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Are brown suits in style in 2023

When it comes to men's fashion and men's trends, one fashion garment that never goes by style is the suit. Throughout fashion history, men were always perceived as suitably and appropriately dressed if they wore a suit. That also applied to the seriousness of their business and the intentions they had in society. The Men's suit carries a dose of elegance and a smart look that no matter the age, looks suitable.


With so many fashion changes and trends that constantly come and go, it is safe to say that men's suits are not what they used to be. This is certainly a positive thing that has allowed the suit to develop and grow in terms of fashion. Now it is more valued and appreciated than before. Also, the modern and the contemporary gentlemen now have the opportunity to pick and choose the style of the suit they want, according to their needs, preferences, and occasions.


The men's suit is a great way to dress up. With lots of fashion choices and colors, many wonder are brown suits in style and how to wear a brown suit? Brown is not a very frequent color you see on men, especially on a suit. But, it is a fresh and new take on what modern and contemporary men can choose today in terms of color.


Are brown suits in style?

Are brown suits in style?


The answer is clear and simple – YES. The brown color as a suit color is very popular today. The over fashion and the fashion trends have experienced an influx of some retro and fashion trends. In the men's department, that is the brown-colored suit. Looking back at the 1970s, it is inevitable to mention that the brown suit was a top and number one color choice back then. Although it has already been present on the fashion scene, the brown suit did not become so much popular and dominant as it is nowadays. The brown color has made an unexpected comeback, and that is simply something that was needed in the men's fashion department. From a historical point of view, the brown suit in the past was reserved only for geography teachers and the elderly. However, today, 2023 is all about being cool and modern, so the brown color is the right choice. Even more, if it is implemented in some retro and vintage tailoring. Then the result is much better than expected.


What to wear with a brown suit?

What to wear with a brown suit?


As a suit, this outfit requires proper styling and use of accessories so that you can get the most out of it. The brown suit in particular is an interesting option that is always a welcome color choice, compared to the somehow boring and expected black and dark navy. When it comes to what to wear with the brown suit, the must-have fashion piece is of course a shirt under the blazer and suitable shoes. These 4 pieces create the outfit. Depending on personal style and preference, the best brown suits for men's look can be upgraded with the addition of a belt, suspenders, tie, bow-tie, pocket square, brooch, pin, scarf, etc. All of that depends on the formality of the event as well as the look that you want to achieve.


Who should wear brown suits?

Who should wear brown suits?


There is no labeling or categorizing when it comes to who should or should not wear a brown suit. If you are a fashion lover, interested in exploring something new, and thinking outside of the box, then the brown suit is an option to go with. No matter if it s a formal or semi-formal event or occasion, the brown suit is a fresh and new way to bring up the fashion game to a higher level. It is rich, varied, and diverse. It is an uncommon choice which makes it an even greater option to try instead of choosing something safe and already seen.


Brown suit combinations

Brown suit combinations


Again, the brown suit is the fashion garment that will become the centerpiece of the entire look and appearance. That safely makes the brown dominant and central color. Brown is a great shade. It is both serious and warm. Its richness and darkness make it not so predictable a choice as the navy and grey can be. As for the skin tones, it flatters them all. Pulling off a great brown suit look can be a challenging thing. For a great look, it is essential to break up the outfit with light, but complementary shades.

So, starting with a shirt, the color options that will look great on all kinds of brown suits are white, baby blue, charcoal, light pink, light mint, vanilla, etc. All of these create a wonderful contrast to the brown suit.

As for the accessories, it is always great to match the shoes with the belt and the tie. So, dark navy, light brown, maroon, or even graffiti grey will look great on a brown suit. Also, it is suggested to incorporate prints and patterns to break down the monochromatic looks. So, if you are willing to add stripes or checkers, let it be a shirt or a tie. Choose wisely depending on the event and the occasion.


Brown suits for wedding

Brown suits for wedding


Are brown suits in style for a wedding? They certainly are. Weddings are formal occasions that require a formal dress code. While women have more options to choose from, the suit is the one and only approved look for men. This year, let the brown suit be your choice for a wedding. No matter if you are the groom, a guest, or part of the wedding party, the brown suit in all its shades and hues makes a perfect choice. It is a color that is great for all-season weddings. Brown is a flattering color of different fabrics, both heavy and light, meaning the brown suit is kind of extraordinary.

Now that we have established that the brown suit is great for a wedding, it is up to you to achieve the look you want. If you are looking for extra smart and elegant, then don't forget that the white shirt is the only choice to go with. Also, a vest underneath the blazer will add to the elegance. The tailoring of the brown suit is what will give the final tone of approval. And don't forget the dressy shoes.


Brown suits for informal events

Brown suits for informal events


As mentioned above, the brown suit is an excellent option for informal events too. In this case, the patterned brown suit is one great choice to go with. This way, the accent will still be on the suit, but there will be no need for accessories since the patterns of the suit will be more than enough. For an informal event, ditch the accessories and go with just a suitable shirt. For the wintertime, pairing the brown suit with a turtleneck is a nice way to tone down the look but still keep the fashionability on point. Also, a polo T-shirt can look great as an informal addition to the brown suit.


Celebrity brown suit trends in 2023


In terms of fashion trends, 2023 is a year that brings back some of the old and vintage styles. Of course, in a refreshed version, these styles come up as new trends that are already dominating the fashion scene. As for the men’s fashion scene, the brown suit is the one making a comeback. Moreover, the brown shade is considered to be the new neutral. So, if there was ever a time to try out the brown suit, it is now. The new brown suit fashion trends suggest mixing textures, incorporating patterns, exploring different brown shades, and so on. And of course, the male celebrities around the world were eager to try out the new brown suit trends. Ryan Gosling is one of the many male celebrities that is always trying out the trends, and the same is with the brown suit. He paired the rusty brown suit with a patterned and colorful shirt, adding a dose of playfulness to the look. Other male celebrities that appreciate the brown suit are Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, Tom Hiddleston, and Seth Meyers. Earlier this year, Ryan Hurd flaunted the brown suit but in a satin version and gave it a full elegant and luxury look.



Are brown suits out of style?


Absolutely not. Although the brown shade might be considered retro and not a very popular color among the young and contemporary men, the latest 2023 fashion trends suggest and show something different. Brown is so varied and interesting color, coming in a lot of different hues and variants. This allows anyone to find their perfect choice and to wear it as they like it and see fit.


What do brown suits symbolize?


The brown suit is a statement suit. It is not a staple like the average navy, grey, or black suit. In terms of fashion, a man who chooses a brown suit is considered stable, reliable, and honest. The color is dependable and comforting, and it is an unexpected option for men who are not afraid to try something new and explore new fashion colors.


What goes well with a brown suit?


Deep espresso and rich brown are elegant shades of brown that go absolutely great with a white shirt and black tie, belt, and shoes.

The lighter brown shades like an oatmeal style great with light blue, beige, and white. The accessories here can be in different shades of clue and toffee and caramel colors.

The milk chocolate color and the orangey-brown are interesting brown shades that go great simply with a white shirt. The accessories here should vary from dark gray to navy and black.


Should you own a brown suit?


Definitively yes. Brown is a shade that never goes out of style. It is just modified and accentuated depending on the trendiness in a given time or season. The variety of available brown shades makes the brown suit great for the summertime, especially if you consider fabrics like linen and cotton. As for the colder seasons, corduroy and wool are the ones that naturally flatter the brown color, which makes it another plus for owning a brown suit.


Can a groom wear a brown suit?


A Brown suit is not a traditional wedding choice color, but that does not completely exclude it. The latest fashion trends show that grooms ask for suits rather than tuxedos, which allows the brown suit to step up the game. It is a wonderful option for winter or an autumn wedding.


Can you wear a brown suit in the summer?


The orangey tones of the brown that can be found in the terracotta and the bronze are a great start in searching for the perfect summer brown suit. The subtle but appealing shine and shimmer make the suit look very glamorous. With a crisp white shirt and no tie, the look is dapper and captivating.