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Are striped suits in fashion

Striped suits gained mass popularity after being styled by iconic Hollywood heroes and musicians. Ever since, they have made a comeback in multiple decades. The actual question is, when were they ever out of fashion? Although the striped suits have always had a very professional association- with bankers, business men and financiers- its versatility today is unquestioned. 

Who should wear a striped suit?

Who should wear a striped suit

Pinstripe suit is a statement suit wherever you wear it. Vertical lines are the characteristics of a pinstripe suit. They suit many body types. However, the fit is the most important feature of the suit. Depending upon your profession, you can choose the best type of suit for you.

When to wear a striped suit?

When to wear a striped suit

Striped suits are considered appropriate for official and formal events, especially if they are darker in color i.e. navy or black. However, the versatility of the suit is unquestioned, the way you accessorize your suit defines the kind of setting you plan to wear it to. The options are endless!

How to wear a striped suit?

How to wear a striped suit

While styling a striped suit can be challenging, it looks great once you have it on. There are a variety of styles of pinstripe suits to choose from. Choose a dark suit with a complementing turtleneck if you're going to a semi-formal or casual occasion in the winter. For formal occasions, a three-piece striped outfit works best, but be careful to coordinate the colors. You can style these suits with a button-down shirt and contrasting tie for days spent at work. 

Go with neutral toned accessories and shirts with dark coloured suits. If wearing a plain shirt, wear a busy tie but when wearing a patterned shirt, pair it with a plain tie. 

When the components are out of place, this suit is easily confused and can make you look like someone wearing a hideous costume. The trick to pulling off this look successfully is attitude and confidence.

Navy Stripe Suit

Navy Stripe Suit

You may dress up this striped look with a button-down dress shirt and tie, or you can go casual with sneakers and a turtleneck. It is preferable to use neutral tones like white, gray, and other cool colors while styling a navy striped formal attire. 

Black Pinstripe Suit

Black Pinstripe Suit

This ensemble would be difficult to mess up because of its decades-long history. For a sophisticated look, pair this piece with a white shirt and a charcoal or gray tie. For a more contemporary look, choose a pair of brown dress shoes and a belt. They can also serve as casual mens suits for weddings

Grey Stripe Suit

Grey Stripe Suit

Gray is a color that looks fabulous on individuals of all skin tones. You have a wide range of alternatives with this hue, so make sure you accentuate the shade with a complementary color, such as shades of blues and purples. 

Blue Stripe Suit

Blue Stripe Suit

Striped suits do not have to only be on the darker side of the spectrum like in the days of its introduction. You can choose a cobalt blue shade for a daytime event. Add depth to the look by matching the color with a tie in a slightly darker or lighter shade.

White Stripe Suit

White Stripe Suit

This dramatic pinstripe is a great choice for a gentleman who doesn't mind making a statement. The ideal palettes to style with a white outfit with a light gray or cream stripe are muted and natural tones like dove gray or sky blue. You can go with a red tie as well!

Double Breasted Stripe Suit

Double Breasted Stripe Suit

Anything double breasted adds drama to the whole look and you can take your pinstripe suit up with something double-breasted. This look can look very classy when styled properly. It is mostly for formal occasions and looks excellent in dark shades like black and navy paired with a neutral classic dress shirt and a tie in complementary colors.

3-piece Stripe Suit

3-piece Stripe Suit

Styling a three piece stripe suit is challenging but makes you look very graceful. With the busy pattern and an added vest, it is best to style it with a plain shirt and tie. A light colored three piece suit can be paired with light blue or dove gray shirt and a striking tie while a dark suit can be paired with white, blue or cream shirt with a contrasting tie.

What tie to wear with a striped suit?

What tie to wear with a striped suit

It majorly depends upon the color of the suit and the type of dress shirt with which you plan to style it. If wearing patterned or plaid dress shirts with suits, you must opt for plain ties in colors that match the stripes or the base color of the suit. A shade lighter or darker may work well. However, if wearing a solid color dress shirt, a patterned or textured tie will complete the look.  

How should a striped suit fit?

How should a striped suit fit

Traditionally, striped suits had long jackets but have now progressed to a well-fit suit with a smaller jacket and fitted pants. If not properly fit, it loses all of its elegance and can make you look weird and as if you are in a costume. A well-fit suit portrays a powerful personality and makes you look graceful. 

Can you wear a striped suit casually?

Yes! If you pair it with a turtleneck, a basic shirt and a pair of sneakers, the look goes from formal to casual in instants just with the change of accessories. 

Can I wear a striped suit to a wedding?

Can I wear a striped suit to a wedding

Depending upon how you style your suit, you can wear it to a wedding without any second thoughts. Pairing it with a plain shirt, and a contrasting time, it gives you a timeless classical look and will definitely make you look dressed for the occasion.


What to wear with a striped blazer?

From formal to business-casual and even for family events, a striped blazer can be styled in graceful ways. Wearing it with solid pants, plain shirt and tie is a classy look while you can always opt to make a statement with a printed or patterned shirt with a plain tie. Another option is pairing it with textured pants and a basic t-shirt which gives it a very casual and chic look. 

Can You Wear A Striped Suit Jacket With Solid Pants?

Yes, wearing a striped suit jacket with solid pants is a modern look that is versatile and can be worn to all kinds of events.

How to Wear A Striped Suit With Sneakers?

If styling the suit in winters, you can throw on a solid contrasting turtleneck underneath. If wearing it in summers, you can style it with a casual shirt and a pair of matching sneakers. 

​Can I wear a striped suit without a tie?

Depending upon the event you are dressing up for, wearing it without a tie is a possibility. It gives you a semi-formal or a business-casual look.