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Men’s Suits Fit & Style Guide: How Should A Slim Fit Suit Fit


Each company cuts their suits differently and it’s very common for the same size of one brand to be drastically different from another even if they both claim that they cut their suits slim. To begin with, I want to stress that this guide is for slim-fit suits. There are different types of fits, including classics and relaxed.

Well-fitting regular suits will last longer than one that doesn’t fit as well but looks great on someone else. This guide will be your visual reference of how a suit should fit.

Introduction To Slim-Fit Suits

Introduction To Slim-Fit Suits

Slim-fit suits had been all the rage returned in the 60s men's fashion. Once more, they have come back and are very famous again. Slim-Fit Suits are the most popular type of suit sold right now, and they’re constantly increasing.

Given that a majority of guys wearing suits are uncomfortable because there has been a growing trend that men choose to wear slim fit suits instead. It is a well-known fact that men who wear slim-fit suits look sharper and more classy.

It's also popular because you can go from a casual meeting to a formal one with ease by simply changing your shirt and tie. Slim-fit is also considerably more relaxed than super tight suits. It will give you the option of wearing it numerous times and in numerous combinations.

For example, you can wear a dress shirt, tie and maybe even a pocket square with it for a more formal occasion or you can go casual by wearing just the suit without anything else.

Things To Consider

Keeping in mind that your whole suit should be the perfect fit, you should pay close attention to the size, weight, color, style, and feel of the fabric. You should always choose a light color, such as mid-gray over a dark color like charcoal because it will be more versatile in your wardrobe since you can wear it on multiple occasions.

Also, pay attention to The things you need to consider for styling your custom suits as a slim fit while making the purchase are as follow:

One, Two, Or Three Button Slim Fit suit jacket

One, Two, Or Three Button Slim Fit suit jacket

One button is very casual and you should only wear them on summer nights out or during the day for an event that requires a more relaxed style. You can wear a One Button Slim Fit Suit with a tie when attending events that require you to dress up nicely.

On the other hand, a two-button jacket is much more formal and is worn during business events or weddings. But when you’re wearing it, the top one button fastens when standing or sitting because it makes you appear slimmer.

A three-button suit is often considered more formal, but it depends on the material of the suit. It's perfect for any type of event, weddings, graduations, or business meeting.

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Shape Of Lapel

Shape Of Lapel

Choose the shape of the lapel as someone would prefer or want to look classy. You can go for the notch lapel because it is the most popular suit. A notch lapel is a classic and formal option and it fits perfectly every body type.

Peak lapels are very stylish as well as modern as compared to the notch. You can also try peak lapels because it's slightly more formal than notch lapels.

Shawl lapel is a style that gives you a very sleek, classic, and formal look. The shawl lapel has been considered to be the most formal choice which makes it an excellent option for weddings and other events.

In the end, it's your choice whether you go for a notch or peak or shawl then make sure what necktie will suit best with it.


Colors for slim fit suit

The colors of the slim fit suit matter according to the season and the demand for the theme of any occasion or event. You should always consider the colors of the suit as black, gray, and navy are more formal whereas brown, light gray, and tan are less formal.  

Choose your color according to your skin tone. If you have a lighter skin tone then you can opt for off-white or cream color.

Choose a gray suit if you have a darker skin tone because dark gray will contrast well with your complexion. Also, Navy blue is an excellent choice for men who are not fair-skinned.


The material of the slim fit makes it very similar to its counterpart, therefore you should always consider the quality of the fabric before purchasing one.

It is the fabric that makes it look classy and eye-catching. It will make you appear more sophisticated at work or any other event, but make sure to select the right type of material for your body type.

If you want to wear your suit for formal occasions then opt for wool or cashmere. A prom slim is also a good choice if you don't want to be too formal but still need it to be of medium weight.

If you are looking for an informal suit jacket and suit pants then go for cotton that is lighter in weight and it's easy to maintain.

For the summer season, you can wear light or medium-weight fabric because it is breathable and lightweight.

If your budget allows then you can also try different types of material like silk, cashmere, linen, denim, chiffon, and rayon because it all depends on your personal preference.

Advantages of Slim Fit Suit

Advantages of Slim Fit Suit

Slim suit fit enhances your personality and makes you look more appealing, sophisticated, and most importantly they have a slimming effect on your body. You don't have to visit the tailor every time because all slim jacket suits are ready-to-wear and they require no alteration.

The advantages of wearing slim-fit suits and having them in your wardrobe are many.

Modern Finish Fit Look

Modern Finish Fit Look

The modern fit look is very popular these days. It’s a mix of modern and traditional looks because it is the perfect combination of slim-fit pants with a comfortable chest area, arms, and body. That’s why modern fit suits are the best choice for comfort as well as style.

Modern fit suits are the best bet because they look good no matter which occasion you want to wear them on. Whether it's your friend's wedding, an evening event, a professional meeting, or an important business function.

Sharper Look

Sharper Look for slim fit suit

The sharper look of a slim-fit is awesome and it will make you look like a celebrity. Choosing the best color for the slim fit is very important because it enhances your personality and makes you stand out from the crowd.

If we compare classic, modern, fashion-conscious, fad conscious with slim-fit suits then it will make you look like a skinny suit.

Don't Need Excessive Fabric

Slim-fit suits are the best choice for busy professionals because they require less fabric and still look good. It matches the physique carefully besides the excessive fabric. But that isn’t to say they grasp to like a superhero costume.

Don't need to buy excessive fabric for a slim-fit because it is ready to wear, which means they require no tailoring at all. It's a nice choice for men who love to look stylish but don't have enough time to visit the tailor now and then.

Ease Of Movement

A good one will always allow comfort and ease of movement. It has a neat and skinny fit which allows the man wearing it to flaunt his masculine physique.

You can wear slim-fit suits on different occasions like at weddings, school reunions, business meetings, and any other official function. Slim-fit suits look great and create an impression too.

Perfect Shape

The slim fit is a shape you wear, as a substitute for putting off you as if it had been on a garment hanger. The perfect shape of a slim-fit is cut to flatter your physique and add a touch of class to your attire.

Slim-fit suits are the best bet that you can wear to work or for other official functions. They not only make you look attractive but also flaunt your masculine frame.

Well Presented Image

Well Presented Image for mens suits

A slim-fit gives a neat and well-presented image because it makes you look sharp and stylish. It’s a must-have in your wardrobe, whether or not you want to lose weight or gain some muscles. Slim-fit suits are the perfect choice for men who want to get an appealing appearance with comfort and ease of movement.

The biggest advantage of a slim-fit go well with is that it offers off a brilliant, well-presented image. They in no way seem to be saggy or rumpled. It's the best option for men who love to flaunt their figure and also create a great impression.

Styling Rule Of Buttons In Slim Fit Suiting

Styling Rule Of Buttons In Slim Fit Suiting

In slim fit suiting, the styling rule of buttons is that the top button of your jacket or blazer should fit like a glove. A hidden stitch holds it together on both sides, which makes it easy to break in at waist level without any need for alteration.

Use images below as reference about the different button options in slim fit suiting:

One Button Slim Fit 

Button Slim fit jacket gives the slimmest look because it’s low cut. There are no buttons on the shirt cuff of your suit. One Button Suits are made for tall men. This is very popular among tall people because they have to bend down to reach for their hands in their pockets.

One Button's slim-fit styling rule is that the top button of your jacket or blazer should be fastened. Unlike a single-breasted jacket, where there is at least one buttonhole on the lapel facing, it can only be fastened to ensure that the look remains unbroken.

Two Button Slim Fit suit

The two buttons' slim-fit rule is that the top button is fastened while the bottom button below is left open. It gives you a casual look and is perfect for social gatherings, parties, and festive events.

All men with broad shoulders look good in the two-button because it’s comparatively stronger. Persistent nips and tucks are needed to tighten the fabric throughout the chest, stomach, arms, and waist area.

The proper cutting style of jacket can do wonders by adding more texture around your shoulder line, which adds definition in broad men.

Three-Button Slim Fit suit

The three-button slim-fit is a bit extended than the two-button and it suits men who love to add more style statements. It offers you comfort while giving you a formal look. Its styling rule is that the top button of your jacket's body or blazer should be fastened, whereas the middle button on both sides should be left open.

A three-button jacket is not something to opt for if you have an athletic build. Its excess fabric gives the feeling of larger than life, so it’s suitable for men with a thin or average build.

How To Fit The Slim-Fit Suit? 

How To Fit The Slim-Fit Suit

There are so many ways or points on how to fit the slim fit as per the body fit. Slim-fit means not too tight but neither too loose. This requires an understanding of your body type, knowing what slim fit works best on you, and then making adjustments accordingly.

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Measure Of Chest, Waist, and Arm

Measure Of Chest, Waist, and Arm

The measure of chest, waist and arm are accurate to fit perfectly in as per body shape to look decent. The chest of jacket suit and waist of a slim fit dress pant will be snug. The measurement of the waist should be taken at navel height.

The chest of a slim-fit jacket will hug your body tightly so you can look leaner as it falls smoothly over your torso. The armhole should not be tight or constricted. The belly needs to have enough space to move freely and comfortably inside the suit.

Proper Cuts

Go for the proper cuts of your suit jacket length that fit on the body not too small or not too big should be tight and narrow as per the trend. There are many alterations needed even after buying an expensive suit jacket because it offers little room for adjustment, which will look odd if you do not choose.

It depends on your body shape, height, waist size, weight, or any other physical features. So it’s better to go for a well-fitted slim-fit suit jacket rather than getting the ill-fitted one because tailoring costs will be extra.

Size Chart

Slim-fit suits are sensitive, and the dimension has to be chosen exactly in your herbal stance. The length of your dress pants must be from waist to just above your knees, which would make it easy to tuck in your dress shirts. The size chart of the slim-fit suit is available with the help of a tape measure or you can go to the nearest tailors and ask them about sizing.

There is a very easy way for men who want to get an accurate suit jacket size when they order from online shopping stores. This method will ensure that you get your measurements right and there is no need to guess your size every time you place an order.

Achieve The Perfect Look

Achieve The Perfect Look for slim fit suit

The perfect look of a slim suit jacket fit that is not too small or not too big and looks wonderful on you without any effort. To make the look more interesting try a matching tie that goes well with your footwear. Get the perfect look, go for the V shape suit jacket closure look, use this image as a reference.

Jacket Sleeve Length

For a perfect fit, you must keep in mind the exact suit jacket sleeves length. The jacket sleeve length should be approximately 7.5 cm above your shirt cuff and the jacket sleeves should fit you.

The suit jacket cuff is the one that goes around the shirt cuff and it must be 1 ½ inch wide on average or go narrower.

Shoulder Fitting

Shoulder Fitting for mens slim fit suit

The suit jacket rounded shoulders the size of slim fit suiting should be perfect to look good with enough fabric. The shoulder of the jacket collar must sit perfectly on you, without any extra fabric around them that makes you seem bigger than your frame. Your jacket collar should always lay clean and tight against the back of your neck.

The Seat

The Seat for slim fit suit

The upper and lower side of the seat of the suit pants fit you well, not too loose or tight. If there is extra fabric around your thighs then it seems bigger than pants. If the fabric is too tight, it tends to wrinkle next to the crotch which will make you look like you’re wearing your father's suit.

Here's even a few more rules to follow when it comes to suits

Look at the images below as a reference for an accurate and perfect look in slim fit suiting.

Color Combinations In Slim Fit Suits

Everyone is very conscious about what they wear and the color combination that suits them. When it comes to slim-fit suits, you can pick any color you want because slim fits are in trend for decades.

Men can wear different color combinations in suiting per the colors in their wardrobe as per the liking of someone, or the theme of any party, occasion, or event and as per the season demands.

The colors that men prefer to wear generally are blue, white, gray, black, and sometimes red looks great on any man. So you can choose from these options as per your taste.

Like, black with a blue shirt and gray trousers is a classic look. A brown jacket with a white shirt is perfect for every occasion you attend. Blue or gray suits go well in any business meeting.

To wrap up, we hope that this Men’s Suit Fit & Style Guide has been helpful for you. We have covered a lot of ground and hopefully answered some of your questions about how a slim-fit suit should fit. But if not, there are many other resources available to help teach you more about the art of dressing well or simply looking good in any situation.

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