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What suits do lawyers wear

In the business world, first impressions matter. The way you dress conveys a lot about your professionalism, your attention to detail, and your confidence. Not surprisingly, these are all qualities that clients look for in a lawyer.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what suits lawyers should wear, there are some general guidelines that can help you make the best impression possible.

In this blog post, we will discuss what suits lawyers should wear in different settings, including court, mediation, and client meetings. With this information in mind, you can make sure that you are always putting your best foot forward!

Types of suits lawyers can wear in different situations

Types of suits lawyers can wear in different situations

One of the most important aspects of choosing what to wear as a lawyer is appearing professional. Your clients will likely have high expectations for you, so it’s best to meet or exceed those expectations.

The office suit 

The office suit

The first type of suit is the office suit. The office suit may be any color or pattern, but typically it’s subdued and darker in nature to match the formal atmosphere of most law firms. This suit is designed for comfort and breathability since you will likely be wearing it for long periods of time throughout your work day.

Court-room suit

Court-room suit

In court, you should always err on the side of formality and wear a suit. A suit conveys confidence and authority, which are two qualities that will work in your favor as you make your case. For mediations, you can be a little more relaxed in your dress, but you should still avoid anything too casual like jeans or sneakers.

Client meeting suits

Client meeting suits

The client meeting suit shares some similarities with both the office and courtroom suits, as it needs to be professional looking while also having a unique style in order to make a good professional impression. Many times, client meeting suits are slimmer fitting and incorporate nicer materials to make the attorney look more stylish and successful.

You may also want to consider dressing according to the client’s industry and level of formality. If you are meeting with a CEO of a major corporation, it’s probably best to wear a suit. However, if you are meeting with a small business owner, dress trousers and a button-down shirt should suffice. 

So if you’re planning on becoming an attorney, or already work as one, it is important to have a quality suit that falls into either the office suit category, courtroom suit category, or client meeting suit category.

But do remember that the most important part of picking out any type of lawyer suit is making sure that it fits well and has had alterations done for comfort. If you’re buying your suits online – make sure to have a good tailor customize it once they come in so you don’t run the risk of wearing an ill-fitting suit to work.

Of course, these are just general guidelines and there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to what lawyers should wear. However, by following these tips, you can be sure to always send the right message to your clients.

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What color suits can lawyers wear?

What color suits can lawyers wear

There are several suit colors that are ideal, including navy, dark gray, and charcoal. You might prefer a subtle gray if you prefer lighter colors. Both male and female attorneys wear these color pairs as a standard dress code.

Do lawyers have a dress code in court?

Attorneys are required to dress modestly in court to maintain decorum but there is no clear definition of what modesty means. Consequently, a wide variety of clothing standards can be enforced by courts.

Can lawyers wear double breasted suits?

It's best to stick with single-breasted suits when you start out in your legal profession. Double-breasted suits are both traditional and classic. Additionally, double-breasted suits are more formal than single breasted suits.

What do corporate lawyers wear?

What do corporate lawyers wear

A corporate lawyer's dress code typically include suits, blazers, and suit jackets. Corporate attorneys often wear a tie with their business attire, but they are not required to wear one. A corporate attorney may or may not be expected to wear a pocket square in his or her shirt. 

Can a lawyer wear a blazer?

Yes, they can wear blazers. A lawyer is not required to dress in a certain way or have a particular style of clothing. However, it's considered professional and appropriate for lawyers to dress professionally. This includes wearing suits (or at least business casual), ties, etc.

How many suits should a lawyer buy?

If you're starting out as a lawyer, you'll need a couple of suits: one for work and one for social events

What about shoes?

Lawyers generally wear black leather shoes or black suede shoes. 

What kind of shirts should I wear?

Lawyers usually wear white, blue, or light-colored shirts. It's acceptable to wear a collared shirt, but it's better to avoid polo shirts.

What about neckties?

Neckties are optional, although some lawyers like to wear them.