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What shirt to wear with a windowpane suit

Jack, hurry up! We're late for the wedding!

Jack is looking for a shirt to pair with his dark navy suit with windowpane patterns.

Such a big decision moment! I guess we are all "Jack" some days, clueless about what to wear with a windowpane suit.

Patterns that seem like old-style windowpanes, with thicker lines crossing to make patterns, are currently popular. Windowpane suits and sports coats may be increasingly popular because they are "on trend," but there is a lot more to this.

Let's find out the practical side of why window panes are the optimum design in today's trend. Without proper styling you

This article will help you decide what shirt to wear when styling a windowpane suit.

Windowpane Suits

A windowpane suit is a timeless and fashionable alternative for guys looking for a new suit.

If you want a polished look, go with a windowpane check pattern and pair shirts accordingly. The word pattern strikes fear in many. However, there's no need to be afraid!

Actual windowpanes consist of vertical and horizontal lines forming a square or rectangular shape that makes a bold statement in fashion. This design is popular in earthy tones such as gray, navy, and brown, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.

Who can wear it?

This particular suit has a great advantage. Do you know about that?

It is attractive itself, so the wearer can avoid any quirky appeal towards themselves. Bigger guys wear it for its flattering nature; slim guys can wear it for a sightly elongated look.

So, everyone can look good in a suit adorned properly. Because of its timeless look and flexibility, a windowpane suit is a wonderful addition to any man's closet. A windowpane suit is a new take on the standard black or blue suit that can help you stand out in a crowd.

Shirt Color Combinations

Shirt Color Combinations

The simplicity of the windowpane pattern is probably what will appeal to men when it comes to this style of suit. We love herringbones, glen checks, pinstripes, and houndstooths, but there's something indisputably elegant about a suit with only windowpane boxes.

White Dress Shirt

A navy blue suit and a white shirt, as many guys choose, is one of the nicest combos. When wearing a white shirt, avoid wearing any other white apparel or accessories. A white shirt is a safe choice that complements many other colors of windowpane jackets. A dark blue suit will help you blend in, but the white shirt will make you stand out.

Light Blue Shirt

If you have a lighter blue suit, you should consider wearing it instead. Light, muted blues like these pair well with a variety of colors. You can wear them with darker colors like black or white, but the palest blue shirt will look best because it is the closest match to the suit's color.

Bold Shirt Colors

For a less traditional style, try a different solid-colored shirt. You can pick an olive shirt if your suit is navy blue. Contrasting the blue suit with the greenish-brown shirt could be a great way to show off your originality. You can also experiment by wearing a pink shirt with a blue suit. Men who want to express themselves through their wardrobe should try this bold color combination.

Pastel Shirt

If you are not into a white shirt, then pick a bright, lighter shade, or pastel shirt. You can wear a pastel-yellow shirt with a windowpane containing light yellow lines. Other than that, you can go bold with a bright yellow shirt.

Print Shirt

Wearing the same solid colors can feel monotonous. It's time to switch things up by adding a patterned shirt. Add some style to your look by wearing a shirt with a light blue pattern. Stand out against the windowpane with slim lines by wearing a patterned shirt. One excellent combination is a light green print shirt with a forest green suit, while another excellent combination is a black and white print shirt with black and white suits.

What kind of ties go well with windowpane pattern suits?

Ties with windowpane suits

Always wear a solid tie with the windowpane suit and pick complementary colors.

Tie color plays a very significant role in enhancing your overall look. Hence, it is important to choose the right one. If you want something basic and reliable, go for a solid-colored tie that contrasts with your suit and matches your pocket square.

Choose a tie with patterns or a design in varied sizes if you want to stand out. A dark brown tie or a navy tie looks great with a blue suit. A green tie, for example, looks great with a blue windowpane suit jacket.

Match the color combination of your windowpane jacket with a patterned tie or dark trousers. To complete the style, you can add a watch, gold or silver cuff links, and a tie clip to your windowpane suit.

The Dilemma of Dark Brown Shoes

Despite all the dilemmas about which color shoes to wear, let me remind you that blue suits and brown shoes are never out of style. For a classic style, go with black shoes when you wear a black suit. Choose a pair of black or dark brown shoes to match your outfit if you want to look put-together and professional.


Can you wear a patterned shirt with a windowpane suit?

Solid colors will emphasise the lines on your windowpane suit more; yet, a striped shirt will provide a whimsical touch. For a more appealing appearance, consider closely spaced stripes.

What shirt should I wear with a navy windowpane suit?

Bold printed shirt and tie go great with the traditional blue windowpane suit. For a better look, pair a light blue dress shirt with a white design with a light brown tie. Dark brown wingtip shoes are also great.

Can I wear a windowpane jacket to a wedding?

The best wedding attire for the groom is a full windowpane suit in black. Men's windowpane jacket is the latest fashion for weddings.