

Exploring Colors For Men Suit

The first thing anyone notices about a man’s suit before the cut, the number of buttons, the proportions is the color. Colors on the other hand not only set the tone of your look but also reflect back your personality and attitude.

Wearing the wrong color suit can make you look out of place or fade into the background as others will not notice you as much as they would. If you wear a suit that suits your style and fits your body properly.

Therefore, it’s important to have a clear idea about what colors match with what occasions. Also, you should know what colors are appropriate for your skin tone and which ones complement it the most.

If you’re trying to make yourself appear younger, black is a good color on you while if you want to seem older, wearing grey or brown suits will do the trick.

What Are The Main Things To Consider When Choosing The Suit Color

Choosing a color suit

Your personal taste isn’t the only factor that should play into choosing a new suit. You should also keep the culture of the event in which you’re taking part into consideration. For instance, it’s far better to wear a black tuxedo than a brown one if you're invited to an evening wedding.

You shouldn’t only consider the formalities of any given occasion but also your own personal style. If you have a unique personal style, it’s better to reflect that in your choice of color rather than blending in with the crowd.

There are different types of suits for different purposes and occasions but there are also some colors that can be worn on any occasion. Following color recommendations are discussed below:

Skin Color

Skin Color suit

It’s sad to say, but not everybody can wear whatever color they want. So, it’s important to take that into consideration when choosing a suit. If you wear a bright red suit, for example, the result will be the opposite of what you were aiming for as your skin color will blend with the clothing material.

If you have a dark skin tone, stick to earthy colors like brown, orange, and green which will look great on you especially when they are paired with other neutral tones. It would be wise not to wear any sort of white or bright color as it will only blend in with your skin tone and leave you looking as though you have nothing on.

On the other hand, if you have a light skin tone, opt for lighter colors like white and blue instead of dark tones. Don’t forget to make sure that your suit is properly fitted to avoid making yourself look too dressed up or too casual.

The Occasion

The Occasion to wear mens suit

Dark suit colors are more formal, and light colors are casual. So, it’s important to match suit color with the occasion you’re taking part in. For example, a white suit is perfect for a summer wedding while a black or dark-colored suit is an appropriate choice for a nighttime gala.

If you’re going to a business meeting, it would be wise not to wear a bright red suit as that will only attract the wrong kind of attention. You should always remember that appropriate dressing is an essential part of building a successful image.

The key factor in finding the perfect color for yourself is to fit it into which occasions you are most likely to wear it. There are "everyday" colors like black, grey, brown, but there are also "formal" colors like blue, white, or green.

Standing Out

Standing Out with a mens suit

One of the key elements in standing out at an event is to match your suit with the right shirt tie colors correctly. The right colors can make your outfit pop and attract all the attention you need.

If you go with a bright color such as yellow or pink, though, it'll be more like a disco ball than something extraordinary.

The best way to stand out is to simply choose a shade that contrasts your skin tone well and stands out but at the same time, compliments your outfit.

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a suit, you can go out and win any event that comes your way!

List Of Versatile Classic Suit Colors

List Of Versatile Classic Suit Colors

A quality suit is an expensive purchase so you want to get it right. This decision is made even more challenging due to the fact that some suit colors are more versatile than others.

The following list provides you with classic suit colors that will match any occasion, outfit, or skin tone.

Navy Blue Suit

Navy Blue Suit with red polka dot tie

A Navy suit is ideal for the man who wants to fit in, known for what he can do and not for what he wears. You can dress it up or down, making it the most versatile suit color.

A Navy suit is also appropriate for almost any occasion including important business meetings, weddings, and other formal events.

If you're looking to stand out in a crowd of dark-colored suits, don't wear navy blue because you won't! Instead, go with lighter colors like tan or grey.

If you're going for a more informal look, dark brown also works well as a substitute for a black suit. Men should avoid wearing other shades of blue to business meetings as they might send the wrong impression.

Charcoal Gray Suit

Charcoal man suit

A charcoal gray suit is just about as versatile as navy, making it one of the easiest when learning how to choose a suit color. You can wear it to any occasion, including in the summertime.

A charcoal gray suit is ideal for business meetings and other official occasions whereas a lighter tone like stone or beige will give you more flexibility when casual outfits are appropriate.

If you want to stand out in a crowd of men wearing black suits, go with something different like light gray.

Light Gray Suit

Light Gray Suit for men

A light gray suit is distinctively lighter compared to its other gray brethren. It's the ideal summertime suit as it provides an air of sophistication and elegance.

You can wear a light gray suit to any occasion, such as weddings or business meetings, but steer clear from wearing one in colder months due to its lack of insulation.

If you want to make a statement at an event with your fellow dark-colored suits, opt for a light gray.

Cambridge Suit

There are many shades of gray which means that there is a marked difference between charcoal gray and medium gray. Cambridge is a shade of gray that's lighter than charcoal yet darker than light gray.

Cambridge suits can be worn to any occasion but it's best not to wear them in the summertime as they may blend into your body and make you look a bit pale.

Men's Black Suit

Men's Black Suit

The black suit only gets 5th place because it is not as versatile compared to the ones previously mentioned. It's a staple color that is appropriate for many occasions but it can also blend into the crowd.

A black suit says professionalism and elegance more than any other color, making it the ideal choice for important business meetings. A one-button or two-button black suit will make you look sharp and stylish. Although some men may prefer to wear a classic colored suit, a black suit is your best bet for standing out in a crowd of dark suits.

If you want to go more in-depth, check out this guide for men's black suits 

Dark Brown suits

Dark Brown suits for men

A dark brown suit can work if a man has dark hair and a darker complexion. It can work for some blonds, redheads, and men with ruddy complexions.

While it may be too casual for the office, a dark brown suit is an appropriate attire for weddings or other formal occasions. Avoid wearing this color during hot summer months as it may blend into your skin tone.

If you are looking to make a statement at an event with men wearing black suits, go with something different like light gray or tan instead.

Tan Suit

Tan Suit for men

A tan suit falls under the category of a brown suit as they fall within the same color family. Tan is more versatile than brown yet not as casual as khaki.

You can wear a tan suit year-round but it's best to avoid wearing one in the wintertime due to its lack of insulation against the cold. If you're concerned about standing out in a crowded room, don't worry because this color is rare and unique!

True Blue Suit

A man may have to consider getting a custom suit made if he wants a true blue one. This is because it can be hard to find a perfect match in off-the-rack suits.

A true blue suit says authority and competence so it's the ideal choice for important business meetings. However, avoid wearing this color in warmer months otherwise you may look pale or cold.

If you want to make a statement at an event, a true blue suit is your best bet.

White Suit

Wearing a white suit draws attention to oneself. Therefore it can be ideal for white parties or when you have to make a major presentation and command everyone's attention.

A white suit is an excellent choice for those who want to stand out or make a statement. However, it's best not to wear this color in the wintertime as it won't provide you with much warmth and insulation.

Understanding  What Are Unconventional Suit Colors?

The definition of unconventional is not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed. However, once you understand what makes these colors special, you'll know that they are indeed suitable options to wear in any environment. 

The colors are given below:

Yellow Suit

A yellow suit is appropriate for summertime because it provides you with protection against the sun. This color should be saved only for fun events like music festivals and outdoor weddings.

The color yellow stands out so if you're looking to command everyone's attention or make a statement, then go ahead and wear one!

Green Suit

A green suit is perfect for making a statement. This color works best during fall and spring since it's not too warm or cold. However, avoid wearing this color in the summertime as you'll stand out like a sore thumb!

If you want to make a statement at an event, green is your best bet!

Purple Suit

Purple Suit for men

Purple is a color that's only worn by powerful and influential men. It has the power to attract attention so it's best to wear purple when you have business meetings or during presentations.

If you want to make a statement at an event by wearing a purple suit, go ahead and do so!

Bright Red Suit

Bright Red Suit

A bright red suit is an ideal color for an event that requires you to command everyone's attention. Wear this with confidence!

If you're looking to stand out and make a statement, then go ahead and wear a bright red suit. This color is perfect for wintertime or whenever it's cold outside because it provides excellent insulation.

Bright Orange

This is a color that not many men wear because it's extremely hard to match with other clothes. If you want something different and unique, go ahead and wear a bright orange suit.

If you're looking to stand out at an event, then just make sure you pair it with the right shirt.

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Final Thoughts

So, what type of color do you like? Whether you’re looking for a versatile classic or an unconventionally stylish suit, we hope this guide has helped narrow down your search. Keep in mind the occasion and environment when making your final decision. We want you to look sharp and feel confident in whatever color you choose – so get in here and start shopping!