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A charcoal grey suit serves its purpose perfectly- whether you're attending a business meeting or aiming for a slightly laid-back casual wear, it works both ways. Besides, the range of shades to choose from makes it as versatile as black suits.

A Guide To Wearing Charcoal Grey Suits

Given that you're here to make a fashion statement of your own, a well-tailored charcoal suit will surely do the magic. However, before you grab one whimsically, these few key points can get you on your A-game!

Dark Grey Suit vs Charcoal Suit

Dark Grey Suit vs Charcoal Suit

Here's how to figure out whether you're dealing with a dark grey suit or a charcoal one:

While grey is simply a mixture of black and white, charcoal is otherwise. The color you get after burning wood is simply what we know as charcoal. However, the shade may have a cool tone to it, which is why you'll often come across charcoal suits with a hint of blue to it.

How Formal are Charcoal Suits?

How Formal are Charcoal Suits?

When adding a grey suit to your wardrobe experience, it's a non-negotiable to keep the formality in check.

Now, some suits can smoothly be passed off as both formals and casuals. But others just can't fall under the casual category, or even business-casual for that matter. Let's go ahead and dig a bit deeper?

Single-Breasted Charcoal grey suit

This kind comes with one column of buttons, typically tailored with one to three buttons. Some even consist four, for inclusion of all body types.

Moving on to the real talk, opting for a single-breasted charcoal suit will allow you to switch between events. Are you off to a formal event—let's assume a wedding—or hitting a yacht party with the boys? A few changes here and there (imagine wearing the suit jacket as a blazer with a round-neck shirt and loafers) and you'll be ready to dazzle in both.

So, if you're looking forward to a charcoal suit that doesn't disappoint, whatever the occasion, then make sure to include this in your closet.

Double-Breasted Charcoal Suits

Charcoal suits made in this style are meant to be worn at formal events only. The overlapping edges with dual-button columns scream formality at its fullest. If a strict formalwear is what you're searching for, this is it!

Three-Piece Charcoal Grey Suit

This kind of charcoal grey suits come with a third piece of clothing, a vest, that gives your outfit a much more polished, formal look.

They're an ideal attire for anything formal- business gatherings, funerals, engagement, or wedding parties, you name it.

Going for the Right Shade of Charcoal Suit

Going for the Right Shade of Charcoal Suit

Contrary to the ever-classic black suit, a charcoal grey suit is offered in a variety of shades, from medium to darker ones. Before you decide on the shirt and tie, it's necessary to be mindful of the suit's color as well.

Medium Charcoal

The name says it all. While this does fall under the charcoal color scheme, it's a tad lighter. For instance, our Charcoal Wool Modern Fit 3 Piece Suit or Charcoal Double Breasted Pinstripe Suit belong to this sort of medium gray charcoal suits.

If you're in the mood for a dark shirt and tie combination for the day, go for lighter shades, as this could make up for the contrast and give you a sharper look.

Dark Charcoal

Almost appearing as black, a dark charcoal suit stands somewhere between a black suit and a dark grey suit.

Which is why this can serve as a savior when dressing up for a black-tie optional event where a tux is out of your options. As a reminder however, it needs to be in the darkest charcoal shade to avoid any embarrassment.

Going out for a drink or two for some business dealings and attending your best man's big day all in one day? Wearing a dark charcoal suit could be the easiest way out to look decked out for both!

The Best 5 Shirt Combinations for a Charcoal Suit

Finding the right shirt to pair with your charcoal suit can often seem confusing, we get that. As a quick fix to your problem, here are some of the "cannot go wrong with this one" combinations that you must try out for yourself.

Shirt Combinations for a Charcoal Suit

Classic White Dress Shirt

The classic, crisp white shirt will always be at the top of the list when it comes to any suit. This easy-to-contrast charcoal suit, white shirt, and black shoes with a genuine leather black belt can thus be the way to go when you have little time to experiment.

Nevertheless, try to put on a colored tie that speaks to your personal taste. Perhaps a dark grey tie that matches both your suit and your serious go-getter attitude? You could also go for a sparkly red tie or a burgundy one if you're into all things fun yet sophisticated.

Blue Shirt

Different tones of blue complement charcoal grey suits quite amazingly.

While lighter shades like a pale blue shirt shifts the focus to your suit entirely, dark blue colors such as navy blue will help create an appealing contrast for an overall polished look.

Having said so, whether you settle on a light blue dress shirt or a darker one, give a navy tie a shot. You won't regret the results!

Pretty in Pink

We're all pretty much accustomed to the light blue shirt-suit combination. Something that you must own other than that is a light pink shirt.

Whoever said pink is for girls was, as a matter of fact, very wrong. After all, not only does it give the eyes a soothing feeling, but it also works great when paired with dark colors such as charcoal. So, if you have a daytime event to catch, this combo will surely be a hit.


Besides a pink dress shirt, another "must try" color is green with a charcoal grey suit. Being an earthy tone, the lighter tones will give you the perfect summer breezy look without having to do much. As for the darker ones, it'll definitely make some heads turn your way, being the charming one in the crowd.

In case you're confused which specific shades to try out, take a look into these:

  • Sage green

  • Mint green

  • Moss green

  • Emerald green

  • Army green

Finish off with a dark tie (we're thinking deep forest green, lindworm green, or dark grey) for a sophisticated end result.

Patterned Shirts: Is It Still Trendy?

To be fair, we've seen patterned shirts go on for centuries now. Especially when it comes to suits, the well-known striped shirt or plaid is simply a staple in a man's wardrobe.

For a different approach, try out fun and funky prints if you're meaning to go casual (you know, just the suit jacket as a blazer trick). We're talking Hawaiian, Aztec, or even an abstract pattern. Make sure to complete the attire with a pair of dark blue jeans or pitch black pants, nice suede shoes (this one is our absolute favorite!), or loafers, and you're all set!

Styling Tips

Styling tips for a Charcoal Suit

Just dressing up in a charcoal suit with a nice shirt and tie combo isn't enough. Those of you who take outfits seriously should know and believe this by now. Below are some quick reminders so you can look dapper in your attire:

  • Don't forget to accessorize; it's a must! A simple pocket square folded into the chest pocket, a pair of cufflinks, or tie clips. Little details go a long way, especially when it's the matter of suiting up and looking unique.

  • Black shoes with a charcoal suit look gorgeous. However, if you're up for brown shoes, make sure they're dark enough to complement the suit's color. Deep tan or dark chocolate brown shoes can be ideal options in this case.

  • If you're in to be the game-changer, dual-toned brogues or printed designer leather shoes will do magic to your overall appearance.


Now that we're done offering the key ideas, here's a little suggestion: try out new combinations. There are always "traditional rules" to being suited up, but you know your style better. Explore as you wish, and stay confident!