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13 Best Casual mens suits for weddings (For Grooms and Groomsmen)

by Miguel 20 Feb 2023


Not all men are fans of getting dressed up. And not only that but, looking for the perfect wedding attire can add to the process too. But, with so much information today, getting ready and dressed up for the big day has never been easier. The big day, as the world calls it, is named like that for a reason. It is one of the most important days in the life of both men and women. For such occasions, the outfits need to be on point too.


Choosing groom’s and groomsmen wedding attire can be a challenging thing, but this guide to buying men's suits for a wedding will get all the answers on how to pick and choose casual men’s suits for weddings.


  • Casual wedding attire 101

Casual wedding attire 101


Choosing the right wedding attire comes down to more than simply a look. It will remain a memory, that future generations will look back. It might feel like pressure, but it certainly is a thing to think about. When it comes to the wedding attire for the groom, he is the one that dictates the vibe of the groomsmen's suit ideas too. So, besides the obvious dress code, the wedding attire is also important and should match the wedding theme, venue, and timing.


The word “casual” can be confusing, but not if you know what it means and refers to a summer wedding. Casual men’s suits for weddings and wedding attire for men require dress pants and a blazer, at the minimum. An even better option is a suit with a dress shirt and dress shoes. Weddings, as formal events are a big deal, and even the casual look should look smooth and polished. So, the right dose of relaxed and elegant attire is what will deliver the best results.

  • Casual wedding attire for grooms

Casual wedding attire for grooms


When it comes to choosing the casual wedding attire for grooms, as we previously mentioned, it is important not to go too casual. So, if you thought that you can introduce some sporty vibe into the look, it is better to stay away. You are the groom you need to look your best and elegant, even though the wedding might have a casual vibe. For a casual but still smooth and polished look, opt for a dressy suit. Dress pants and a blazer, in a matching combination, are certainly a thing that you cannot go wrong. Since you are the groom, always go for a white shirt. It is suggested to wear a tie or a bow tie that will add a special elegant vibe to the look.

The dress suit can be anything but black since it is a casual wedding.


  • Casual wedding attire for Groomsmen

Casual wedding attire for Groomsmen


The groomsmen are a big thing and part of the wedding party. They should follow the vibe of the groom and the wedding venue and theme too. This means that the groomsmen need to look elegant too, but a bit toned down in the outfit from the groom. They would not want to throw shade at him. In this case, it is best to also wear dressy pants are a blazer. Here, the groomsmen have the opportunity to play with different styles like chino pants for example. Subtle prints are patterns are also allowed for the groomsmen's wedding attire.


  • Casual wedding attire for the wedding parties

Casual wedding attire for the wedding parties


The wedding party is also required to have an appropriate and matching style and outfits like the groom and the groomsmen. The casual vibe here does reflect a bit more relaxed style in terms of accessories and details. However, some subtle details and additions will make the wedding party stand out from the other wedding guests. In those terms, it is suggested that the wedding party wears the same pocket square or suit in the same color. That way they will be distinguished from the rest.


  • Casual wedding attire for guests

Casual wedding attire for guests


When the guests at a wedding know that the vibe and the dress code are casual they would know right away what to wear. It is one of the most appreciated styles. In this case, the casual wedding attire for guests allows them to wear a more relaxed outfit. One option is a matching suit and pants with a pinstripe shirt. Another option is suit separates in different but complementing colors. The tie or the bow tie here is not a must. Just a belt is more than enough accessory. The variety of footwear for the wedding guests is also pretty varied, and not exclusive to dressy shoes only.


  • What should men wear when attending a casual wedding?


For a casual wedding, men should stick to the blazer and pants combo. This does not necessarily mean that a matching suit is required, but since it is a wedding, you simply cannot go wrong with it. Opt with more neutral colors than the black and dark navy since you want to accentuate the casual vibe. Other suitable options are the blazer and pants in contrasting colors. At casual weddings, men are allowed patterned shirts, as well as the addition of color and more casual accessories and footwear.

  • Casual wedding dress code for day events

The casual wedding dress code for the day is different from the one for the night. So, to start, the first thing to know is to stay away from black. Black is a color that soaks up the sun's heat. Wearing black during the day will make you feel hot and uncomfortable. That is why it is always suggested to wear light-colored suits, like light blue, beige, tan, and light gray, that has a more daily vibe.


  • Casual wedding dress code for night events

For the night wedding attire, you can easily opt for a dark suit. The casual vibe will allow you to stay away from the tie or the bow tie. The colors that will look great are charcoal gray, navy blue, dark green, and dark brown. You can also break the suit into separates. Always opt for a darker blazer and lighter pants.


  • Dress for the season

A good look and outfit are founded on choosing the right and appropriate fabric. The same applies to the suit too. Picking the right fabric of the suit is what will make you comfortable or uncomfortable during the wedding. For the colder seasons, find suits that are cozy, and soft and will keep you warm. For the warmer seasons, lighter fabrics that let the skin breathe and keep the body cool are always a great option.


  • Choosing the right fit

Suits and wedding attire are all about the right fit and the perfect tailoring. The right size and the garments that will follow the line of the body and make the man look dapper and smart are the essentials to a good look. The right fit delivers an extraordinary look and appearance. That is why, no matter whether the wedding is formal or casual, the suit must fit perfectly.


  • Choosing the color

Casual weddings allow the introduction of some unexpected color, something that you would not usually see at formal weddings. So, for both day and night, all the options of blue, green-brown, and gray, in their light and dark hues are allowed. Reds, pinks, and violets are also in, but it is important to know how to style them properly. These colors are best kept as accessories, that will add the needed pop of color. Stripes, checkers, and florals are also nice details for casual wedding attire.


  • Budget

Investing in a casual suit is worth it. A casual suit will find its use more times than you can ever imagine. With a different shirt and different accessories, you will always have a new look. So, set your budget to around $1000 max for a nice casual suit.


  • Accessories for a casual wedding

A casual wedding does not require formal accessories. Here, there is an opportunity to play with style and color. Tie, bow tie, and the pocket square are the option. Pick no more than one. Cuff links are formal, as well as lapel pins and tie pins. Opt for shawls, suspenders, belt, watch, and bracelets – all of these are allowed for a casual wedding.


  • Top 13 casual wedding suits for men

Top 13 casual wedding suits for men

If there is something easy to find in terms of wedding attire, that is definitely a casual suit for a wedding. Whether the suit is for the groom or the groomsmen, the options are pretty varied, colorful, and interesting. Here is a list of the top 13 casual wedding suit options for men.

  • Best casual wedding suits for grooms

Groom has to be at the center of attention with their look and outfit. The casual suit for a groom is something that comes just between the elegant and the relaxed. It is always suggested to look for a suit that will carry the elegant vibe and style it with more casual details. If you decide to go with the 3-piece suit, keep the casual look by adding loafers and no tie. That is a look that will tone down the 3 piece suit itself. On the other hand, if you want to wear a tie or a bow tie, then, opt for a suit that will have a more casual look, like a light-colored one or a patterned one.


  • Best casual wedding suits for groomsmen

A slim-fit unstructured suit is a casual and very interesting option for the groomsmen. This is a type of suit that captivates with the unstructured look and the material too. For the summer weather, the blend of cotton and linen is the perfect way of achieving a relaxed look. Pairing it with a regular T-shirt is the option if the vibe is totally casual and relaxed. For the colder season, the best fabrics are the ones containing wool, and they can still deliver great casual wedding groomsmen suits.


  • Best casual wedding suits for guest

Guests at the casual wedding are expected to follow the casual wedding dress code. That means, according to the venue and the time of the day, the casual dress code allows no tie or bow tie. Also, it allows different kinds of shirts instead of classic white or light blue. Pinstripe and discreetly checkered suits are also in play, as well as sock-less footwear and sometimes even sneakers.


  • Casual modern men’s weddings suits


Modern men's wedding suits are very trendy and popular lately. They offer a variety of options to choose from, making the suit look good and extraordinary for different events and occasions. One big difference and a novelty that is introduced in the casual men's wedding suits are the shirt option. Instead of a shirt, modern men today choose anything from a t-shirt to a turtleneck. It is considered to be a fun and interesting way to give a modern spin to the casual and suit and add a touch of personal style.


  • Casual beach wedding suit

During the summer season, beach weddings are one of the most anticipated and desired wedding venues. The entire beach vibe and the setting deliver a great and wonderful feel. Nothing beats a wedding like a summer one, so, the dress code for a casual beach wedding is pretty different than the others. The beach wedding suits are usually light, made from breathable fabric that can be cotton, linen, or some other blend. Linen is especially great for the beach since it captured the whole beach vibe. The color of the beach wedding suit can be any shade starting from white, cream, light blue, light gray, or light green to navy. Stripes and checkers are a print that is most commonly associated with beach weddings, but the polka dots can be quite appealing too.


  • Casual linen suits for wedding

The casual linen suits are the best option for the warmer season. As a fabric, linen tends to wrinkle, especially if the suit in this case is not the right fit. That is why, when it comes to linen suits, it is especially important to nail the perfect fit. The linen also has a discreet shine, which makes the suit anything but plain and ordinary. It allows styling with other materials like cotton and silk. Also, the velvet can be pretty good especially as a choice for footwear, like velvet loafers.


  • Casual summer wedding suits

The casual summer wedding suits for me do not necessarily have to be a match. Especially if you are not the groom, then, the outfit can be done by pairing two different pieces. For example, two different colors that are complementing will look great for a summer wedding. This type of broken separation is cool if you want to add an accent to the casual. So, pick beige or navy pants, and style them with deep green on the burgundy suit. The beige pants go great with a contrasting blazer, while the navy ones allow both lighter and darker shades of the blazer. The shirt here can come in a completely different, 3rd color.


  • Summer suits for beach wedding

For the summer suits for a beach wedding, always look for a color that will capture the wedding vibe. With the blue, white, and navy you can never go wrong. Another option, if the venue and the dress code allow it, is the alteration in the type of pants. Instead of going with classic suit pants, one option is the suit shorts and the other one is chinos.


  • Best linen wedding suit

The best linen wedding suit is the one that combines the fit, the style, the color, and the tailoring all together. In a blend with cotton, the linen suit will sit more perfectly and provide a better feeling. The linen suit can also be worn as separates too, which makes it a good investment piece.


  • Casual black suit for wedding

black is a neutral color. It is always stylish and modern, both elegant and casual. The casual black suit for a wedding is an option that is always a safe bet. You can never go wrong with it. The casual vibe of the black suit can be achieved by staying away from black shiny lapels, that deliver a tuxedo and black-tie vibe.


  • Blue casual wedding suit

Blue is a wonderful shade that works great for both casual and formal weddings. For a casual wedding, all shades of blue are appropriate. It can be styled with a white, light blue, striped, or checkered shirt.

  • Casual blazer wedding suit

A casual blazer wedding suit is a single buttoning suit that can work as a part of matching pants or as a separate. It can be styled with casual pants, trousers, and even denim jeans.

  • Casual gray wedding suits

Just like the blue, the gray can work great as a casual suit. It is a suitable color for a suitable choice for the whole year.

  • FAQs
    • Which wedding suit style should you choose?

Depending on the venue and the vibe that you go for, you can go for formal, semi-formal, casual, or semi-casual suit styles. The difference will be most seen in the choice of details, colors, footwear as well as the suit itself.

  • What are the latest men’s suit designs for a wedding?

Tuxedo, the classic double-breasted suit, the gray two-button suit, the three-piece suits, etc are the latest men's suits top choices.

  • What color suit should the groom wear to a casual wedding?

There is no rule as to which color suit should the groom wear. It is always suggested to stay away from the white, except if it is a beach wedding. All other options like tan, brown, navy, blue, dark green, etc are allowed.

  • How do I know what suit is right for men?

Understanding suit sizes will help you choose and find the right suit. The right size will deliver a perfect fit.

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