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What to Wear to a Funeral for Men?

by Miguel 03 Aug 2022

We know it’s hard to resist being yourself with your style. We understand that you see your outfit as a way to express yourself.

However, there are times when your attire is not about expressing yourself, but rather showing respect and just dressing appropriately for the event you’re attending. And this is never more true than when you’re attending a funeral.  

When you’re going to a funeral, you go as someone that will be sharing the grief of the deceased’s family, and a proper funeral attire is a must for doing that. Showing up in jeans and athletic shoes can be pretty disrespectful at such a time.

However, although most men have trouble dressing appropriately for a funeral, they forget about it after the funeral ends, until they find themselves wondering what to wear to a funeral viewing again.

Funeral Attire Men

If you want to save yourself the hassle of figuring out how to dress for a funeral, you’re in luck! And that’s because there’s something known as funeral-ready suits that will tick all the boxes with respect to wearing an appropriate outfit for a funeral. But before you get lost in the thought of whether you can afford to drop a few hundred dollars on a funeral suit, let us tell you that you don’t have to, simply because you’re on!

We have classic funeral suits that come with the kind of subtle feel that make them a perfect option for funerals. But to your surprise, they are priced as affordably as a suit can be.

You can find them here:

Proper Colors to Wear to a Funeral

One of the most common questions by men when it comes to how to dress for a funeral male is exactly what colors are considered acceptable for a funeral and what aren’t. So let us answer this straight and tell you that you usually won’t go wrong with the dark ones, with black turning out to be your best bet as it often does for most occasions with a formal feel to them.

If you want to know what to wear to a funeral except black, a dark grey or even a dark navy suit would work. However, if you don’t own a full suit at all, you may have to resort to wearing dark dress pants with a dress shirt and tie.

But not without accepting that it’s quite a compromise, and promising yourself that as soon you return from the funeral, you will get yourself one of our proper funeral suits here, so that it doesn’t get embarrassing for you the next time you have to attend a funeral.

Can You Wear White to a Funeral?

Yes, white is the standard but only when it comes to the shirt. For the suit, you may want to stick to dark colors.

That said, a black shirt may not be too out of place at a funeral either, and would be just fine in most settings. As far as the patterns are concerned, they need to be solid or very simple; avoid the loud patterns like the plague here.

You should also be careful about the color of your shirt’s pattern; the black, dark ones with a restrained look and feel would be right up your alley, but the bright ones are an absolute no. Your novelty ties with fancy designs, too, can’t accompany you to the funeral.

What to NOT Wear to a Funeral?

It’s also important to know what type of outfits are a must-avoid at a funeral, so that you can at least avoid them even if you can’t go with the perfect funeral attire for men.

Simply put, anything casual may be far from a good choice for a funeral. If you can wear it on your day off, it probably isn’t suitable for a funeral.

So basically, all your jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, athlete shoes, hats, or anything too flashy is out of the question. Try to think of how you would dress for an interview. It would probably go a long way in helping you figure out what would be acceptable and what can be a terrible option to take to a funeral, which means your pink and fancy pocket square needs to stay at home as well.

Similarly, statement shades are not a good option either; after all, a funeral is not the type of event where you would want to stand out. So if you do have to wear sunglasses, you would want to go with something classic and simple.

And as they say, sometimes less is more. And it can’t be more true for jewelry when going to a funeral, so keep it to a minimum.

If you do want to carry an accessory with you, you would probably want to make sure it’s flowers. You can usually never go wrong with flowers, and they can either be sent directly or you can take them along with you.

However, something important to note here that different faiths may call for slightly different types of flowers, so you may have to give it a bit of a thought before deciding on a particular type.

Finally, something that can be easily overlooked but shouldn’t be when dressing up for a funeral is that your clothes need to be pressed and free from any type of odor. Your shoes need to be polished and you, well-groomed.

That’s Probably It!

Although funeral etiquette often goes beyond figuring out what to wear to a funeral for men, the funeral attire is its most crucial element. Of course, you may want to offer the family help or support in whatever way you can if you’re a family or a close friend of the deceased or their family.

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