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Are men's double-breasted blazers in style


Are men's double-breasted blazers in style

The blazer has always kept a special place in men's wardrobes. Especially for those who appreciate the form and the semi-formal style and dress that way. The blazer is a nice way to upgrade and elevate the look and the entire appearance. Since the earliest days, men were wearing a blazer as it presented them in a more serious way and manner. With the change in fashion trends and history, the blazer only became more and more popular. Whenever a man needs to put on something more stylish and elegant, the blazer always comes into play. Especially stylish and more appealing than any other type is the men's double-breasted blazer. Men's double-breasted blazer suit is one of the types of fashion suits every man should own.

What is a double-breasted suit?

What is a double-breasted suit

In terms of men’s fashion, the men’s double-breasted blazer is designed with overlapping front lapels. It comes with two columns of buttons. Most commonly, the first column of buttons is the functional one that the men use. The second one is just positioned there as an ornament and a way to beautify the blazer and the suit. The men’s double-breasted blazer suit comes with many buttons, but the most common number is from 4 to 6 buttons. Are the 3 button suits out of style? They fall under the category from 4 to 6 so they are a great option too. The term double-breasted suit in the fashion industry refers to the entire garment. It includes the double-breasted jacket and the matching pants.

Are Men’s double-breasted blazers in style?

The first time the double-breasted blazers appeared as popular fashion items was back in the 1920s. Then, they were extremely popular. They were worn by the conservative and the older men. The younger and more fashionable men wore a combination of double-breasted waistcoats and single-breasted coats. At the beginning of the 1930s, the situation changes, making the double-breasted jackets very fashionable and demanded. This trend of popularity lasted for more than 30 years and started to decrease in popularity around the 1950s. It resurfaced back in the mid-1980s and went that way until the early 2000s. Today, double-breasted jackets are back in the fashion game. As the trend of retro and vintage trends are coming back to the fashion scene, the double-breasted suits are coming back and are expected to be even more popular in the future, than they are today.

            Who should wear double-breasted suits?

 Who should wear double-breasted suits

Anyone who wants to add a special formal vibe to his style and outfit can wear a double-breasted suit. This type of suit has endured and sustained the changes in fashion for so long because it presents the wearer with a polished and powerful look. There is a different aura when wearing a double-breasted suit than a regular suit. It can easily become a signature look for any man who is willing to give it a try.

            Where to wear double-breasted suits?

Where to wear double-breasted suits

As statement suits, the double-breasted suits carry special heaviness in a fashionable way. They speak a lot about a wearer. That means that the double-breasted suit can be worn on special days when you would like to make a bold statement with your suit, look, and appearance. Formal business meetings, formal cocktail parties, receptions, weddings, and all white-tie and black-tie events allow wearing a double-breasted suit.

How to wear double-breasted suits?

How to wear double-breasted suits

The double-breasted suits today are different from the ones in the past. They are sleek, tailored, and cut shorter than they used to be. The jacket sits close to the body. It does not hug it. The armholes are cut higher to create a cleaner and sleeker look. The shoulders of the jacket are natural, tailored to follow the torso and the body line rather than look sharp and bulky as they used to. In general, the double-breasted suit has retained its original look and sense, but today comes in a fresher and a bit more modern version.

            What color goes with a double-breasted blazer?

  What color goes with a double-breasted blazer

When you think about the double-breasted blazer, think of it as a suit. So, any color that you would wear as a suit looks even better on a double-breasted suit. The colors that you can never go wrong with are black, navy, grey, and brown. The lighter shades like light blue, tan, stone, light gray, and beige make the double breasting pop up. Depending on the occasion and the season, coordinate the colors wisely.

            How should a double-breasted jacket fit?

  How should a double-breasted jacket fit

The double-breasted suit jacket is a bit longer. That way it creates a space for the big lapels of the jacket and the two-column buttons. It creates a balance in a look that looks great. It should not have to be too long since it will look more like a coat than a blazer. It should pass the crotch line of the trousers at its longest and hit the middle of the zipper at the shortest.

            Tips for wearing a double-breasted blazer

The double-breasted blazer is a statement fashion piece itself. Here are some tips on how to wear it:

  • When wearing a double-breasted blazer, do not go with a loud style. The blazer is a statement piece itself. Style it in the simplest way possible.
  • Pick a lighter fabric, which will make the blazer stand out.
  • When wearing the blazer, keep the buttons fastened. When seating – unbutton it.
  • Wear the blazer in a way that will complement your style and look.

History of the double-breasted blazers

The double-breasted jacket was first sported in the sports world. It was called a reefer jacket. It was in the 19th century. Back then, it was very casual and worn as outerwear. It was associated with men who were heading to tennis matches or come other country events. Because of the sporty style and connotation it had, it was banned for many businesses as inappropriate office attire. Over time, it started to adapt to a more formal piece as it is today. That was thanks to the Duke of Windsor, who at that time was a sort of trendsetter. When he started wearing it in public, his style was labeled as poor taste. During the 1930s and 1940s, the double-breasted jacket was worn by bankers and the mafia too. the 80s and the 90s were the years when the double-breasted jacket was completely regulated as formal attire.

Single-breasted vs double-breasted suits

Knowing the difference between the single and the double-breasted suits is what will make a key difference in making a proper choice. The double-breasted suits are more formal than the single-breasted. They are not randomly worn for any occasion. The double-breasted are usually longer and narrower in the waist when compared to the single-breasted suits. It puts the focus on the upper part of the body, whereas the single-breasted put the focus on the entire suit.

Best times to wear a double-breasted blazer

A double-breasted blazer can be worn to formal and semi-formal events. It is a more formal and upgraded version than the single blazer, which makes it a standout piece. It is a suitable fashion garment for occasions like weddings, formal dinners, balls, events, etc.

Double-breasted blazer combinations

The double-breasted blazer is a statement fashion piece and as such, you should be careful when styling it. It is best to avoid button-down shirts with patterns and pants that have thick stripes. Pin-stripes and the neutral colors of the shirts are the best way to style the blazer. Discreet accessories, as well as loafers and a pocket square, will complete the entire look.

            Corporate double-breasted suits

The corporate double-breasted suits are a nice way to make an impression and show power. They are a great option and choice for important business meetings and events where you need to flaunt a formal business look. Go with a dark-colored suit, in navy, anthracite, or even black for a fuller effect.

            Winter double-breasted suits

When it comes to winter double-breasted suits, choose a heavier fabric. Look for those who have wool, flannel, cashmere, tweed, mohair, etc. in the composition.

            Double-breasted suit separates

The double-breasted suit separates or broken suit combinations deliver both smart and casual dressing. The easiest way to nail the perfect look is to dress down the formality of the jacket. That means pairing it with chinos or dark denim, which will deliver a more casual look.

            Double-breasted suit with white pants

This is a combination that will look good on a hot summer day. Think of beach weddings or similar events. Pick a double-breasted suit in a light blue, navy, or tan color and style it with white pants.

            Double-breasted suit with denim

The double-breasted jacket will deliver a semi-formal and casual outfit when paired with denim. It is a fashionable and modern way to flaunt this signature piece.

            Double-breasted suit with a T-shirt

For a casual and more relaxed look, the double-breasted suit looks very good with a simple T-shirt. Go with a round collar and style the suit with more sporty footwear.

            Double-breasted suit with shorts

Another extraordinary and laid-back look comes from the styling of the double-breasted jacket with the shorts. It is a great option for a relaxed and casual event.

What accessories to wear with a double-breasted blazer?

The double-breasted blazer most commonly has two front pockets, positioned on each side. Also, there are buttons that serve as accessories too. The accessories that will go well with the double-breasted jacket are a tie, bow tie, and pocket square. A watch and sunglasses can complete the look, according to personal preference.


What makes a blazer double-breasted?

The two rows of buttons, where one column has functionality and the other is for décor, alongside the long lapels make a blazer double-breasted.

What is a double-breasted jacket called?

The double-breasted jacket is also known double-breasted blazer. These are two different names for the same fashion garment.

When did double-breasted suits go out of style?

During the 50s, the double blazers wet out of style but returned around the 60s. Again, they were popular during the time between 1980 – 2000. After the 2000s, they went again out of style, making a comeback today.

Is a double-breasted suit old-fashioned?

No, the double-suit is not old-fashioned. On the contrary, it is very popular today since it is available in more modern and fresh versions.

What is the purpose of a double-breasted blazer?

The purpose of the double-breasted blazers is to provide a formal and appealing look.