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3-Piece Suit for a Funeral: What You Need to Know


3-Piece Suit for a Funeral What You Need to Know

Wearing a 3-piece is an epitome of sophistication, and it's not limited to formal fancy events only but is also considered a perfect funeral attire to pay homage to your loved ones at their funerals. 

Dressing up at funerals is always tough because you don't want to be dressed to get attention or to impress but to show respect, so wearing something somber is suggested, something neat, plain, and classic like you dress up for job interviews. 

Traditionally, black and white are the two colors that are usually associated with mourning in different parts of the world; particularly in western culture, black suits are considered the most respectful and dauntlessly best attire for attending funerals. 

However, since the world is evolving in every manner, colors other than black are also being accepted in funerals as long as you are dressed up formally in a well-fitted three-piece funeral suit. You can also learn about what is a three-piece suit, and the difference between two-piece and three-piece to get a clearer idea. 

Can You Wear a Three-Piece Suit to a Funeral? 

Can You Wear a Three-Piece Suit to a Funeral

To pay respect in the last rites of the deceased one and his grieving family, one needs to be dressed accordingly, and a nicely fitted three-piece suit is certainly the right choice as it's super formal and you would notice that most of the people at graveside services dress up very formally. Usually, loved ones of the departed soul share some service details with attendees in which they discuss what will be the funeral etiquette for the day. The dress code of the day is generally discussed in the details for formal burials and churches, and if even it's not discussed you are expected to wear traditional black suits. You can also look for church suits for men to know what’s appropriate for such events. 

However, most people choose to wear a two-piece suit at funerals, and it's pretty common, but wearing a 3-piece suit is also becoming normal for two reasons, one that it's amazingly flexible and comfortable secondly and most important that it can be used again for other occasions also.  

How to Wear a Three-Piece Suit at a Funeral:

How to Wear a Three-Piece Suit at a Funeral

The first and foremost thing is that your suit doesn't need to be flamboyant. Instead, it has to be plain and simple. You should avoid wearing anything that grabs attention. A Herringbone style three-piece suit would surely be the best suit in funeral service as it's flexible and humble yet classy and trendy also. You might have noticed celebrities donning high-quality 3-piece suits in movies, especially in Specter James Bond (Daniel Craig), wearing a herringbone three-piece while attending a funeral.

Picking the right color for funeral suits is also a crucial decision since you can't wear bright and loud colors. Always select neutral colors; although black is preferable, you can also wear colors like charcoal gray, navy blue, and other such colors. Just like formal events and business meetings, funerals are also a formal norm, but with stricter etiquette, you can't wear shiny suits like shimmer lace tanks there as it would be inappropriate as per the occasion. 

It's recommended to wear a well-fitted, well pressed, and clean three-piece suit with a dress shirt and black tie while attending a traditional funeral. Your suit's fitting plays an important part here, so a well-fitted suit jacket and vest are expected to be worn because there will be times when you would have to take off the jacket and lose fitted waistcoats in such cases would only get you unwanted attention. You can also go for a soft suit for a subtle appearance. 

Your attire at the funeral needs to be simple and respectful. To complete the simply formal silhouette, pair your dress with versatile dark brown or black leather dress shoes as we all know that some parts of the funeral services happen indoors and some are done outside, so in winters or in rainy weather, always keep an overcoat in the same colors on a cloudy burial.      

Choosing the Right Fit:

Choosing the Right Fit

A nicely fitted tailored suit is unquestionably the most important feature of your attire at a burial service. The perfect fitting of vest and jacket is a must as there would be times when you would have to remove your jacket. In such cases, a properly fitted waistcoat is important; otherwise, you will call for unnecessary attention, which is not worth it at a funeral. 

Appropriate Color Combination for Attending a Funeral:

Appropriate Color Combination for Attending a Funeral

It is highly recommended to wear muted colors at funerals so that the attention is not distracted from the occasion. Black is the most preferred menswear color for funerals as it's associated with mourning and grief; nevertheless, darker colors like navy blue, gray, and charcoal can also be worn if you don't have a black three-piece suit. 

Suit and Tie Combinations: 

Suit and Tie Combinations

As we have discussed earlier, the herringbone style is the type of suit that is best for funerals. On the other hand, tie combination is also equally important. Wearing a black pant suit with a black tie is a common norm; however, like other darker colors, menswear is also being accepted at burials. Now a tie that matches the color of the suit is suggested. Don't wear colors that are too loud and bright with jazzy designs; instead, wear some darker color ties like midnight blue, dark maroon, gray, or black that compliments your suit jacket with some subtle patterns. Nowadays, women have also started wearing a black 2-button pants suit at funerals.

Other Suits Accessorize:

Other Suits Accessorize

There should be a minimum of accessories used while attending a funeral. A watch, tie, and pocket square cufflink should be all the things you would need at such an event. Sunglasses should also be kept because there can be some segment of the burial outside, so for that, you would need one, but simple sunglasses would do the purpose and don't use over embellishment.  

Cufflink and Pocket Square:

Cufflink and Pocket Square

Undoubtedly, cufflinks are a necessity, and for such instances, mostly not glittery, but small and classic cufflinks are considered the right thing to wear at funerals to complete your formal silhouette. In the same manner, a pocket square is a common accessory that is worn in formal events, but it can become too loud sometimes, so a single-fold white or any dark-colored pocket square can be picked for funerals. Avoid pocket squares with bright colors and patterns as they can be eye-catching and too fancy to go with the occasion.   



Your shoe color also matters a lot on occasions like these, so always choose the right color like these to make a more appropriate and formal appearance. Generally, a versatile black shoe does the job perfectly, but nowadays, a pair of dark brown dress shoes can also be worn with darker color suits. You can also wear suede leather to funerals, but scruffy shoes and flip-flops can be disrespectful and should be avoided. Polishing your shoes beforehand or even buying a new one if you don't have nice shoes is recommended in order to honor the departed soul. 

Essential Tips:

Essential Tips-black funeral suit

Here are some essential tips regarding dress code, dressing according to weather, and things to avoid at funerals that you need to know before attending the last rites of a loved one. 

Respect the Dress Code:

Respect the Dress Code

The traditional and most respectful dress code for funerals is a formal suit in black color. A button-down shirt, solid trousers, morning dress, or dinner suits can also be worn. It's though not a popular choice but can be acceptable. There are instances when the family of the deceased one shares the service details where they request a certain dress code to pay respect. In only such cases, bright colors or different attire can be worn. Otherwise, such types of outfits are highly disrespectful and should be avoided.  

Dress for the Weather:

Dress for the Weather

Three-piece suits are a great choice and convenient option for the season. It's perfect for winters and fall. However, if you feel too hot in summer, you can always wear them without a vest. Dressing according to the weather is also suggested as a funeral ceremony takes time and you need to be in comfortable attire during all this time so always dress up considering all this in mind. An overcoat for the rainy and windy season is also recommended, and you can always take your jacket off and sport your waistcoat in summers or even try some neutral color polo shirt with dress pants and a formal look. The fabric of your suit is also a key player in different weather, so always pick accordingly.

Mistakes to Avoid:

Mistakes to Avoid

There are several things you should not do at a funeral ceremony; the most important of them is never to wear a tuxedo at funerals. Tuxedos are too dressy, and they are meant to make you the focus of all the attention, and at an event like this, you certainly would not want to be the center of all attraction. Tuxedos look nice, happy, lively, shiny, and very impressive. They can be worn at any other formal event, but at an event like this, they can make you look awkward.  

Just like tuxedos, excess accessorizing should also be avoided, like wearing puffed pocket squares or lapel pins. Only white pocket squares with single folds can go on such occasions. Similarly, loafers are also not an appropriate choice. You don't need to dress up to impress at funerals. Just be simple and humble. Too much use of perfumes, cologne, and after-shaves should also be avoided, and some people might not like too many fragrances.

Using mobile phones while the grievers are assembled is one of the most unethical and disrespectful things, so avoid doing that. 


What to wear to a funeral for men?

Black two-piece, three-piece, morning suits with dress shirts and dress pants and outfits for black-tie events are common funeral attire for men. However, in summer, darker hues and polo shirts can also be worn depending on the heat. 

What suit is appropriate for a funeral? 

What suit is appropriate for a funeral

Any kind of suit that is simple, clean, and non-fancy is great for attending a funeral. Whereas a two-piece suit is the most common suit for funerals, the three-piece suit trend is also becoming common day by day.  

Is a three-piece suit acceptable for funerals?

Yes, it is very much acceptable and becoming very common these days. People tend to follow their favorite celebrities' attire on most occasions. Since the three-piece suit attire has been worn by many celebrities in movies, this dressing is becoming quite acceptable amongst the masses. 

Is a dark blue suit ok for a funeral?

Yes, dark blue suits can be worn at funerals, and it's also one of the good options to wear a dark blue since it has neutral undertones. It would perfectly go with any darker shade tie, a white dress shirt, and a dark brown dress shoe. 

Is a 3-piece suit formal?

Yes, three-piece suiting comes under the very formal dressing for its sophisticated appearance. That's why these notched-collar suits are worn at most formal events like corporate type meetings, weddings, and other serious events. 

Where to buy a suit for a funeral?

Where to buy a suit for a funeral

Funeral attire and suits are easily available at many online stores and walk-in outlets. There are a variety of three-piece and two-piece funeral menswear available at Amazon, Macy's, and other online sellers, so if you are looking for one, you can easily buy from there with the customized fitting. 

Finding a perfect suit for funeral attire can be depressing and challenging. So if you can't spend money on expensive suits, don't worry. Go to a local thrift store. They also have a variety of full suits and blazers as well.  

Moreover, you can also rent a suit from a rental outlet as a lot of men prefer to rent a suit on special occasions. There are places that rent high-quality suits at affordable rates