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When to Wear a Tuxedo

So it seems you have been invited to a special event where you have to wear formal clothes. But now you don't know if it is a white tie or a black tie occasion. That is common, don't worry. All of us men have once felt puzzled by the dress code.

So in this article, we have clarified exactly how you can put your best shoe forward with the right outfit.

Places You Can Wear a Tuxedo:

Public Events

Public Events-tuxedo

For ceremonial and formal events like opera is an excellent initiative to wear tuxedos. When it comes to preserving prestige, operas are the supreme form of performing arts. And so the most formal style is appropriate for a few occasions.

With premieres of ballet, theater, and symphonies, the formal attire and tuxedo suits come naturally without being told. This is primarily a black tie event with a classic black tie ensemble.

Debutante Ball

Debutante Ball-tuxedo

Get your dinner jacket or white dress shirt if you are asked to dinner. However, don't miss out on the tuxedo if it's a formal dance like a ball or a prom. Dances are more common so you can loosen up with a suit jacket or traditional suit. Nothing beats a tuxedo with a bow tie, no matter how cheap dances are.

You will notice that balls are mostly private parties with elaborate receptions hosted by large organizations as a tribute or to gain funds. These occasions require the entire package of the custom tuxedo with tuxedo trousers, tuxedo shirt, french cuffs, and black patent leather shoes.



The Quinceanera is a birthday celebration of a girl turning 15, thus honouring the year as a significant year reflecting growth. If it doesn't make sense to you, try comparing it to the sweet 16 equivalents of an American girl. Though many consider these celebrations black tie events, they are considered black tie optional.

Ensure your little boys don't wear a tuxedo jacket, though. Tuxedos are left for adults and more mature boys. Weddings differ as an exception nonetheless. Evening wear and tuxedo pants and shirt are not restricted to the young ones in the case of marriages.

Yet, it is generally regarded as inappropriate for a man unable to tie a black bow tie to be wearing tuxedos let alone be anywhere near them on formal occasions.


Weddings-black tie-tuxedo

Weddings are listed on a formal evening event ranking, especially around dinner or after six o'clock. It is a black tie event, no question asked. You know what they say when in doubt, do. Just follow the black tie dress code, and you will be fine.

So groomsmen wear a tuxedo at the wedding. A dinner jacket works for other gentlemen, though.



Cruises are not something a lot of us will ever experience. This kind of excursion only seems likely in our dreams often. And so if we ever do get invited to an Ocean cruise, you might need to bring those tuxedo shirts given the occasion. Formal parties in the evening sometimes call for a tuxedo, and when you are on a ship, you need one as well.

If you don't have one, keep a lookout for cruise lines that rent formal wear for a proper introduction. However, the cruise company and the route may significantly affect the number of formal nights.

The first and final evenings of a cruise are seldom formal since most guests' baggage will be put away at that time. Passengers on board are way too packed to bother to get decked up for dinner on the last night.

Fraternal Organization Events

Fraternal Organization Events

Special events like a party at a fraternal organization also call for a double-breasted suit with a shawl collar. Etiquette experts are particular about the dress forms as the whole fit is necessary to wear. Prestigious university seminars and parties, especially the British ones, will specify it as a black tie occasion.

Different universities usually have additional guest instructions for their parties. Sometimes their criteria request just proper uniform, so contact the institution or organization when in doubt.

Business Dinners

Business Dinners-tuxedo

Business dinners are not black tie events, but they are formal. The proper attire for a business dinner is a dark suit with a white shirt and a conservative tie for men. If you have the chance to wear a tuxedo to a business dinner, go for it! It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Also, it would be best if you also researched the company's culture to get an idea of its dress code. Some companies are more formal than others, so it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Diplomatic Events

Diplomatic Events-black tie

If you are just an ordinary guy, there are chances you will never see yourself in a diplomatic function. But if you are someone in Office, Black ties are commonly accepted in these gatherings.

European dinners with their presidents are usually white tie as a general rule. In the USA, the white timeline is rarely had, so you must wear a tuxedo. Special occasions at the White House are naturally black tie events, so wear a morning dress even in err!

Key Takeaway

A suit is less formal than a tuxedo that we all know. And that's why it is easier to understand when to wear a case than to wear a tuxedo. The thing with tuxedos, as youngsters can assume, is that they blend best with ancient or vintage occasions, which is just too presumptuous for today's society. But that is just not the case.

While people can sport their styles confidently, sporting an aura of supremacy with too much fancy can seem like you are overshadowing your hosts. To put it simply, a tuxedo represents a respectable dignified occasion. But the symbolization disappears in a less formal event.

The difference between a tuxedo and a suit is between their levels of formality. It just seems pompous if you fail to send the message of civility.

So don't dress in the wrong clothing and analyze your invitation before going to the event.