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Where to Buy Boys Suits

Getting a suit tailor-made for your little one can often be quite troublesome.

Not only do you have to search for the perfect store, but also pick the right suit from a bunch of styles and sizes, make a cut on the budget, and finally ship it to your place.

Well, we're here to somewhat relieve some of that stress of yours. Simply follow our guidelines till the end, and we hope to assist you with some general knowledge regarding boy's dress suits and where to spot them.

The backstory to Boy's Suits

The backstory to Boy's Suits

Dating back to the olden days, the styles of the suits worn by boys were just mere imaginations from their mothers coming to fruition. With an artsy eye for fashion, these suits were fancied up to almost look like a doll's dress consisting of gigantic collars, ruffles, cuffed sleeves, and dainty modish buttons.

On the other hand, another bunch of women would likely dress their sons in much simpler suits, such as the timeless sailor suit that purely reminds us of "Popeye The Sailor Man", one of our childhood favorites.

However, with time ticking away and us ending up in the 21st century, these classic vintage suits came to a demise. Today, due to the mass production of ready-made suits, such diversity in designs was gradually replaced the typical plain ones that we see around us on a daily.

How to Measure a Boy's Suit

How to Measure a Boy's Suit

Before you decide to head off to the stores or simply place your orders online, it's mandatory to take proper measurements and note it down. This way, it gets easier to navigate through the sizes for an apt fit.

Sleeve Length

Taking a measuring tape on hand, start off with the shoulder's edge where your bones stick out or along the stitches of your well-fit T-shirt. Then move it down a few inches past the wrist and note the number in inches.

Given that you're sizing with an appropriate-sized shirt, stop at the cuff and record the measurement.


This is one of the most trouble-free parts if you're already aware of your son's waist size. If not, simply circle the tapeline across the waist and you're done!

To keep you free from worries, here at FlexSuits, we tailor the pants to perfection with added elastic at the band. This means, not only will the fit be spot on, but your child can wear it even when his tummy has gained bits of fat.


Another yet easy-to-do step is measuring the chest. With your son's hands down, just line the tape through under his armpits and you'll get your desired measurement.

Tailor's Tip: Make sure the tape isn't held too tight and remains parallel to the ground when doing the task.


Beginning from the waistline, pull the tape down up to your child's ankle and note it down. Nevertheless, one important thing to keep in mind is that the pants length should be just enough as so it creates a slight fold above the shoe.

Shoulder to Shoulder

For this part, drag the tape across one shoulder blade to the other (Just as before, from where the bone sticks out or simply over the shoulder's stitch line).

Tips to Finding an Ideal Boy's Suit

Tips to Finding an Ideal Boy's Suit

Speaking of boys, they sure can be very naughty and playful. Especially in regard to birthday parties, weddings, or any such fancy events, they seem to cross the limit and be nerve-wracking at times.

Keeping this in mind, making them wear a suit and vest can be quite hectic, and so can be spotting the most practical suit to put up with their mischief. To help sort this issue out, we've prepared a 4-steps instructions just for you-

Consider the Kind of Event

The foremost thing to contemplate on is the type of event your child will be attending.

For example, if the event in discussion is a wedding or black-tie event, you know what would suit boys the best- an all black suit or even better, a sharp tuxedo.

However, if we're talking a day time occasion, then simply go for a plain yet elegant suit with lighter colors. Needless to mention, leave vest out of the list to beat the summer heat and stick to a strict 2 piece suit.

Accessorize the Dress Suits

Putting some flairs to make your boy look sharper will surely add a cherry on top, particularly for fancier events.

Even though little boys like their suits to be simple and carefree, if the dress code requires a bijou bling to it, then you must!

To put on a bold and stylish statement alongside the regulars (we mean shirt, tie, belt and shoes), just accessorize lightly with a pocket square, cufflinks or cummerbunds.

You may also opt for a fedoras or even a top hat for the same to bring in a "little gentleman" vibe.

Quality over Pricing

Quality over Pricing

One mistake that a lot of us tend to make is cut off the budget when choosing formals. Our simple reply- please don't!

As much as it might seem like a wise decision, it'll only leave you with suits made with poor quality fabric. And the outcome? It'll merely last a couple of months before they start to fade and tear in places.

Hence, to ensure full satisfaction for both you and your child, go for good quality material (FlexSuits has an array of collections in store waiting just for you!) and you won't regret it later.

Pick the Right Sizes

Before you hastily add a size to your shopping bag, examine it carefully. Even though your "mommy" it will ask you to search and buy one size larger so they have enough room to grow into it, this is a BIG NO when it comes to suits.

Instead, for a polished look, it's essential that the boy's suits fit correctly in the nooks and crannies. Moreover, your child will feel much more comfortable and play around freely.

Where to Buy Boys Suit on a Good Deal

Where to Buy Boys Suit on a Good Deal

If you're sitting at home and trying to filter a store for online purchases of boy's suits, you're just at the right place! At FlexSuits store, you can look into hundreds of options offered in a variety of styles and sizes without even driving to a physical store.

How to Place Orders or Connect with Us

You can simply avoid hassles to download any app for the purpose as well. Just browse through our website and add your choice of clothing to the bag. Once you have paid for it all, your orders will be shipped out within the country on the same business days to keep you away from forming more tension lines.

For additional queries, you can easily connect with us on our socials, or you may simply call or email us.

To end, we wish you the very best in finding the finest boy's suit for your youngster!