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When to Wear a Casual Tuxedo

by Miguel 30 Dec 2022

When to Wear a Casual Tuxedo

When to Wear a Casual Tuxedo

A tuxedo can be great when you're trying to look your best or impress.

But there's a difference between impressive and needlessly extravagant.

We're going to show you when you can pull off the best of both worlds with ideas for a casual tuxedo look.

Can A Tuxedo Be Casual?

Can A Tuxedo Be Casual?

Yes! A tuxedo can be casual. In fact, a casual male tuxedo is a great way for to be dressed in the traditional “high society” look while also demonstrating personal style. Emit a formal feel with a mix of everyday comfort and style.

However, you should understand the right time to forego the suit jacket, satin stripe and notch lapel, break tradition and make a statement with such a bold relaxed style.

Choosing Your Outfits Carefully

Choosing Your Outfits Carefully

A tuxedo gives an air of distinction, can help you score social points, the appreciative looks from women, or VIP access when you walk into a room.

However, this only works if you wear it to the right type of event. For some events, a casual tux would still be over the top. On the other hand, a complete formal look would be a better choice for other events.

So, how do you tell when to wear a more relaxed look as opposed to formal wear? Here are a few tips.

1.    Guess How They Will Dress

Guess How They Will Dress

As it turns out, the trick to wearing something that makes you stand out is to first blend in. Before you laugh and say we're confused, let us explain.

First, figure out what the other people will be wearing. Will they be dressing in relaxed clothing? If so, a suit or full tux would make you stand out like a sore thumb.

On the other hand, if there is a black-tie dress code, opt for a formal outfit of a full black tux complete with shawl lapel, pocket square, silk satin trim, and silver cufflinks.

If the event attire is somewhere in between, then everyone will be wearing business suits, and dresses. In that case, it's time to turn things up beyond a nice suit and suit jacket.

This is an opportunity to be the guy with a unique easygoing look. A relaxed tuxedo will make you appear sophisticated. It will impress without looking too pompous.

2.  Understand the Ground Rules

Understand the Ground Rules

Before we move on, we should lay down some ground rules, so you don’t get this wrong. Never wear a tuxedo to the following events.

  • Neighborhood barbecue
  • Date night at the local café
  • Small office party
  • Funerals
  • Black tie events

All of these events are relaxed and don't have the right atmosphere for donning any form of a tuxedo. A nice suit would be a better choice, dressed up or down according to the event.

Black tuxedos have a sense of elegant festivity and should only be chosen for certain events, most notably when you're a groom. One sign that you can use to determine whether or not you should wear one is the starting time.

Aside from a wedding, most events that warrant a tuxedo will begin at 6pm or later. These include events such as:

  • High-End Parties
  • Large Office Events
  • Weddings
  • Galas
  • Prom

As long as these events do not have a formal dress code, sporting your easygoing look is a great way to impress and show your unique style.  

How to Access Your Informal Tux Look

How to Access Your Informal Tux Look

Traditionally, a tuxedo does not leave room for much personal style. Instead, you become part of the sea of black and white in the room.

If you do it well, a relaxed will portray your level in high society along with your knowledge of high fashion. Here are some great ideas to put together your look.

What Are the Different Types of Tuxedos?

The different types vary mostly by the details of the tuxedo jackets. They include:

  • Notch
  • Shawl
  • Colorful or Patterned
  • Framed
  • Velvet

All of these can be transformed into a laid-back look that's flattering to you and your style.

Is It OK To Wear a Tux Without a Tie Or Bow Tie?

Yes! If you are going for an informal look, it is perfectly fine to wear it without a bow tie.

A regular tie is typically reserved for suits. Opt for a solid, dark, matte color bow tie if you want one.

Which Tuxedo Jacket Should I Choose?

The tuxedo jacket is the centerpiece of your look. To make the look more laid-back, opt for a shawl lapel instead of other lapels. This jacket will pair well with your casual style.

How To Choose The Right Casual Shirt:

Your shirt choice will depend on how laid-back you want to look. A nice button-up white shirt with a collar will do. If you really want to rock a bold laid-back look, try a nice cotton vintage graphic tee with your tux jacket.

Opt for a balanced in-between look by wearing a wrinkle-free white cotton t-shirt. Also, forego the waistcoat and band your waist with a dark solid color in those belt loops.

Can Tuxedo Be Worn with Jeans or Should I Choose Tuxedo Pants?

Yes! A tuxedo can be paired with jeans instead of satin trimmed tuxedo pants. In fact, a nice pair of dark jeans is the way to really dress down.

If you aren't feeling that bold, then opt for a pair of cotton, slim-fit dress pants that pair well with your jacket. Still want to mix it up? Then mix it up with wool or chino cargo pants.

Could I Choose a Velvet Dinner Jacket?

Sure! Choosing a slim fitting velvet or wool tuxedo jacket will add extra flair to your look. Details like different dinner jackets easily make a person unique.

Which Type of Shoes Are Best for Tuxedo?

Tuxedos are typically matched with black patent leather shoes or velvet loafers.

Dress down your look by choosing a clean pair of white sneakers or black loafers. To go more formal, choose a pair of black dress shoes.

Flaunt Your Casual Tuxedo Look

Flaunt Your Casual Tuxedo Look

When a suit isn't enough, a laid-back tuxedo outfit is an opportunity to flaunt your style. Plus, a casual tux gives you the sophisticated “VIP access” look of a traditional black tuxedo without making you unapproachable.

Be sure to browse our collection of products to find more ideas and the perfect casual attire for your upcoming event.

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