Smoke Blue Slim Fit Sharkskin Suit

$ 129.95

This smoke blue slim fit sharkskin suit doesn’t really look like typical blue suits, as it has a unique blue color. It’s as classy as they come, while also being versatile enough to be suitable for a wide range of events and purposes.

While it has a sophisticated feel to it, it’s without making the fabric uncomfortable or impractical for you. The fabric – besides being perfectly comfortable – is also luxurious, making it a great suit for pretty much every event you wear a suit to.


  • Includes a high-quality suit jacket and pants
  • The jacket is well-detailed with full lines, notch lapel, center vents and a unique 2-button closure
  • The pants are lined well to the knee, while being unhemmed, having a flat front, and measuring 37-inch insteam
  • As mentioned above, it’s a slim fit suit with a great fit
  • The fabric is rayon/spandex/polyester, has a wool-ish feel to it, and is also resistant to wrinkles to a great extent
  • No other cleaning methods other than dry-cleaning should be used on this product
  • This sharkskin slim fit suit is imported from outside the US, but the quality is assured regardless


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