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A suit fitting, when gone wrong, can curse us for dear life. Apart from the money spent, you will have to bear with snarky looks and glances at the poorly fitted suit.

It is best to be careful when you are having your suit adjusted for the first time. A well-tailored suit jacket can have a complicated fitting process. So how you present yourself against the tape measure can dictate how your business suits will look.

What to Wear to Suit Fitting

But how should men's suits look, as per 2022 fads? Which style will help us gain ground? How do you know your suit will pick up steam while suiting your skin? It depends on what to wear to suit fitting.

It is crucial that we take the time to consider our outfit choices if we want to look our best. With that in mind, what are the best clothing options for a suit fitting? Let's go for a spin and find out.

Trending and Acceptable Suit Fittings 2022

Trending and Acceptable Suit Fittings 2022

With new trends popping up faster than ever, 2022 is filled with celeb suit looks and influencers following their course with more suits. But there are generally four types of suits that the world is accustomed to.

Skinny Suit

Skinny Suit- Traditional

The skinny suit has a boyish feel and is customized for a particular body type and weight. Rock bands introduced this look in the early 2000s. They gained traction, and now they work best at a prom or a wedding.

Slim Suit

Slim Suit- Classic Vibe

And then we have the slim suit, which is always in style and yet never enough to become a fad. Slim suits have a timeless quality due to their ability to extend your physique, their generous roominess, and their classic vibe.

The jacket sleeve length is just about the wrist. Add a shirt cuff to make it fancy. You can also wear a tuxedo underneath. The slim waist lining and a shawl jacket collar or lapels will also let you wear the jacket for years in style.

Regular Suits

Regular Suits- Timelessly

The default look that has timelessly served men since the commencement of men's dress suits. They come with a slight break that works like a ready-made suit made for everyone since you can easily pass it down to the next generation.

The trousers start from the waist for most men. With surplus fabric, you have side pockets, pleats and more in your range.

Relaxed Suits

Relaxed Suits-Trendy

Relaxed suits came back as naturally as any other 80s or 90s trend. The jacket length is a major factor for relaxed suits since they can get too loose to fit. You can sport it anywhere with the correct shirt sleeve length and hem while skipping the dress shoes.

If you are a non-conformist, you might want to sport this look at least once. However, how will you get there if you don't even get yourself fitted?

It helps to know what suits are trending in 2022 now, for otherwise, you can't know what clothes to wear for the fitting. So what do we wear for the fitting? Let's take a look.

What to Wear to Suit Yourself

What to Wear to Suit Yourself

  • A Fitting Formal Shirt
    Since most suits go with a dress shirt and pants, make sure you wear the ones that fit you best to your appointment. Think of the appointment like an interview, where you want to show off your best qualities.
  • Polo Shirt
    A polo shirt creates a nice muscular and lean look with the button and shirt collar structuring the shirt. Tailors have it easy creating the shape of your suit when you have a polo on.
  • Shapewear
    A more accurate proposition would be to come over to your appointment with shapewear worn underneath your clothes. You don't have to fuss about your clothes then.
  • Casual Shirt
    Wearing a casual shirt to your fitting is also an option that you have. It gives the tailor enough room to adjust the suit without worrying about ruining your clothes. You can always change into something more formal later on.
  • Bring a Friend
    You might want to bring a friend or family member with you to the suit fitting. They can help you make decisions and take pictures of you in different suits. It also helps to have someone else there to give their opinion.
  • Wear the Right Shoes
    The shoes you wear can also make or break your look. Make sure you wear the right shoes with the right outfit. Dress shoes are a must for formal occasions, while sneakers or loafers can work for casual looks.

What Not to Wear to a Suit Fitting

You want to wear something contoured to your appointment, so we will avoid:

  • Thick clothes (like hard denim)
  • Baggy clothes (like joggers and sweaters)
  • Oversized or large tee shirt

Tips to Make the Perfect Measurements

Tips to Make the Perfect Measurements


As clear as it may seem, the better the tailoring results, the less modifications a suit will require. Start with the shoulders to find a suit with a style you like and a size that works for you right off the rack.

Be Prepared

Bringing a shirt, tie and shoe can secure the idea of your appearance in a suit in the tailor's mind. This should be a great idea if you want to prep for what to expect with a jacket on you. Your tailor can also do a better job tailoring your suit.

Think Long Term

Stick with timeless pieces because you will most likely wear a suit for years to come. Stable pieces that stand the test of time can help you beat trendy styles.

Tailored Clothing

Tailored clothing is the best way to look sharp and stylish in a suit. It will make you feel more confident and handsome. The downside is that it can be expensive, so shop around and compare prices before settling on a tailor.

Be Patient

For the best results, be patient while your tailor works his magic. A good tailor is worth the wait and the investment.

That's all you need to know about what to wear for a suit fitting, remember to dress appropriately, be prepared ahead of time, and keep the future in mind. With these guidelines, you'll look your best in no time!