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What Color Suit Should I Get

Men's suits are a matter of great complexity, yet they're as plain as water if you're aware of your personal taste. Therefore, choosing the right suit colors for the occasion and your skin tone is very critical.

Imagine not being able to find the right suit and showing up to a strictly black tie event in a flashy light gray suit. It's pretty much an embarrassment, no?

To save yourself from the confusion and shame that comes along with picking the wrong suit colors, we've dedicated this feature just for you!


Know Which Suit to Get for Your Skin Tone

Like any other clothing item, considering your skin tone while looking at suit colors is non-negotiable.

Know Which Suit to Get for Your Skin Tone

For instance, men with dark hair and medium-to-dark complexions look divine in a more monochromatic look or with a dark suit and a shirt in lighter shades. Don't we all remember Morgan Freeman in his classic black suit and gray shirt?

Contrarily, those with a lighter complexion should get something with a little more contrast that complements their skin color instead of blending in. Picture a dark brown suit with a white dress shirt for someone with pale skin and medium brown hair.

Must Have Suit Collection: Pick the Basics

Must Have Suit Collection: Pick the Basics

On the subject of your first suit, or, let's say, the ordinary ones that you must own as your primary suit collection, you have to be pretty wise about them.

Remember, you're not just investing in a suit; you're also investing in your future wardrobe for special occasions. And to be fair, looks matter, especially when it comes to suits for any casual or formal setting.

In such cases, opting for dark colored suits is the safest choice, as they suit nearly any occasion. That being said, whichever suit you may purchase for your handsome set, it's mandatory to do so keeping your skin color in mind.

Black Suit

Black Suit- Must have in your Collection

First off in our list is the all-time favorite black suits. Well, you can never go wrong with black! Be it a black tie event or any such formal occasions like a funeral or a wedding, black is the savior for it all. Afterall, we can't deny what Morticia Addams said "Black is such a happy color, darling!".

Starting from men with dark skin tone to lighter ones, this color suits all. So, if you're a newbie to this and want to get at least one quality tailored suit for yourself, let this be it.

Navy Blue Suit

Navy Blue Suit- Modern Elegance

Navy suits definitely make it into the top 3. Whether you're on a tight budget or willing to spend on a suit that isn't necessarily black and has a hue of color, navy blue suits are a dapper choice!

Your modern elegance will shine through with the least amount of effort, thanks to this suit. Just a nice bespoke navy blue suit, a dainty white shirt, a matching baby pink tie and pocket square, and dark brown shoes, and you're ready to go! 

Charcoal Suit

Charcoal Suit- Formal color

Charcoal gray is a neutral yet formal color, that must be in your closet. Charcoal suits will allow you to mix and match different shirts, as well as accessories. Playing around with colors gets simpler when you know how to spice up sober suit colors such as this one.

Hence, if you're up for a suit that gives off both formal and casual vibes, owning a charcoal grey suit will be worth the bucks.

Grey Suits

Grey Suits- achromatic color

Another achromatic suit color that is super easy to  experiment with, is a gray suit. Owning these will ensure that you're ready for all sorts of affairs, particularly a formal event.

In such cases, dark grey ones are possibly the best option. They look quite sophisticated and are perfect for a daytime outing or even an evening party.

Similarly, medium gray suits can work well for almost any occasion. Simply by changing the color of the shirt, like choosing between a navy blue shirt and a light blue one, you can instantly change the mood from formal to informal.

A light grey suit could also be a further addition to your wardrobe, given how youthful and versatile the shade is. It's effortless modernity with a hint of traditional essence, which makes it a good choice for daytime weddings or casual business meetings in the evening.

Color Suits: Wear a Suit for Luxury

Ask yourself this: "Am I tired of wearing the same old suits?" If your answer is in the affirmative, then you know it's high time for a unique suit, perhaps a more colorful one.

Practically speaking, unless there's a specific dress code, it's always a "feel-good" experience. Especially with so many boring events in a professional setting, wearing the same old boring suits can often feel dreadful. Here comes the modern suit, which is very popular nowadays. 

Blue Suits

Blue Suits- Traditional Suit

Although we've already brought up navy blue suits as the "must-have" traditional kind, we'd also suggest you get a few other shades if you care enough to explore.

Whether it's a bright blue suit, a dark blue one, or maybe even a light blue suit, styling up with these colors will surely turn some heads in your direction. Simply take your complexion into consideration and go for a pale pink or a pitch black shirt to get a steamy look in no time. Make sure to grab a complementary tie and match your belt and shoes for a polished outcome!

Brown Suits

Brown Suits- energetic and sleek.

Even though a lot of you might be confused about getting a brown suit due to its variety of shades, the trick to it is pretty easy.

Those with light skin and lighter shades of hair, even red-haired men, look best in brown suits. Due to its natural earthy tone, this suit color makes one look energetic and sleek.

In this case, a khaki or tan suit works effortlessly for office-goers without overpowering your facial features. Men with low-contrast complexions can thus go for this style without a doubt.

To the contrary, dark brown suits strike a sweet balance between formal and casual and, therefore, can be used as a statement suit. In our opinion, despite being an all-year-round color, these suits are best suited for fall events.

Green Suit

Green Suit- Casual

Though still a pretty recent "risky" trend, green suits are an excellent choice for men who like going against the flow.

However, something that you might want to keep in mind is that such suit colors fall under the "unorthodox" category and, therefore, should be avoided at strictly formal events. Since they can be switched between casual and business casual, depending on the shade you go for, it can be a fun adventure regardless.

Having said so, both fair-skinned people and those with a comparatively darker complexion can without a doubt grab a green suit to enhance their daily wardrobe. Just make sure to pair it with a decent shirt color, and you're good to go.

When picking a well-suited dress shirt, keep colors such as white, baby pink, navy, light blue, burgundy, and even orange on your list (if you want to bring out your most rebellious yet stylish self), and don't forget to add florals if you wish!

White Suit

White Suit- Vintage and Modern

The last one on our checklist would be a white suit, which screams both vintage and modern. Similar to the classic black suit, putting your hard-earned money into a white suit will definitely be a good investment. To be honest, we think it's a steal. Without a doubt, we'd advise both darker-skinned men and much paler men to invest in at least one well-tailored suit of this type.

As for the shirt, a colorful option will never go wrong with white suits, particularly for casual setups. A light-colored dress shirt such as powder blue, pale pink, or sage green looks great when combined with a white suit and makes you look effortlessly elegant.

Even for formal or semi-formal affairs, a stark contrast with black, deep burgundy, navy, or forest green never fails to bring out your individual style.

Final Thoughts

Since we've already had a detailed discussion to help you out with your suit purchase, we sincerely hope that you end up finding the best suit color and remain satisfied to the fullest.

One quick tip, though: always choose quality over quantity, and make sure to get it tailored to perfection. As hard as reality might hit you, no one fancies a man who doesn't know how to pull off his suit in the right way!