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What You Should Wear To French Blue Suit Wedding.

Weddings are special occasions that require formal and stylish outfits. For men, the choice is simply finding the perfect suit. And not just any kind of suit. Looking dapper, smart, elegant, and modern relies a lot on the tailoring and the color of the suit. So, if you are tired of the black and gray suits, the French blue suit wedding is something to consider.

Black is a traditional choice that many find a bit boring. If you are one of those, the blue color is an excellent choice. The blue suits are taking the fashion world and dominating the fashion trends. Blue is a versatile option, and the shades vary from brighter to darker ones, that look good with everything.

So, the French blue suit wedding is now a big and real deal, and here is everything you need to know on how to properly wear it and style it.

How to wear a French blue suit to a wedding?

How to wear a French blue suit to a wedding

Just like with any other color of a suit, wearing a suit does carry some simple rules. The French blue is a very interesting, rich, and versatile color that provides a very elegant and smart look. In those terms, this type of suit as a wedding option is best styled with a white shirt or in some cases light blues or light pink shade. These are the colors that create a contrast to the French blue and make the French blue stand out. The color of the tie also plays a big role. The color options that flatter the French blue suit are oyster, navy, burgundy, and dark greens. For the French blue suit, stick to the black or brown shoes.

            Choosing the right fit

Choosing the right fit


The right fit and tailoring are essential for a good look and appearance when wearing any type of suit, not just the French blue. The slim fit tailoring and style are always flattering to the figure and that refers to the blazer. Double breasting should also flatter the body line, delivering an attractive look. As for the pants, the length of the pants and the tailoring again are the details that make the suit look elegant.

            Choosing the fabric according to the season


Choosing the fabric according to the season

Choosing the right type of fabric is very important when wearing a suit. The French blue suits are different in the look depending on the type of fabric. The heavier fabrics that contain wool are reserved for winter weddings, while lighter fabrics like linen and cotton are a suitable choice for the summer season.

Basic wedding etiquette for groom dressing

Basic wedding etiquette for groom dressing

When it comes to the basic wedding etiquette for groom dressing, the three-piece suit is the common and traditional choice. No matter if the vibe of the wedding is formal or informal, the three-piece is a choice that you should stick to.

What color goes well with the French blue suit?

What color goes well with the French blue suit

The French blue color is very interesting and appealing. It carries neutral grey undertones which make it a fresh and classic color that works with every style and every skin tone. It is far from a traditional color. It delivers a fresh spin on everyone who wants a modern touch. As so varied color, the French blue opens a lot of styling options. From the lighter color palette, the French blue styles are great with white, beige, cream, light blue, light pink, lavender, light green, pale yellow, and light grey. From the darker color palette, colors like black, all shades of brown, burgundy, maroon, dark greens, and all shades of darker gray and deep purple are flattering to the color.

French blue suit combinations

French blue suit combinations

The French blue suit is an adaptable choice for both summer and winter weddings. Among the various suit color combinations, the French blue suit never goes out of style. With the change in fashion trends and styles, the French blue suit remains the favorite choice. Achieving the perfect look of the French blue suit greatly depends on choosing the right colors and shades for the shirt, accessories, and shoes. There are different ways to wear the French blue suit, and all of them deliver different looks and appearances.

            Best shirts to wear with a French blue suit

Best shirts to wear with a French blue suit

The best and the most effortless way of wearing a French blue suit for a wedding is the white shirt. It is also the least demanding color combination. The white shirt is always a winner. The colors here create a nice contrast and balance, and for the French blue suit weddings, the white shirt is simply a no-miss. Another option is the pink shirt. Since blue is a universal color, the pink shirt is great for men who love to make a bold statement. This way, the suit itself will look more radiant. The same applies to the light blue shirt. It is an interesting choice, that will add the entire accent to the blue color, making the suit pop out. For a more dramatic look, the black shirt can also look good. It will be the base upon which the blue suit will create the entire outfit.


            Best tie to wear with a French blue suit

Best tie to wear with a French blue suit

When wearing a white shirt with a French blue suit, opt for a tie in black, blue, red, maroon, or some darker shade.

The color of ties that go well with a pink shirt is a patterned blue tie or a lilac.

The light blue shirt goes well with a black, dark grey, purple or striped tie.

When opting for a black shirt, choose a tie in a bold blue color, that will stand against the black shirt.

            What color shoes go with a French blue suit

What color shoes go with a French blue suit

The entire French blue suit wedding outfit will not be complete without the proper pair of shoes. The most ideal choice for the French blue suit is the black shoes. Also, other colors that flatter the look are brown shoes. Match the accessories according to the color of the shoes.

Who should wear a French blue suit?

Who should wear a French blue suit

All those men who want to look elegant, smart dapper, and stylish can easily choose the French blue suit over any other color of a suit. It is a wonderful option for both grooms and the groom's party, since it delivers interesting, fashionable, and not everyday looks and outfits. French blue is a color that looks good on different fabrics, which makes this color of the suit suitable for all-season weddings.

When to wear a French blue suit?

When to wear a French blue suit

Anytime you feel that you want to try something different and add a pop of color, the French blue suit is the option that you simply cannot go wrong with. No matter if it is a summer or a winter wedding, or anywhere between, the French blue suit is an option that will give aristocracy and chicness to the event you are attending.

Should you rent or buy?

Should you rent or buy

The French blue suit is a suit that will serve for a long time and is one of the colors that look great no matter the change in fashion trends. It is an all-time favorite color, so, if you are thinking about whether to buy or rent, the decision should be to invest. The beauty of the color alongside the tailoring makes the French blue suit a piece that modern men need to have in their closets.


What can I wear with a French blue suit to a wedding?

Since weddings are formal and elegant events, the outfit should be appropriate to the occasion. The best way to achieve that is to look for 3 buttons modern fit suit. It is the most appropriate choice for wedding attire for men. According to that, always go with a dressy elegant white shirt, dressy shoes, and accessories that will complement the entire look.

What color suit is best for a wedding?

For those who are bored with the classic black suit, a French blue suit is always a welcome option. It is rich and different, a wonderful choice for different types of suits for weddings. Besides the French blue suit, another very elegant option is dark navy, dark grey, and even dark brown.

What wedding colors go with blue suits?

Blue suits look very versatile and interesting. Almost all colors style well with the blue suits. The French blue suit and the other more vibrant shades of blue style great with white, grey, light pink, and black. The darker shades of blue, like the navy, look very elegant with black, anthracite, brown, dark green, light blue, etc.

What colors go with a navy suit for a wedding?

When wearing a navy suit for a wedding, always go with a white shirt and a dark tie. The tie can be black, dark brown, dark green, or dark gray. Also, all the shades of blue will look flattering to the navy suit, both as a shirt and tie option. Wedding is a black-tie event, so always look to achieve as elegant look as possible.