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A wedding is one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. Of course, you would want to make every element of your wedding nothing less than perfect.

And there are few things more important than the groom’s attire in a wedding. But when you’re planning your wedding suit, you also need to think about your groomsmen’s suit. Whether or not they can be different and to what extent is a fairly common question, so we will answer it once and for all in this post.

Wearing a Different Suit Than Your Groomsmen

If you’re wondering whether you can wear a different suit than your groomsmen, then we have both a short and a long answer for you.

The short answer is yes, you can definitely wear a suit different than your groomsmen. But there’s more to it.

Because as soon as you make that decision, you will have some additional questions in your mind. How different can your wedding suit be than the groomsmen? Should your wedding theme be considered? Should the difference in your suits be limited to the color or can also extend to other factors like the pattern and style?

These are some of the questions that need answering. So let’s jump into more details on this topic.


How Different Should Your Suit Be Than Your Groomsmen?

It always pays to have your suit contrast the suits of your groomsmen. A contrasting color to your groomsmen’s suits is an effortless way to stand out at your wedding.

If a contrasting color is out of the question for you for some reason, then go for a contrasting shade. It might not have the same effect as an entirely different color but depending on your wedding theme and other differences between your suit and your groomsmen’s suits, it should all still work out well.

The Points of Differentiation

Deciding that you want to wear a different suit than your groomsmen is only the starting point of a range of decisions you will need to take on this matter. You also need to choose the color and how different your suit would be overall.

Another approach is to go for the same color, but a different suit style. For example, if your groomsmen are all going to wear three-piece suits, you can go for a tuxedo. Similarly, if they are going to sport 2-button suits, then you can consider going with a 3-button suit.

This is something you will see more often at modern weddings. But, as we said, your wedding theme matters.

Consider Your Wedding Theme

So that brings us to the wedding theme. As a rule of thumb, style experts suggest wearing a suit that goes against the theme of your wedding.

This is simply to help you stand out at your wedding. Even when choosing a different suit than your groomsmen, it would be a good idea to follow this suggestion.

However, when doing so, make sure your groomsmen don’t deviate too far away from the wedding theme. As that will defeat the purpose of dressing up against the wedding theme to stand out.

Accessorize Wisely

It’s only natural to expect yourself to be the man of the day. And for that you need to stand out in the right way.

Wearing a different suit than your groomsmen is a good decision, but it may not be enough by itself. You would want to add a unique touch to your accessorizing.

Anything unique about your accessories, even something fairly subtle, can go a long way in helping you stand out and make a statement. Ranging from a uniquely-designed pocket square to picking a different, vibrant color for your tie or bow-tie, everything counts!

Don’t Forget to Ask Your Partner!

While trying to stand out in a different suit than your groomsmen, you shouldn’t forget to consider your partner’s dress and how your suit will match it. Again, the general suggestion is to go for a slightly contrasting look to your partner’s dress.

As we said above, wearing a different suit than your groomsmen is something that needs a fair bit of planning. There are many different elements involved and everything needs to fall in place.

It’s Not an Absolute Must!

Dressing in a similar fashion to your groomsmen was a fairly common practice back in the past. And there’s not really much wrong with it even today.

While going for a completely different suit will improve your odds of standing out, it’s not an absolute must. You can very well choose a suit that has some subtle differences or even a different shade of the same color as the suits of your groomsmen, and still be able to stand out.

You just need to focus on other areas that help you express your individuality, like the construction details of your suit and your accessories.

But if you want a straight answer out of us, then yes, going for a different suit than your groomsmen is going to be rewarding as a groom!