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What is the overarm measurement for a tuxedo?

What is the overarm measurement for a tuxedo


The key point to a good and elegant look of a man wearing a suit or a tuxedo lies in the fit and the tailoring. No matter if you are going for buying or renting a suit, everything can be fitted with good tailoring. One of the most important fashion rules is that the proper tailoring creates the style. Whether a fashion garment looks good on you greatly depends on the tailoring. For men, there is one special technique called the overarm measuring technique. This technique is widely used and common practice in delivering a perfectly tailored piece or pieces, including suits and tuxedos.


  • What is the overarm size?

What is the overarm size

The overarm size is important for determining the right size when buying a jacket. This is especially important when doing a custom-made tuxedo or a suit for some special occasion. The overarm size refers to the jacket or the blazer in question. It is done in a particular way. The proper way to determine the overarm size is to place the hands to the side. The measuring tape is placed around the broadest parts of the chest and the arms. The measuring tape in this case should be leveled to both sides. By gently pulling the tape until you feel the pressure, you will get the right measurements. Loose tape is not a relevant and true overarm size.


  • What to consider before measuring?

What to consider before measuring

When thinking about what is the overarm measurement for a tuxedo, there are several things to consider and to have in mind.

The first thing that you should always think about is the fit. The way you want to look in your tuxedo is smart, sleek, and elegant. That can be achieved with the proper and suitable fit. Comfortability in the tuxedo is also an important thing to consider. Depending on the season, the fabric will also play a great role in how you feel in your tuxedo.

  • How do tuxedo sizes work?

How do tuxedo sizes work

One thing that men might not know is that the tuxedo size is the same as the suit size. So, the same size that you have been shopping for in a suit, will be great for a tuxedo too. In case you are doing a custom-made tuxedo, then, you will need to have your measurements taken.

  • How should a tux fit?

How should a tux fit

The fit is important because it should be flattering to your body figure and follow the line of the body. The tuxedo jacket is a formal piece of the tuxedo. As such, it should fit comfortably at both the neck and shoulders. The lapels should lie flat. It is worn buttoned up when standing and unbuttoned when sitting. The tuxedo shirt should be a quarter-inch visual of the shirt's cuff, just below the jacket sleeve. It should also be comfortable at the waist, shoulders, and neck. The collar of the jackets should rest against the shoulder collar. The tuxedo vest is part of the tuxedo outfit and it should be lined up with the jacket front. It should button comfortably around the chest. The length of the jacket is important for the fit too. It should end around mid-crotch and barely cover the buttocks. The trousers should be comfortable at the waist, especially when sitting and the length should reach just over the top of the shoes.


  • How to take an overarm measurement for a tuxedo?

How to take an overarm measurement for a tuxedo

The measurements for a tuxedo include the jacket size and length, neck length, sleeve length, waist size, and pant length.

Start with the height. The height is measured when up against the wall, from the head to the floor. It determines the length of the jacket. These are the suitable measurements for a tuxedo jacket:

5’4” to 5’7” = Short

5’7 ½” to 5’11” = Regular

5’11 ½” to 6’2 ½” = Long

6’3” + Up = Extra Long

next is the chest. It is measured around the arms, on the widest part of the chest. The common difference between a chest and a waist size in an average man is the 6-inch difference.

The waist is measured at the smallest part of the natural waist.

The seat is measured around the fullest part. The inseam is measured from the inner seam to the bottom of the pant leg.

The sleeve is measured starting from the back, under the neck, over the shoulder, and around the bent elbow to the wrist bone.

  • How to do it at home?

How to do it at home

Taking the measurements for a tuxedo can be done at home. In that case, you will need another pair of hands that will do the measuring and record the numbers.

  • Getting the right measurements at a store

Getting the right measurements at a store

The process of getting the measurements at the professional store will help in achieving a better fit, tailoring, and overall look of the tuxedo. The professionals at the store follow the same measurement steps and record the sizes.

  • Tips for getting the perfect measurement every time

Tips for getting the perfect measurement every time

Here are some useful tips for measuring a tuxedo:

- don’t wear a bulky sweater or coat;

- insert a finger between the chest and the tape for a comfortable fit;

- don’t wear shoes;

- stand straight, feet together, and look forward.

  • FAQs
    • What measurements are needed for a tuxedo rental?

What measurements are needed for a tuxedo rental

No matter if you are renting or buying the tuxedo, the tuxedo size should be the same one as any of the suits you already own. The most important are the jacket and the pants size and measurements.

  • What is my tuxedo size?

What is my tuxedo size

Most commonly, the Tuxedo VS suit size – is the same.

  • Where do you measure overarm?

Where do you measure overarm

The overarm measurement comes just around the widest part of the arms and the shoulders.

  • How do I take my measurements for a suit?

How do I take my measurements for a suit

It is best to have someone take the measurements for you since you will need to stand still and straight. Another pair of hands is just what you need.