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Tips For Wearing a Brown Suit

For all those modern gentlemen that are looking for an interesting and extraordinary alternative to the black and gray suit, one option to go with is the brown suit. In the menswear department, the brown suit is seen and considered to show a rebellious take on fashion. Contrary to the classic black, navy, or gray, the brown suit is a vibrant and interesting choice. No matter if you are looking for a new option to work, some business event, or even for a wedding, the best brown suits are more than an excellent option.

So, how to wear a brown suit? At first look, the brown suit can be hard to match and style with other colors. To say at least, brown can be a tricky color. But, with the right approach in choosing and matching the colors, it can quickly become a favorite and decent alternative to the navy suit.

This quick guide on how to wear a brown suit will help you get the most out of your brown suit and also help you look dapper and dashing in brown color.

What to wear with a brown suit?

What to wear with a brown suit

Brown is considered to be an almost neutral hue. That means that color styling the suit with shirts should be pretty easy. The plain white, blue, and even pink shirts are great combinations. For those looking to spice up the look a bit, a patterned shirt in lines or a checkered one will also look great and playful. As for the accessories, this is a type of suit that might come with a certain design of the fabric. In those terms, a tie or a bowtie in a contrasting color will complement the suit. Also, silk accessories like a pocket square handkerchief can look elegant and stylish paired with a plain colored shirt.

What colors go with a brown suit?

What colors go with a brown suit

Brown is a versatile color, and it offers a lot of color styling suggestions. When it comes to picking the right color of shirt, brown will always look good with a white shirt. It creates a chic and timeless look and contrast. Another great option is the light blue color. It is perfect for the summer days since it styles well with the brown. Depending on the darkness of the brown shade, there is the possibility to play with the different hues of a blue shirt. Light pink is also a suitable color match for the brown, but it is reserved only for the bravest and those who want to add some colorfulness to their outfit. This applies to light green, light purple, and light yellow too.

            Light brown suits combination

 Light brown suits combination

The light brown shade is very trendy and modern in the men's fashion department. It carries brown tones with neutral earthy, beige, and cream undertones. The options for the light brown suit are so varied, with sand and toffee being one of the most popular. A light brown suit is an excellent option for the summertime season. Whichever hue you choose, there is a certain elegance that it will deliver to the look. Most commonly, these lighter shades look extremely well on linen or cotton. That makes these suits great for the summer. As for the color combinations, it is best to keep it all neutral and toned down. White and light blue shirts are the best option. Also, a patterned shirt with discreet brown, blue, or graffiti lines will add to the versatility of the look. As for the footwear, loafers or moccasin in brown or navy will complete the look. For a chic and effortless look, only a belt in the matching color as the shoes will be more than enough to complete the look. Otherwise, accessories in a strong and contrasting color will look great and complement the light brown suit.

            Dark brown suit combinations

 Dark brown suit combinations

Contrary to the light brown, the dark brown suit is an option that is suitable for the entire year. This shade is not exclusive to any season, so it can be worn to all events during the year. The only real difference and importance is the fabric. While brown might suggest that heavier fabrics are a better choice, it also looks great on lighter ones like linen. So, if you are looking for a more universal color dark brown is the option to go with. This shade allows the use of prints and patterns. Although they might be more suitable for accessories rather than the shirt itself, the color still allows some experimenting. Stripes and checkered prints are patterns that are a shirt option that will flatter the dark brown shade. As for the more neutral options, all the neutral and light colors like white, light blue, gray, and cream are safe options.

Brown suit combinations

How to wear a brown suit most properly regarding the color combinations? The beauty of the brown suit will come to its full shine only if it is well-combined with the proper and suitable colors. Only that the entire outfit will look good and elegant, instead of funny and even not so appealing.

            Choosing the right shirt for the brown suit

As mentioned above, choosing the right color of the shirt will make the outfit top-notch. The brown suit itself is very appealing and interesting, but it is not complete without a suitable shirt. For a formal, appropriate and suitable look that requires wearing a suit, the color of the shirt plays a huge role. That is why the fabric and as well as the color are very important if you want to look expensive, modern, and stylish.

                        Brown suit with blue shirt

The final result of the overall look of styling brown with blue depends on the shades of these two colors. For a black-tie or strong formal event, brown and blue are not suggested options. This color match looks better for more informal events. It certainly is dressy, which makes it great for work and business color choice. The most popular and common color combination that looks good on everyone is styling a dark brown suit with a light blue shirt. Medium brown shades of the suit fit also great with light blue shirts. The suits in light brown or orange-brown pair and style better with darker shirt colors. In such cases, a navy blue is a great option. For an informal take, the denim blue shirt is also a suggested option.

                        Brown suit with a black shirt

The fashion trends suggest staying away from styling two dark and similar colors together. That applies to the brown suits and the black shirt too. A black shirt is always tricky to style when it comes to formal looks. As mentioned above, it is best to style this color of the suit with lighter shirt colors. That means that black is not the suggested choice. If you want to incorporate black color into this suit, then, it is better to go with shoes or a belt in black rather than a black shirt.

                        Brown suit with a yellow shirt

Although brown and black are two colors that style great among themselves, the combination of a suit and a shirt, might not be a highly suggested option. A suit itself carries a dose of elegance. Adding a shirt in some strong color as yellow will look more funny and unappealing than interesting. The only option that might work for this combination is a pale yellow or light yellow, which is neutral. Save the bold yellow color for accessories that will add a pop of color to the suit.

                        Brown suit with a white shirt

 Brown suit with a white shirt

A white shirt is an all-time favorite choice. You can never go wrong with the white shirt. The shite shirt is dressy. It is classy, classic, timeless, effortless, and chic. It never goes out of style. Since the earliest days, men wearing suits would style their suits with a white shirt. It looks clean and provides a crisp look. When it comes to the brown suit, there is no miss whether to pair it with a white shirt or not. It keeps and maintains a cool and contrasting tone to all the shades of brown and always delivers an exquisite look. If you are looking for a color of a shirt that will enrich the formality of the look, then, there is no better choice than the white shirt.

                        Brown suit with a pink shirt

The undertones of brown and pink mix and blend well. It is a nice option if you want to look dressy and interesting, but unique. It creates a clean and interesting look, and at the same time, fashionable and unexpected.

Choosing the right tie for a brown suit

One of the accessories that complement the suit and is sometimes "a must-have" is the tie. The tie complements the outfits and adds a dose of elegance and seriousness.

                        Brown suit with a blue tie

A solid navy blue tie will look great styled on a light blue shirt and brown suit. It is best to keep the tie in a strong blue color as it will create a contrast to the shirt and the suit.

                        Brown suit with a green tie

Olive green is one of the best choices to style with any type of brown shade. It is both subtle and dominant.

                        Brown suits with a gold tie

The gold tie, in all of its hues and finishes, can look very elegant and appealing to the brown suit.

            Choosing the right pant for a brown suit

Choosing the right pant for the brown suit can be a challenging thing. It is best to look for a slimmer cut and nicely tailored pants. The pants should match the blazer, in the color and the fabric. Only then, the brown suit will create a whole outfit.

            Choosing the right shoes for a brown suit

Burgundy, black or brown shoes are the best options for the brown suit.

Brown patterned suit

A brown patterned suit is a nice way to spice up the look and the overall outfit. Choosing a patterned suit in brown color is a fashionable move. Such a suit creates a look and dominant look. They can look very stylish and elegant if styled properly. The pattern of the suit itself is more than enough so the choice of accessories needs to be minimal.

Formalities for wearing a brown suit

Wearing a white collared shirt and tasteful accessories elevates the look of the brown suit. The silk accessories like a pocket square or a tie deliver an elegant look. For a formal outfit, always wear formal shoes and keep the look toned down. For business-like outfits, you can play with colors and patterns. Brown leather accessories will complement the outfit.

Brown suits for formal events

A brown suit is a great option for a formal event. The things that you have to consider when going for this choice are the fit, the color, the shoes, the patterns, and the textures.

            Brown suits for wedding

 Brown suits for wedding

Both lighter and darker shades of brown work great as wedding attire. For the groom, the elegance has to be on point, while for the wedding guest, there is space for playfulness and the introduction of colors, prints, and patterns.

Brown suits for casual events

In case you were wondering how to wear a brown suit for a casual event, the brown suit in all its version and color combinations looks great. For a relaxed look, ditch the tie and go for loafers and even sneakers if you want to channel a sporty vibe.


What shirt color should I wear with a brown shirt?

If you a gunning for an elegant look, the white shirt is the best option. For a more relaxed look, the light blue, striped, or patterned shirt will also look great.

            What color pants go with a brown suit jacket?

For a unique look, it is best the color of the pants to match the color of the jacket. If you are opting for separates, then, beige, cream, olive green, and navy pants will fit the color combination.

            Are brown suits in style?

Brown suits are a nice and exciting version and option compared to the classic colors.

            What does a brown suit represent?

The brown suit represents a rebellious and fashionable take on life and lifestyle.

            Is the brown suit formal?

Yes, the brown suit is a great choice for formal wear.

            What color tie goes with a brown suit?

Different colors will look great on a brown suit. The most common choices are navy, graffiti, dark green, and black.