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What is a sharkskin suit

A sharkskin suit is a type of business suit, also known as a "business sharkskin". It is one of the most formal of the business suits. This specific suit is made from a blend of wool, cashmere, and synthetic fibers that are designed to resemble the rough exterior texture of sharkskin fabric. The rough exterior gives it a bumpy and ridged look. This shiny suit will turn heads when you walk in.

As for occasions to wear one, they are mostly considered appropriate for business use only. However, there can be circumstances where a sharkskin suit is appropriate. For instance, you might wear one to a wedding or other formal event that takes place in the evening and into the night hours. Although it is mostly considered an evening set of clothing, because of its heaviness and color it makes for an elegant attire choice during the day.

Sharkskin suits have been around since the 1930s, but have taken a huge spike in popularity recently. This article will go in-depth as to what sharkskin suits are and when they are appropriate to wear.

What Is a Sharkskin Suit Made Of?

What Is a Sharkskin Suit Made Of

A natural sharkskin fabric suit is typically made from a thin and lighter thread, such as silk or alpaca. The thinness of the material makes a slight sheen and more comfortable for business use. This thin fabric also helps with breath-ability which reduces sweat during long meetings, presentations, or hot days where you may need to wear a suit.

In contrast, an artificial sharkskin suit uses thicker and rougher synthetic material and gives it a two-toned woven appearance. This makes it more durable and less likely to be ruined in water or moist environments where natural fabrics typically don’t farewell.

The colored threads run diagonal to the selvage of the fabric, and this pattern can be seen on both sides of the fabric. This is why it isn't considered a stripe pattern, but instead different tones of colors are used to create an overall color effect.

A sharkskin suit is often worn as an evening-wear outfit, whereas artificial sharkskin suits are mostly worn as a business suit.

The exterior texture of a sharkskin suit will vary depending on the type of fabric it is made from. A natural sharkskin fabric suit has a rougher exterior with a bumpy look, while an artificial sharkskin suit that has synthetic fibers typically has a smooth surface that's more wrinkle-resistant and durable.

Why is it called a sharkskin suit?

Why is it called a sharkskin suit

It is called a sharkskin suit because it resembles the rough exterior of a shark. It is not actually shark's skin and is instead woven from fine fibers that are designed to closely resemble the rough, bumpy exterior of a shark.

What is it typically worn for?

Sharkskin business suit

Sharkskin suits are mostly known as business attire. The suit was first made popular in the 1930s during the early days of Hollywood where many film producers and actors wore them on set or The bumpy exterior of these suits is what contributes to their formal appearance and makes them perfect for business use.

Are sharkskin suits shiny?

Are sharkskin suits shiny

They are made to look shiny, but they typically aren't. Sharkskin suits can be made to reflect light, which gives an overall shiny appearance.

However, a business sharkskin suit is much more matte or flat in its color and texture giving it a duller look that doesn't shine as much as other materials.

The material mixture

Sharkskin Suit Material mixture

These suits are made from smooth worsted fabric and blended wool with silk shantung - shantung (also known as shimmer or organdy) fabric was originally developed in a factory that uses two tones of yarn in a twill weave, in the city of Shantou, China around 1820.

The term “shantung” refers to the Eastern province of Shantung, China. The term shantung also refers to a silk fabric produced in this area, having distinct weaving patterns and coloration and natural fibers. The twill weave creates the silk fabric to have a uniquely soft texture as well as elasticity, luster, and drape.

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Are Sharkskin Suits Expensive?

Are Sharkskin Suits Expensive

Due to the expensive material used in manufacturing sharkskin suits, they are typically one of the more expensive options for business or evening wear than other suits. The price varies depending on where you buy it from and what store it is made to order from. If you're looking for a cheaper option, an artificial sharkskin suit may be the way to go because it's less likely to be ruined in water or moist environments.

Although sharkskin suits are on the more expensive side of business suits, it is one of the most elegant options for evening wear. Sharkskin fabric has a unique texture that makes it ideal for evening events because you’ll stand out in the crowd of other business people.

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How To Wear a Sharkskin Suit?

How To Wear a Sharkskin Suit

When it comes to wearing a sharkskin suit, the way you do it depends on the type of weather or season. For instance, during winter months or colder seasons, it is acceptable to wear heavier fabrics like this because they will keep you warm with these light winter jackets. However, when summer comes around, wearing anything too heavy can be uncomfortable and hot for both you and others around you - an artificial sharkskin suit may be the better option because it's less likely to be ruined in water or moist environments.

At night time when there are no harsh UV rays, sharkskin suits can make for a great evening wear outfit that is both classy and will help you stand out in the crowd. When wearing it during the day, artificial sharkskin is typically the better option because it's durable and less likely to be ruined in water or moist environments.

A sharkskin suit is an elegant way to look great during business meetings, presentations, conferences, etc... It has a unique texture that makes it ideal for evening events because you’ll stand out in the crowd of other business people.

What To Wear With a Sharkskin Suit?

When styling a sharkskin suit it is important to make sure the accessories you choose compliment the suit and bring out its overall appearance.

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Sharkskin suits are perfect for any occasion - whether it be formal or informal. However, when dressing suited up for a night out, it is best to keep your look more on the casual side with less business-like accessories such as a simple pair of sneakers. But if you're going to a more formal event, some dress shoes and a matching belt are the way to go.

Fashion accessories like neckties can be worn with sharkskin suits for both business-like occasions or casual events like nights out. However, depending on the type of tie you wear it can either look good or take away from the suit. For example, thinner ties work well with sharkskin suits because they complement its thin texture. However, when wearing a thicker tie that is bolder in color it can be overbearing for the suit and make the overall look feel tacky.

When styling like this you're usually best off either sticking with a thinner tie or going with a bow tie, this way it takes away from the attention of the suit and allows you to have more focus on your personality rather than what type of tie you're wearing.

Overall, sharkskin suits are either one of the best or worst types of suits to wear depending on how you style them. For example, dressing it up with formal accessories like dress shoes and a matching belt can make for an elegant evening wear look that is perfect for most business meetings. However, when dressing this type of suit down with casual accessories such as sneakers, you can end up looking too casual and not stylish. Depending on the situation you're in, either way, wearing a sharkskin suit can be done.

What Makes The Sharkskin Suit a Classic

What Makes The Sharkskin Suit a Classic

The vintage factor of a sharkskin suit is that it was first popularized in the 1980s and has since then been a big part of men’s fashion. Because of this, it has grown to become one of those iconic types of suits almost every man must own at least one piece from.

The classic look of a sharkskin suit is something that will always be in style because it matches well with almost any other type of formal or casual outfit. With many different variations and options, this type of suit has the ability to go from classy black-tie events all the way down to weekend brunches.

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1) They Have Stylish Pedigree

Elegance sharkskin suit style

When it comes to elegance, sharkskin suits are #1. They have been worn on the red carpet by some of the most well-regarded actors and celebrities in Hollywood.

The stylish pedigree of a sharkskin suit is something that makes it stand out from other types of suits. Sharkskin suits will make anyone look like a million dollars. Plus, you can't beat that slimming look and feel of sharkskin.

One celebrity known for wearing sharkskin suits is Johnny Depp, who has worn them both on the red carpet and during his everyday life.

2) They Last a Long Time

Men Sharkskin Suit

Shark skins suits can last a long time and give you great style and strength. And because sharkskin (which is different from regular fabric) has better quality, you'll be able to keep your sharkskin suit for years after buying it.

When it comes to fashion, there are few types of clothing that provide as much lasting value as a sharkskin suit does. Not only do they look good, but they are far more durable than other types of suits.

Every man should own at least one sharkskin suit. It will be a lasting item in any wardrobe and can be worn to formal events as well as everyday life. In fact, many men have been wearing the same sharkskin suit for years because it has such a stylish and classy look.

3) They Can Take a Beating

Mens Sharkskin suits

The durability of a sharkskin suit is something that makes it so valuable when being worn. Not only does it have a much longer lifespan, but you'll also be able to keep wearing your sharkskin suit in the toughest of conditions.

Shark skins are resilient and can take a beating without showing any signs of wear or tear. They're pretty much the toughest material ever. Which makes them near perfect for any suit you'll ever want to own.

Final Notes:

In conclusion, sharkskin suits are one of the most stylish types of suits that every man should own. They give you great options for both polished business wear and casual weekend wear, making them one of the best-suited type-of-suits for anybody.

They have a rich stylish pedigree because they've been worn by celebrities on the red carpet as well as guys during their everyday lives. Sharkskin suits last a long time and can be worn in formal as well as casual situations.

Sharkskin is strong, resilient, and has excellent quality so you'll be able to keep wearing your sharkskin suit for a very long time. Sharkskin suits are hands down one of the best types of clothing you could ever own.

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And remember, a sharkskin suit is one of those items you NEED to own. You'll never want to go back to regular suits again!