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How To Pick The Right Tuxedo For Wedding According To Your Body Type

by Miguel 12 Jun 2023

How to Pick the Right Tuxedo for Wedding According to Your Body Type

As you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, you want to look and feel like the unrivaled prince that you are. But sometimes, traditional wedding attire doesn't quite a fit right - especially if you're not a standard size.

However, picking the right tuxedo for your body type can be tricky. From short and stout to tall and lanky, every body type has its own set of tuxedo rules.

Here's a quick guide on how to pick the right tuxedo for your wedding based on your body type.

The Right Tuxedo According To Your Height And Body Type

The Right Tuxedo According To Your Height And Body Type

No matter what your height or body type, the key to looking great in a tuxedo is finding the right fit. Make sure you find a tailor who can properly measure and adjust the suit to your body. This way, you'll be able to find the perfect tuxedo that flatters your shape and shows off the best you. Here are a few types of body based on height to help you find the right tuxedo for your wedding.

1. For Tall and Lean Men

For Tall and Lean Men

Tall and lean men have an advantage when it comes to choosing a tuxedo. With this body type, almost any style of tuxedo will flatter their physique.

When it comes to tuxedo jackets, tall and lean men have options. The classic two-button jacket is always a safe choice, but don't be afraid to try a three or four-button jacket for a fresh look.

However, not all tall and lean men feel confident in their body type. If you're self-conscious about appearing skinny, a double-breasted jacket can add bulk to your frame. Additionally, jackets with shoulder padding can provide a more substantial look.

For pants, you have the choice between a pleated or flat front. A flat front is a popular choice as it gives off a more modern and streamlined appearance.

2. Tall and Bulky Men

Tall and Bulky Men

For tall and bulky men, a tuxedo that creates a slenderizing effect is usually the desired choice. Here's how you can achieve that:

  • The One-Button Jacket: A one-button jacket can help give the appearance of a smaller waist. Choosing a jacket with thinner lapels will elongate your frame and create a slimmer appearance. Pairing this with a narrow tie will also add to the slenderizing effect.
  • Narrow-Leg Trousers: Narrow leg trousers will give you a slimmer appearance. If you prefer pleated trousers, ensure that the pleats lay flat and don't stretch out. When properly fitting, pleated trousers can also be slimming.

3. Short and Lean Men

Short and Lean Men

If you would like to appear taller, opt for fitted clothing that won't add bulk. To keep from looking bulky, avoid items such as a double-breasted jacket or shawl collar. For short and slender builds, use pieces that make your body look longer! Lower tuxedo buttons paired with a skinny tie and vest will help give the illusion of height.

V-neck tuxedo jackets can also help elongate the body. For trousers, a flat front and no pleats is a great option, as it makes your legs look longer.

4. Short and Bulky Men

Short and Bulky Men

If you're a shorter and stouter man, opt for a shawl collar tuxedo jacket with one or two buttons. To elongate your body, choose slim lapels. Additionally, stay away from oversized clothing as it will just add to the illusion of bulkiness; pick trousers that have slender legs instead of wide ones.

Know Your Body Type And Choose The Right Tux For It

Know Your Body Type And Choose The Right Tux For It

As the main event of your wedding day, you want to make sure your tuxedo fits well and looks great in photos. The key to a good-fitting tux is knowing your body type and finding the right style to complement it.

Not sure what your body type is? Here's a quick run-down:

1. Triangular Body

Triangular Body

Men with downward triangular body shapes should wear suits that create the illusion of a more balanced figure by minimizing the waist and hip area. The best type of jacket for this shape is one with wide lapels and two buttons, as it will make your shoulders look broader in comparison to your hips.

Choose Broad Shoulders

Structured suit jackets with shoulders that are emphasized will make your shoulders appear wider and, thus, give you a more commanding appearance. To do this, look for suits with roping (the ridge formed by the rise of the sleeve attachment in relation to the shoulder). 

Although you may be tempted to buy a jacket that's too big for your shoulders to make yourself appear broader, resist the urge! Not only will the jacket look oversized, but its sleeves will also hang awkwardly, which will make you look sloppy instead of stylish.

Go for A Narrower Waist

If you want to create the illusion of a narrower waist, go for a single-breasted suit. It's especially tailored to be narrow at the shoulders and tapering inwards at the waist. However, if you don't mind adding bulk around your middle, then choose a double-breasted suit instead. Just be aware that details like ticket pockets draw attention to your stomach area – not something everyone wants!

Give More Substance To Legs

Currently, the popular style for trousers are ones that are very skinny or heavily tapered. However, this will only make your midsection look larger than it actually is. The best type of trousers to create a streamlined silhouette and make you look your best have wider and straighter legs.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to choosing the right accessories, remember to keep it simple. If you have a triangular body type, avoid wearing vests, as they will only accentuate your narrow waist. Opt for a classic white shirt and pair it with a solid-colored tie to create a clean and timeless look.

2. The Inverted Triangle Body

The Inverted Triangle Body

The inverted triangle body type is defined by having a broad chest and shoulders, with a significantly narrower waist and hips. This physique is often achieved through Heavy lifting at the gym, which creates this wide upper body and narrow lower body shape. 

When finding suit styles that fit this description, it's important to find something that will bring balance to the top half and bottom half of your body while also highlighting your muscular build - since you've worked so hard for it!

No Sharp Lines For Your Torso

Prominent shoulder details like roping or padding, as well as wide peak lapels, will make your shoulders appear broader. If you want to de-emphasize your shoulders, look for softer details and a neckline that will add some contouring to your frame, like a notch lapel.

Focus Attention on Your Body's Natural Shape

For a flattering look, try jackets that slim down towards your waist. A tailored single-breasted jacket will show off your ideal "V shape." Remember, "slim-fit" does NOT mean super snug - you don't want to be restricted like being a holiday ham. 

Avoid being tempted to wear a cinched jacket at the waist, which can make your proportions appear distorted.

Avoid Skinny Trousers

If you want your shoulders to appear proportional to your waist, avoid skinny trousers. The best pants for you are slim pants that taper subtly at the ankle. Wearing pants with a bit of room will also make your legs look longer and leaner.

3. Oval Shaped Body

Oval Shaped Body

An oval body type means that a man's midsection is wider than his shoulders and hips. Additionally, the arms and legs are often slimmer and shorter in proportion to the rest of the body. A well-tailored suit can help give definition to your figure and make you look thinner.

Go For Tuxedos with Proper Fitting

Never make the mistake of thinking that a large suit will make you look slim. It won't. You'll only look unshapely and sloppy. Likewise, don't try to fit yourself into a too-small suit, as it will only serve to emphasize your body's bulkiness. The goal is to find something that fits you just right so that you create a long and lean line. 

A tailored, single-breasted jacket that tapers inward at the waist will make your torso appear slimmer. A structured shoulder that is neither too small nor too large is important to creating a look of authority without appearing broader than you are.

Wear Vertical Patterns

A pinstripe or herringbone pattern will make you look taller and thinner. Dark colors are also slimming, while large checks and horizontal patterns add visual clutter and make you appear heavier. 

If you must go with a solid color, opt for a dark shade, as single colors tend to highlight rather than conceal your body shape. A peak lapel will help create the illusion of a taller, slimmer frame by drawing attention away from your waistline.

Keep the Focus Away From the Stomach

Double-breasted suits, which make the waist look bigger, are a no-go for you. Anything that would draw attention to your waistline should be avoided, like ticket pockets. Instead, try accessorizing with a pocket square to add some visual interest to your chest area.

Give More Substance to Your Legs

Just as with the inverted triangle body type, if you wear skinny or heavily tapered pants, your waist will appear wider than it actually is. To achieve a more balanced look, choose trousers with wider and straight legs. Be sure they fit properly in length, too - no one likes a man in high waters! Cuffed trousers will also help to add some visual interest and substance to your legs.

4. Trapezoid Shaped Body

Trapezoid Shaped Body

If you're a man with a trapezoid body type - also known as "athletic" - your torso is broadest at the shoulders and slightly narrower around the waist and hips. Luckily, this is considered the "average" build by the fashion industry, so it's generally easier for athletic men to find suits that fit well right off the rack. 

If you have a trapezoidal shape, your upper and lower body are already in pretty good balance proportion-wise so that you can experiment with different patterns, cuts, and styles. Show off your athletic figure in a slim-fitting suit.

Your Body Shapes Allow You to Be Experimental

Even though you might want to play it safe with your wardrobe, don't be afraid to experiment with bolder colors and patterns. Try out different fabric combinations and have fun with your style!

Show Off Your Figure with the Right Fit

Let your trapezoidal shape do the talking by choosing a slim-fitting suit. This will show off your broad shoulders and narrow waist. A well-tailored suit will also highlight your muscular build and make you look more handsome. If you're looking to add some extra visual interest, try a patterned shirt or a pocket square.

Do Not Go Extremely Over The Top 

If you want your suit to look both timeless and stylish, there are a few things you should avoid doing. For a well-fitted suit, make sure your pants aren't too tapered, and your waistline doesn't appear to be cinched in too tightly.

5. Column Shaped Body

Column Shaped Body

A man with a rectangular or column body type has shoulders that are approximately the same width as his waist and hips. The best suit for this shape of the torso should widen the shoulders and slim down the waist to give more definition to the figure. A tailored, two-button suit with wide lapels will do the trick.

Double-Breasted Jackets Are A Big No

Since your rectangular body type is characterized by straight lines and little definition, you want to avoid anything that would make you look even boxier. That means double-breasted jackets are a big no. Instead, go for a single-breasted jacket with wide lapels to help broaden your shoulders.

Create A Streamlined Look From Top to Bottom

Wearing Tapered trousers will help give shape to your form, while straight trousers do the opposite by dragging you back into rectangle-land. To achieve more definition in your lower body, go for pleated pants that are wider around the hips and thighs and taper down towards the ankle. This will give you a more streamlined look from top to bottom.

Different Types of Fits For Tuxedos

Different Types of Fits For Tuxedos

When choosing a tuxedo, one important factor to consider is fit. Here's a breakdown of the three main types of tuxedo fits:

1. Classic Fit

The classic fit tuxedo offers a generous cut through the chest and waist, providing comfort without being too baggy. This type of fit is a good choice if you want a traditional look that still provides a flattering shape.

Here is the classic fit tuxedo from Flexsuits:

2. Modern Fit

The modern fit tuxedo strikes a balance between the classic fit and the slim fit. It's not as tight as the slim fit, but it doesn't have the extra room that the classic fit offers. This type of fit is a good option if you're looking for a contemporary look that's still comfortable to wear.

Here is the modern fit tuxedo from Flexsuits:

For more modern fit tuxedos, check out the collection from Flexsuits.

3. Slim Fit

The slim fit tuxedo is the closest fitting of all tuxedo fits. It resembles the Italian or European cut, with a fitted shoulder and a slim cut through the chest and waist. This type of fit is a good choice if you want a modern and stylish look that's form-fitting.

Here is the slim-fit tuxedo from Flexsuits:

For more slim-fit tuxedos, check out the collection from Flexsuits.

5 Things To Consider While Checking If Your Wedding Tuxedo Is A Good Fit

5 Things To Consider While Checking If Your Wedding Tuxedo Is A Good Fit

A well-fitted tuxedo is a crucial aspect of looking sharp on your wedding day. Besides knowing the different suit fits, there are other elements to consider. Everybody is unique, and a tuxedo that fits well on one person might not look the same on another. Here are 5 things to consider when checking if your wedding tuxedo is a good fit:

1. Suit Jacket Chest and Shoulder Fit

Perfectly fitting a tuxedo jacket requires subtle attention to detail. The lapels of the jacket should sit flat and not bulge out when you fasten the top button; if it does, then the fit is too tight. Alternatively, shoulders that do not skilfully fall into place or obscure your midsection indicate an overly loose fit.

2. Suit Jacket Collar

It's essential to pay attention to how the neck fits when buying a jacket. It should rest perfectly against your shoulder collar; if it doesn't, you need to get one size smaller. An overly tight fit will cause wrinkles in both the shirt and the jacket collars, which can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Find a style that is snug but allows for ease of movement without any bunching or folding beneath the collar area.

3. Suit Jacket Length

Suit Jacket Length

The size of the jacket plays an integral role in how your suit appears. It should finish at mid-crotch and just touch the buttocks. If it goes beyond that point, you know it is too lengthy for you. If it's too short, the jacket will pull when you move, resulting in a poor fit.

TIP: Stand upright and bring your arms down to your sides. If the jacket cuffs are visible, the length is ideal for you.

4. Suit Sleeve Length

Achieving the perfect suit fit is largely dependent upon having the ideal sleeve length. When you relax your arms, about ¼ to ¾ inches of your shirt cuff should be visible. The sleeve should end just before the wrist bone. If the sleeves start to cover your hands, they're too long. Conversely, if more than an inch of the shirt cuff protrudes from beneath the sleeve hemline, then it means that your sleeves are too short.

Related read: What Type of Tuxedo Shirt Is in Style [Interlink: What Type of Tuxedo Shirt Is in Style]

5. Suit Pants Fit

Suit Pants Fit

When it comes to suit pants, the perfect fit is crucial for a polished and professional appearance. Here are the key elements to consider:

  • Waist: The pants should fit snugly around your waist and sit high on your hip bone for a taller illusion.
  • Pant seat: Ensure the seat of the pants lies flat against your butt without any unsightly wrinkles.
  • Pant length and inseam: The inseam affects how the fabric drapes over your shoes. If you're looking for a contemporary style, go for a no-break option that leaves plenty of space above your shoes. Ultimately, this is a matter of personal preference.


How do you know if a tux fits you?

The bottom of the jacket should end just before your butt begins to curve inward, and its hem ought to reach around mid-hand. Moreover, the shoulder seams should be placed near where your arm meets your back so that it doesn't appear bulky or stretch across too far in the back.

Is tux supposed to be tight?

To achieve an impeccable fit, your tuxedo should have a snug hug on your shoulders and chest area. For instance, the lapels of your jacket must remain perfectly flat when you do up the top button without bulging outwardly; if this happens, it's likely that you are wearing a too-small size.

When should you not wear a tux?

It is generally considered improper to wear a tuxedo before 6 p.m., as it implies such formality; unless, of course, you receive an invitation for a black tie wedding that starts earlier in the day.

What belt goes with a tuxedo?

Make sure to invest in a sleek, black leather belt with understated hardware; you'll look dashing while adhering to all the rules of wearing a tuxedo. Also, avoid wearing a belt with other formalwear such as suits and dress shirts[Interlink: Can You Wear a Regular Dress Shirt with a Tuxedo]. Instead, opt for a classic pair of suspenders, as they perfectly complement a tux.

Do you unbutton a tuxedo when sitting?

When standing, make sure to fasten your jacket's buttons. Keep the top button secured while letting the bottom one remain undone. When seated, however, feel free to unfasten them both for comfort and style. This will ensure that your tuxedo looks sharp and polished.


Choosing the right tuxedo for your body type is essential for looking and feeling great on whatever special occasion you're attending. Be sure to consider all of the factors discussed here when selecting yours. This includes the fit of your jacket, sleeve length, and pant length. Ultimately, you want your tuxedo to be comfortable and look stylish. With the right fit, you'll definitely be ready for any occasion.

Visit Flexsuits for all your formal outfit needs[Interlink: The Best Men’s Tuxedos for Any Formal Occasion], from tuxedos to suits and vests. You'll be sure to find the perfect fit for any occasion.

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