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Looking Great in A White Tux

by Miguel 25 Nov 2022

Looking Great in A White Tux

Thinking of wearing a white tux but don't know where to start and if it's the right choice?

Wearing white is a bold choice for both tuxedos and suits. While the majority of men settle for just white shirts, you'll stand out with your white tuxedo jacket among the crowd of black lapel jackets.

Here at Flex Suits, we have a broad range of men's and boys' tuxedos to choose from, including white tuxedos. Visit our shop today or continue reading to find answers to common questions about this look with a splash of white color.

What Is A Classic White Tuxedo?

What Is A Classic White Tuxedo

A classic white tuxedo is the light-colored alternative to the traditional black tuxedo.

There are various ways to wear a white tuxedo to show off elements of your personal style. You can choose a full ensemble of total white or combine it with some black accents.

A well-known example is the famous James Bond white tux. His famous look was a combination of both a white and black tux. He paired a white jacket, black tuxedo pants, and a black bow tie.

White is a great option for warmer summer or spring events. No matter the time of year, opting for white is a fun way to create and show your sense of style at special occasions such as weddings and formal parties.

Can Grooms Wear A White Tuxedo?

Can Grooms Wear A White Tuxedo

Absolutely! A groom can choose a white tuxedo. In fact, there is nothing more elegant than seeing a groom standing at the end of the aisle, waiting for the love of his life, in a white tuxedo.

Formal events, including weddings, call for the groom and groomsmen to look their finest, and there is nothing more sophisticated than snow-white tuxedos.

How To Wear A White Tuxedo And Look The Part

White tuxedos are designed to show you off in the best possible way. By choosing this color, you're going to stand out more than the black traditional style. So, make sure your complete outfit is perfectly styled.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing any tuxedo or suit is to choose one that fits your body well. An oversized suit will look shabby, so it would help if you tailor a suit to perfectly hug your body. This is really the best look for all body shapes and sizes.

What Is The Difference Between A White And A Black Tux?

The difference between a white and black tux lies in more than just the color. Although both looks are suitable as formal wear, white tuxedos sometimes elude a more formal look than black tuxedos.

White tuxedos comprise a white jacket with either white or black pants. Both pieces include white satin details. Black tuxedos are usually black jackets and pants with satin lapels and details. Both looks are considered to be a classic style.

Here at Flex Suits, we can help you decide every detail of your formal outfit, including which lapel and dress shirts to choose. Take a look around our shop today.

Is A White Dinner Jacket The Same As A White Tuxedo Jacket?

No. A white dinner jacket and white tuxedo jacket are different. They are different both in terms of how they look as well as when they are typically worn.

A white dinner jacket has lapels made from the same material as the rest of the jacket. A white tuxedo jacket has satin lapels. The other point to note is that the fabric of the white tuxedo pants should match the coat. However, the pants don't need to be made of the same material with a white dinner jacket.

Your white tuxedo should be worn at black tie events and other formal events. A white dinner jacket is typically worn at other special occasions and important social gatherings.

Should I Wear A White Tux To My Wedding?

Yes. If it fits your event theme, you should choose a white tuxedo for your wedding.

White is not reserved just for the bride. Every groom wants to look stylish on his wedding day, and there is nothing that screams elegance louder than white tuxedos.

However, be sure to consult with your bride or wedding planner. Weddings come in all different styles and themes, and it's essential that your look and accessories work within that event theme.

Whether you are looking for a timeless tuxedo or a fashionable slim fit for your big day, FlexSuits has suits in all shapes and styles to suit your preferences.

Are White Tuxedos Acceptable For Boys?

White tuxedos are an acceptable look for boys. In fact, if you have a young man at your party, be warned that he might steal the show if he's in a white tuxedo.

There is nothing that will get the wedding guests cooing more than an adorable boy in an elegant tuxedo. FlexSuits has sleek-looking tuxedos sized just right for the little men in your life.

Are White Tuxedos Suitable For Prom?

Yes! For a school prom, white tuxedos are a perfectly suitable look. This is an excellent opportunity for young men to dress formally. Picking out unique and stylish accessories to pair with the tuxedo is what will give the ensemble its own personality.

A dress suit or suit jacket is also appropriate for the event There are so many shades and designs to go through when picking your ideal outfit and FlexSuits has what you need.

You want to make a good impression among your peers and especially your date. Before you make a choice, you may want to check what colors your beauty is wearing so that you can coordinate with her.

Can You Wear Black Shoes With A White Tuxedo?

Yes. You can choose black shoes for a white tuxedo. In fact, coordinating black shoes with a black tie looks great with a white tuxedo. However, if you're going for a completely light-colored ensemble, it's best to pair your look with white shoes.

Traditionally speaking, there are four kinds of shoes to pair with a tuxedo:

  • Oxfords
  • Venetian loafers
  • Opera pumps
  • Slippers

The right choice of shoe can add your unique personality and perfect your whole look.

What Goes With A White Tuxedo?

There are various accessories available to complete your white tuxedo. Here is a list of the pieces to consider when choosing your style.

  • Bow tie
  • Pocket square
  • Waistcoat
  • Studs and cufflinks
  • Shoes
  • Shirt

Wrapping It Up

Still wondering if a white tuxedo is the right look for you? The most important question at the end of the day is, what will make you feel most like yourself at the event?

Wearing a comfortable wardrobe is just as important as being unique, especially if it's your wedding day.

No matter which style you choose, we have you covered. Shop our site today for a fair price on the perfect tuxedo in white for your wedding day or special event.

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