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When To Wear A Suit? Right Suit On A Right Event

by Miguel 01 Jun 2023


Men can often get perplexed or feel "not so confident" when it comes to choosing between regular wear and suits. Opting for one during formal events is a must, but what should you do when you're not so sure about the occasion? Often, like in a "mind says no, heart says yes" situation, it can be quite difficult to settle on an answer.

Keeping this in mind, we've come up with a few sets of circumstances where you can wear a suit with style and not feel hesitant at all. Read ahead and decide for yourself!

When to wear a suit? Right suit on a right event

A Formal Attire: The Gentleman's Way

A Formal Attire: The Gentleman's Way

Wearing a suit is the way to go if you need to send a powerful aura that lets those around you know you mean business! Not only do suits make a sophisticated impression on others, but they also convey your entire personality.

Starting from the color and fabric choice of your suit to the effort you put into the little details, such as adding a pocket square or cuff links, is the key to bringing out your stylish persona. Move in style and enjoy as you watch heads turning in your direction!

Besides, let's be honest, a man in a suit is as confident as he can get. Be it a formal occasion or just a casual outing, picking up a suit jacket means wearing poise and respect in style.

Know When to Wear Suits

Know When to Wear Suits

Now that we're at it, wearing suits doesn't necessarily direct towards a business meeting, job interviews and weddings only.

Even though a formal wear such as as suits is the dress code for such special occasions, there are definitely other events where you can easily pull it off and throw in that extra level of classy attitude.

So, here's a few places or occasions where you may wear a suit without going wrong:

Date Night

Date Night-Basic Informal Outfit

Imagine this, you're out on a date with your partner wearing a basic informal outfit: trousers and tees. As a matter of fact, that's really what we see on most days, don't we?

But listen to us out and wear a suit instead. Take her out on a candlelight dinner and be the gentleman that you are. That's definitely the right way to woo your girl any day!

Fine Dining

Fine Dining- dressing Up

Given that your plan entails getting some good food, a three-course meal at an upscale restaurant, dressing up is always a good idea. 

So, grab your suit and wear a pair of polished shoes, while you sit and eat in style.

Bar Crawling

Bar Crawling- Formal Attire

Visualize this as an example: You've had a bad day at work and feeling the need of a bit of company. Or let's just say, you're lonely and desperately searching for a date. What are the odds that you'll drop by at a bar and find someone?

Frankly enough, the outfit you choose will play a great deal in this scenario. If you want to look decked out while you let loose with a few drinks, our advice would be to go for formal attire, aka a suit.

You'll simply be comfortable in your own skin (suit in this case) and draw the attention of the entire room.

A little tip: avoid going to bars where the exhausted suited men head off to after their office hours, or else you'll just end up blending in the crowd.

In-House Poker Parties

In-House Poker Parties

Assuming that you and your friends enjoy a night filled with drinks and playing poker, in-house parties can be the best way to showcase your trendy suit collection. Besides, wearing a suit doesn't only add to your appearance but also makes you be distinctive amongst the mass.

The fashion industry has a lot to offer in terms of casual suit styles. Make sure to take a few tips before you head right in!

Cocktail Meetings

Cocktail Meetings- Formal Wear

More often than ever, every office calls for meetings, and sometimes, if you're lucky enough, a cocktail meeting. So, when you get the chance to dress up in formal wear for such an occasion, you can't simply sit there and look just average.

At a time like this, always remember to slip on your finest suit and be confident around your colleagues. This will allow you to achieve two goals: look stylish and gain respect. 

As a suggestion, opt for darker shades of suits for evening meetings, while daytime ones should be rocked with light grays or blues.

Assuming that you're ready to go all in, add dainty accessories such as a pocket square to complete the look.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs- Business Casual

Given that you're on a job hunt, it's mandatory to focus on your looks. And what better way to do so than to look classy in your suit?

However, when you decide to wear suits during career fairs or expos, always remember to dress business casual.

Just go with a nice, well-cut suit jacket, paired up with gray, navy, or black pants. As for the choice of shirt, either pattern or solid ones should serve the job perfectly.

Another thing to keep in mind is to pick out shirts with collars, so you make the point that you've dressed to impress.

Networking Events

Networking Events-standard button-down shirt or even classic polos

Events like this demand that you look your best. Otherwise, it's pretty hard to keep up with the roundtable discussions and grab the attention of potential connections.

Hence, reaching out for your exquisitely tailored suit is definitely the best option to go for. Combine it with a standard button-down shirt or even classic polos (in case you want to achieve a relaxed look).

For shirts, don't forget to wear a tie for that clean finish. Finish off with a nice pair of oxford shoes, followed by a matching belt and socks. And you're done!

Airplane Rides

Airplane Rides- Casual Comfy

Here's a little trick from us to you, even though you might know this by now. Rather than picking up an outfit that's casual and comfy for a plane trip, give a suit a try!

Trust us, you'll notice the difference for yourself.

Be it a quick drink brought to you without even asking or easily convincing the check-in staff to get yourself shifted to the business class, it all gets easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

Wearing a Tailored Suit: Some Unspoken Rules

Wearing a Tailored Suit: Some Unspoken Rules

Since we're talking about suits, we feel compelled to share a few pointers that you might want to keep in mind when dressing up:

  • Your suit jacket must be the right length and should cover about 80% of your rear end and crotch.
  • Never forget to keep the top button of your shirt buttoned up while wearing a suit.
  • A rule of thumb when dressing in a suit is to leave the bottom button open.
  • Always make sure to unbutton your buttoned jacket when taking a seat.
  • Avoid a suit that feels snug around the chest when buttoned up. Loose ones are also a big no!
  • When choosing socks for your shoes, match them with the tone of your suit trousers. As a reminder, be certain that they are long enough to prevent showing any skin when sitting.

Without exception, a suit is a man's best friend. Remember this and cut yourself some slack whenever you're confused about whether you should take that tailored suit out of your closet or not!

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