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Charcoal grey suit is an absolute men's wardrobe staple, right after the traditional black suit. Whether you're dressing up formal, or meaning to go outside your routine attire (like a navy or a light grey suit), a charcoal grey suit can serve both situations without a sweat.

But therein comes the next question- how do I aptly combine it with the most crucial accessory, a tie? Most tend to overlook this little detail in their outfit and end up looking poorly dressed even in suits.

Keeping so in mind, we've decided to give it a shot and help you with some basic ideas on which tie combinations go best with a charcoal suit. The rest, you can manage on your own as you experiment!

What Color Tie with a Charcoal Suit

Envision Your Perfect Charcoal Suit and Tie Color Combinations

When selecting your tie color to match charcoal grey suits, it's quite mandatory to keep your dress shirts in check too. For instance, a classic white shirt will complement about any colored tie, even a patterned one.

However, the problem arises when you're aiming to go for a different shade of shirt, let's say a blue or purple color shirt.

Elegant Black

Black tie with Charcoal suit

We all know of the classic black suit-white shirt-black tie combo. Similarly, black ties look just as remarkable with a charcoal suit. Not only does it flaunt your chivalrous side, but is also time-saving enough to pull off the attire in a matter of minutes.

One major thing to keep in check though- wear black shoes!

Shirt Options:

  • Crisp white shirt
  • Black shirt
  • Light color shirts (baby pink or blue, parmesan yellow, pistachio green etc.)
  • Dark shirts (eggplant or raisin, midnight blue, iron grey, umber etc.)

Since a charcoal jacket and a black tie belong to the monochromatic color scheme, it's easier to experiment with the shirt and tie options. The only concern when deciding so should be the occasion you're attending and its formality level.

Shades of Blue

Shades with blue tie with charcoal suit

A blue tie is definitely an ideal choice if you want a pop of color without going to the extremes, as you would with a chili red or a fuchsia tie.

Starting from a pale blue to a dark blue, or even a navy tie, these look great for both formal and semi-formal settings. Other unique shades you might want to try out-

  • Cerulean blue
  • Prussian blue
  • Tiffany blue
  • Indigo blue

Although a white or a light blue dress shirt looks incredible with a charcoal grey suit and a blue tie combo, you're free to try out something different and stand out in the crowd.

Shirt Options:

  • Pink salt
  • Jasmine white
  • Lilac
  • Koala grey

Classy in Red


Classy red tie with charcoal suit

If you're looking forward to a bold appearance, go for a red tie. Be it an official dinner or a wedding event, it's the subtlest way to make a "not-so-subtle" statement.

Nonetheless, it's very important to select the right shade of red depending on the occasion. For instance, a crimson red tie will pair perfectly with your classic charcoal grey suit for formal events with friends and family. But when it comes to business gatherings, a darker one will look more sophisticated (think maroon or blood red!).

Shirt Options:

  • White
  • Light pink
  • Powder blue
  • Light grey

Monochromatic with Grey

Monochromatic grey suit with charcoal suit

Going for a dark grey tie with a charcoal suit instantly turns you into a modern gentleman icon.

It's especially the best bet when dressing up for strictly formal events, like a business meeting with your investors. You can pick this up for ceremonies as well for a somber yet elegant monochromatic look.

Shirt Options:

  • White
  • Shades of grey
  • Subtle hued shirts such as, lilac, light blue, mint green etc. Go out and explore!

Earthly Brown

Wearing a brown tie with a charcoal suit

To be quite frank, brown ties with charcoal suits are more appropriate for business or business-casual looks. Whichever you opt for, a lighter or darker hue, make sure to pair it with a classic shirt to keep it minimal yet elegant.

Shirt Options:

  • White
  • Creamy white or beige
  • Greyish white
  • Light pear
  • Basic striped

Majestic Burgundy

Majestic Burgundy with a charcoal suit

For events that are formal but also calls for you to be the center of attention, something like a burgundy tie can be a great choice.

Since the color is quite traditional itself, it'll give a polished look when paired with the conventional charcoal grey suit. Whether you're invited to a business dinner or a cocktail party with your friends, this will definitely steal the show with minimum effort.

Shirt Options:

  • Light blue shirt
  • Shades of grey
  • Pitch black
  • Cream white

Burst of Greens

Green tie with a charcoal suit

Choosing a dark earthly toned tie with a neutral charcoal suit will create the perfect balance for an elegant outfit.

Having said so, you might want to consider hunter, pine, dark forest, or olive green as they complement different shades of grey, including charcoal.

Shirt Options:

  • White/ Off-white
  • Light brown
  • Sky blue
  • Salmon pink

Purple Passion

Purple tie with a charcoal suit

When speaking of ties, purple has been a trendy option in the recent days of fashion rage. Especially when it comes to men's suits, adding a hint of purple here and there doesn't fail to bring a luxurious feel to the overall attire.

So, go ahead and grab a purple tie when wearing your charcoal grey suit. Nevertheless, be sure to pick a darker shade (like wine or dark violet) when the event of the matter is strictly formal. Otherwise, lighter shades are surely recommended for those meaning to be in the limelight.

Although the first choice is typically a pink shirt when it comes to pairing up with anything purple, there's a bundle of other shades to try out.

Shirt Options:

  • Crispy white
  • Baby blue
  • Light beige
  • Pastel green

Intense Eccentrics

Intense Eccentric

Indulge yourself in a splash of vivid colors and bring out your fun side if there are no restrains of dressing utterly formal to an event.

The world is your oyster! Simply play around with bronze orange, amber yellow, lime green, hot pink, or even teal, and see what suits you best.

Patterned Tie

Patterned Tie with a charcoal suit

Although the typical plaid or the striped tie is still a classic, we're talking about the in-trend ones. Let your fashion sense speak!

Go subtle with the usual geometric or paisley designs (more appropriate for business events). Or simply get wild with floral and abstract ties when hitting a party or attending your friend's big day.

As for the shirt, keep your tie's color palette under consideration and find out what goes best with it.

One little trick however, is to focus on one distinct shade from the tie that catches your attention and select its lighter/darker shade for the shirt. To play safe, a basic white dress shirt always works as a savior!

Concluding thoughts

To be fair, ties are mostly a matter of personal taste. And so, when it comes to picking the right color, be it for a charcoal grey suit or any other, we'd suggest you to mix and match a few shirt-tie combinations and discover your most favorite.