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What’s The Right Type Of Grey Suit For You?


A grey suit is considered a staple suit for year-round wear. It can be matched with any color tie and any type of shoe and is appropriate for formal and informal occasions. A grey suit with a white shirt and light blue tie matches well with brown shoes. The right type of grey suit for you is dependent on the event or occasion and your body type.

There are several types of grey suits to choose from. Single-breasted and double-breasted, slim fit and regular fit, as well as a vest or no vest. There are even different shades of grey to choose from.

This article will discuss what the right type of grey suit for you is, what color shoes to wear with it, and where you can find grey suits of different shades.

Colour Combinations

When it comes to color combinations, you need to consider the different shades of grey. When it comes to what color tie with grey suit. In general, a dark shade of grey can be worn with any color shoe, while a lighter shade of grey should pair well with brown or other shoes that match the fabric's undertone.

For example, you would wear black shoes with a charcoal grey suit and brown leather shoes with a light to the medium gray one.

Light grey suits are a good choice for those who work in a casual environment, as it looks more formal than a charcoal grey but still appears business-like. Those with darker complexions look best in dark or mid-gray, while those with paler skin should favor lighter shades of grey to make their complexion look better. Gray suits are a popular option for many people because they can make a strong, confident statement without being too over the top.

The right type of grey suit for you is a matter of choice and occasion. If you’re going to wear it on formal occasions, then go with darker gray suits, vests, or ties. If your job is more casual, then go with light gray suits or shirts and ties of lighter tones.

Check out these options when it comes to light grey suits.

Light Grey Blazer

A light grey Blazer is a good choice if you want to wear a grey suit for formal occasions. Since it is solid, with no print at all, it looks good on its own and does not clash with the tie or shirt underneath.

This is the most versatile color of grey because it can be worn with just about anything. It is the easiest to match and the most formal color. It will give you the look of a traditional businessman.

Light grey is also the best choice for those who don't want to stand out in a crowd, but still want to look good. It has an unassuming air about it and will suit most personal styles, without overshadowing or detracting from them.

When choosing shoes to wear with your light grey blazer, opt for brown or black leather ones. These colors will go best with the color of the suit and look sharp and put together.

When choosing color pants to wear with a light grey blazer, consider color and fit. You can go with black or brown slacks to match the shoes you choose.

Light Grey Suits

When it comes to a light grey suit, it is just that: a suit. It has matching trousers and a jacket for men and could have any type of lapel or collar.

The best color for this grey would be black shoes because the two colors are so different from one another. In order to not clash with your shirt or blazer, wear a black shirt underneath the jacket, which will define your waist and make you look slimmer.

If you are looking for something more casual to wear with your light grey suit, then go with brown shoes. It’s not too flashy but definitely brings out the color of the pants and adds to the outfit.

This is perfect for semi-formal occasions and can be great to wear outdoors during the day. You can wear a shirt of any color underneath your jacket, so it’s versatile and easy to match with.

You can also choose lighter colors for your shirt since they will coordinate well with your pants anyway. For example, you could pair a white or a light blue shirt with the suit because they look crisp and clean against

Medium Grey Suits

A medium grey suit is an in-between color when it comes to shades. It has a little bit of darkness but is not solid black, and it does not have much shine like a light gray.

When wearing this type of grey suiting, choose shoes that contrast with the pants and come down in tone. For example, you could wear black shoes with a medium grey suit and charcoal pants.

When going for a tie, wear one that is lighter in shade than the suit to help pull the outfit together. The shoes should be darker in tone than the tie, but not as dark as your pants, so you don’t have a clashing contrast of colors.

You can wear this medium grey suit to work or play, but it is best suited for business or interview settings, as it looks very sharp and formal.

When wearing a medium gray suit, keep your shirt simple. Don’t wear anything flashy because the tone of the tie will be enough to dress light grey shirt, go with a tie that has darker tones in it. If you are wearing a dark gray shirt, then go with a lighter color tie.

Charcoal Grey Suit

This is the granddaddy of all grey suits it is more of a dark grey suit. It is supposed to have a complete black tone, without the shine that light gray has. This color of the suit is not for the faint of heart because it can be hard to match and difficult to pull off if you are wearing it for casual events.

It is perfect for business settings though, especially when paired with a white shirt. The shoes should be dark in tone, but still lighter than the suit itself so they don’t look out of place or too busy.

If you are wearing a tie to go with your charcoal grey suit, then wear one that has subtle tones in it. This will bring down the intensity of the outfit and allow for it to be a bit more casual in nature.

It is not recommended that you wear this charcoal grey suit when going out for a night on the town because it looks too formal and will drown out your outfit.

White Shirt & Tie Combinations With A Grey Suit

White shirts are a great choice to wear with a grey suit of any color. However, wearing a white shirt is different from wearing a light gray one because the contrast between the two garments has to be just right or it could become overwhelming and annoying.

A good way to match your shirt with your grey suit is by going with darker colors for both pieces. For example, if you are wearing a dark grey suit with charcoal pants, then wear a white shirt to blend the outfit together.

The same applies to shoes.

You can wear different colors of suits but make sure that your tie matches both pieces at the same time. This way, there won’t be too much contrast and it will look more formal.

Depending on the event, a white shirt is a perfect outfit for any semi-formal event or business meeting, so you can wear it with a grey suit no matter what color you are wearing. If you are pairing it with lighter shades of grey, then just keep in mind that your contrasts should be toned down.

Charcoal Grey suit With Black or Polka Dot Black Tie

A charcoal grey suit is great for business or interviews, but it can also be worn to play. As long as your outfit contrasts are toned down, you should be good to go.

When wearing a charcoal grey suit with black pants, keep the shirt white to maintain that bright contrast against the darker colors of the ensemble. Wear a black tie and shoes to keep the attire formal and avoid clashing colors.

Consider a polka dot black tie. This is a great way to add some pizazz and personality without going over the top and making it look like you are trying too hard.

When wearing a charcoal grey suit with black pants, keep the shirt white to maintain that bright contrast against the darker colors of the ensemble. Wear a black tie and shoes to keep the attire formal and avoid clashing colors.

Medium Grey Suit with Blue or Olive Green Tie

This outfit is perfect for a date night or to go out on the town. It is not too heavy and keeps it simple, although if you want to keep it formal then just add a white shirt underneath.

The olive green tie goes great with this medium grey suit because it will blend in perfectly and match all of the other pieces without being too flashy or obnoxious.

When wearing a medium grey suit with blue pants, keep the shirt white and the tie dark and simple to maintain that contrast between colors without going overboard. Wear brown shoes and you should be just fine.

A blue tie will work well with a medium grey suit.

Wear a light blue shirt to avoid clashing colors and go for either brown or black shoes depending on the pants you are wearing.

In order to make this outfit casual, just take off the tie and keep everything else the same. For example, you can wear a white undershirt underneath your dress shirt and unbutton the top two buttons to give it a more carefree look.

Light Grey Suit with Light Blue or Pink Silk Tie

Wearing a light grey suit is perfect for the summer because it looks great against tan skin. When worn with the right colors, this outfit can be extremely casual and will look fantastic in any setting.

Going for either a light blue or pink silk tie will give your suit some flair without looking too over the top. Wear brown shoes to avoid clashing with the light grey color and keep your shirt in a neutral white to let the tie do most of the talking.

When wearing a light grey suit with pink or blue pants, you can either opt for a white shirt underneath or go with an unbuttoned casual look. Just make sure that your tie matches both pieces and add brown shoes to avoid clashing colors.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to wear a grey suit depending on the occasion. Regardless of your clothing choices, make sure that they are paired with the right tie in order to achieve an outfit that looks professional and put together. This is all about having fun with fashion while maintaining a serious approach to business attire.

 Blue Shirt & Tie Combinations With Grey Suit

The blue shirt and tie combination can be extremely versatile because it gives you the freedom to wear grey suits on different occasions. Depending on what your day entails, adjust accordingly by playing around with various colors and prints. Since this look is professional, make sure that all of the pieces are tailored well so you can maintain a neat appearance rather than looking sloppy or unkempt.

Light blue shirt pairs perfectly with a grey suit and can be worn either casually or professionally depending on the occasion. Add brown shoes for a more sophisticated look and do not button the top two buttons of your dress shirt to maintain an air of casualness.

A light blue shirt really makes this grey suit pop, especially when paired with a dark tie. To take it up a notch, try wearing some spruce green shoes with this ensemble to give it that extra burst of color.

For a more formal look, wear the suit with a white shirt underneath and add some blue or grey cufflinks to bring everything together. If you want something more subtle, keep things light by wearing black shoes instead of brown.

Charcoal Grey suit With Navy or Burgundy Tie

Wearing a charcoal grey suit is the ultimate in business attire, especially when paired with a navy or burgundy tie. These colors present a strong contrast against your ensemble and will make you look sharp and sophisticated.

When wearing this outfit to the office, go with a white shirt underneath and add a striped patterned tie for some flair. Make sure to keep your shoes polished and wear cufflinks to maintain a formal appearance.

A charcoal grey suit will go well with just about any color, including navy blue. Just make sure that you are pairing it with the right tie in order to help bring out all of the different colors displayed on this suit. To see what the final product looks like, check out the image below:


Either Or

When wearing a grey suit, you can either go with a lighter or darker tie depending on your style and preferences. If you want to play it safe, stick with black because it will go well with nearly every color. However, if you are looking for something different then try out burgundy as an accent color for this outfit.

A charcoal grey suit is incredibly versatile when it comes to wearing it with different colored ties. Just look at this outfit that was styled in a way that makes use of both blue and burgundy colors for an eye-catching combination. To make this look work well together, keep everything else toned down by avoiding flashy accessories or loud patterns.

Medium Grey Suit With Purple Silk or Green Ties

A medium grey suit is ideal for men who want to experiment with the color wheel. When it comes to ties, consider stripes or checked patterns that will give you a vintage vibe because they’ll look great against this outfit’s neutral tone. For example, you can pull off purple silk ties since they fit well together because of their harmonious color combinations.

A green tie is another great alternative if you are not feeling purple or burgundy. Make this outfit your own by choosing the right colors that will give you a sense of confidence when wearing it out in public.

Medium Grey Suit With Red Ties

If red is your favorite color, then don't hesitate to wear an all-grey suit with it. This look can be worn during formal occasions such as business meetings and events, but it can also be dressed down by adding a casual shirt underneath. Just make sure that it's tucked into your pants and the sleeves of the shirt are rolled up to prevent this look from looking too stiff.

Light Grey Suit With Paisley Silk or Silk Knit Tie

A light grey suit is best paired with brighter colors so that your outfit will stand out. For example, this look works well with ties of brick red, light blue, or even yellow because they are eye-catching colors that can't go wrong.

Paisley silk ties are another great option to consider if you want to mix it up a little bit. Paisley is a traditional pattern that has been around for centuries, so it's sure to stand the test of time. It's also timeless which means you can wear an outfit like this during any season without looking outdated.

A silk knit tie is another fashionable option if your preference leans towards solid colors. Like paisley, silk knit ties are also traditional patterns that have been around for a long time. In fact, they're so timeless you can wear them at any age to make a bold statement with your outfit.

Pink Shirt & Tie Combinations With Grey Suit

Wearing a pink shirt with your grey suit is an easy way to stand out in the crowd. Just make sure that you are comfortable wearing such strong colors because it can be tough for some men to pull this off without looking awkward.

If you're having trouble thinking of what kind of tie should bring out the color in your shirt, try matching them with the color of your sock. This outfit makes use of blue socks, which can work well with pink shirts because they are both colors in the spectrum.

Charcoal Grey suit With Solid Navy Silk Tie

If you are looking to attend a wedding event or other formal occasion then wear a pink shirt with your charcoal grey suit. This combination is perfect for men who want to stand out in the crowd and make a statement. If you want to add value to the look, choose solid navy silk ties to go with it.

The shade of pink that is used in this outfit works well with grey suits because it's a neutral color. For example, if you want to make sure everything fits together well, then wear your suit as the first and last thing that people will see when they look at your entire ensemble.

Charcoal Grey Suit With Red Silk Tie Underneath

If you already have a nice red tie at home but don't know how to wear it, then try pairing it with your grey suit as an alternative. When it comes to ties, keep in mind that you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion and they're supposed to be worn only once. If you decide to use this outfit in a formal setting, keep in mind that you can always dress it down by wearing a casual shirt underneath.

Medium Grey Suit With Solid Burgundy Textured Ties

A medium grey suit with a pink shirt goes great with a solid burgundy textured tie and matching pocket square. If you want to make this outfit stand out, even more, try wearing contrasting colors such as black and white for your socks.

A solid burgundy textured tie is perfect if you want to stand out in the crowd without looking like a clown because it's subtle enough that people will not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that you're wearing to make your outfit stand out from the rest.

This is a perfect outfit for a networking event. After all, you want to impress your important contacts and make a good first impression. Just make sure that the colors you choose will work well with your complexion and style preferences if you don't want to start your day off on the wrong foot.

Light Grey Suit With Printed Silk Tie

A light grey suit adds more fun and color to an otherwise dull outfit of a plain pink shirt. Just make sure that the color of your tie complements it very well by following the guidelines mentioned previously in this article.

A printed silk tie is another option you can consider if you want people to be able to notice it right away without being too flashy or tacky with your accessories. This style is great for casual events where you want to stand out in the crowd but not scream with your outfit.

This is perfect for attending a summer beach wedding. The light grey suit works well with the colors in the rest of your outfit because it is subtle enough that it does not take away all the attention.

Pink shirts with light grey suits add an attractive look to an outfit that can easily be seen as boring or dull. Don't forget to accessorize your look with the appropriate tie and pocket square if you want to make a favorable impression on people who matter.

If you add an animal printed silk tie it will add a touch of fun and style to your outfit. Just make sure that the tie you choose will not take away from the rest of your look by overpowering it with its strong color and cheap appearance.

Grey suits with pink shirts go well together, especially if you add textured ties and animal prints for a more unique appearance. Remember that the guidelines provided in this article are meant to help point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the appropriate tie color for your grey suit outfit. It will also help give you an idea of what type of shirt color to wear together with your suit, but it's still up to you to make the final decision.

For more information about what shirts to wear check out this article on grey suits and shirt combinations

Final Notes:

You can use this article as a guide when shopping for accessories for your outfit because it gives you an idea of what colors will work well together and which ones won't. After all, there are lots of options out there for each color so it's up to you to pick the one that suits your style and personality best.

The most important thing is to make sure that you feel comfortable wearing the tie together with the rest of your outfit because if not, then what's the point of putting on an ugly suit? If you don't like wearing ties at all, then you should either wear your suit without one or buy a ticket to the nearest exit.

Remember that this article is not by any means meant to be taken as an absolute guide for matching gray suits with other colors because it's only meant to provide you with some tips and suggestions. There are many ways of mixing and matching colors and styles so don't take it too literally. These are just guidelines that can be applied to your own outfits so you know what will work and what won't, but don't feel obligated to follow all of them, or else you'll risk looking like a robot instead of an attractive human being.

We hope this article has helped you learn the basics of mixing and matching gray suits with other colors so you can look your best in any situation. So get out there and start shopping for a new suit in the color that suits you best! Be sure to check out the rest of our website for grey suits.