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Every bride-to-be wants her wedding to be a perfect affair. And the dress-matching between the bride and the groom is one important component in any wedding.

While dresses of some colors are easier to pair with for the groom, something like a champagne-colored dress can pose a bit of a challenge. That’s simply because it’s not one of those colors women commonly wear so you do have to put in a fair bit of thought into choosing the color for your fiancé’s suit.

This is especially true for an occasion like your wedding, where nothing can go wrong! Keeping the importance of the event in mind, here are our color choices as well as certain things to take into account when choosing the suit to pair a champagne dress.

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Suit Color?

Sure, you know that the suit should pair with a champagne dress, but what else? There are some important factors that play an important role here, starting with the skin tone of the groom.

Let us get into more detail about that.

Skin Tone

This is something very obvious, yet not many couples take it into account when making their choice for the color of the groom’s suit.

While colors that are on the lighter side usually turn out to be a better choice for white men, the darker and slightly louder colors are well-suited for men with darker skin tones.

Finally, we would also like you to note that brown and some of its darker variations can come off as a bit off-putting on lighter skin tones.

Match or Contrast?

Now, we do have an expert’s view on this matter but still believe the answer to this question shouldn’t be something set in stone. A couple should have the freedom to decide whether they want to go for a suit color that’s more in line with the bride’s dress’ champagne color or something that rather contrasts it well.

It’s often a subjective decision. But since you’re reading this article, we can probably safely assume that you don’t have anything in mind yet.

And for that reason, we would like to offer our own opinion here. We believe that for something like a champagne dress, the best bet would be to go for a contrasting color for the suit. It’s fine if it’s not completely or extremely contrasting, but anything too matchy might not always be pleasant to the eye.


Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme isn’t the most important factor, but it’s something important to consider as well. While it may not help you choose which colors you can choose, it can certainly help you decide which colors to avoid.

Simply put, as a couple you would want to stand out at your own wedding. So your man (or yourself if it’s the groom-to-be who’s reading this article) should be wearing a color that’s different than what your wedding theme allows for everyone else.

What are Your Color Options?

So now enough on the fundamentals of the choice for the suit’s color. It’s time to make some direct color recommendations for the groom’s suit, which is probably what you’re here for.

Light Gray

The light gray is an extremely versatile color option for suits. It’s incredibly accommodating, both in terms of allowing personal style preferences and matching other dress colors.

It can give a charming look to your man despite the overpowering effect of your dress’ champagne color. It’s the safest color to not only match your dress, but also allow your man to retain the originality of their personality.

As it’s also very versatile, it can be suitable for almost all the seasons and wedding themes. And last but not least, light gray compliments the champagne color pretty well.

However, we would like to add that as mentioned above, a light gray suit would be a much better option for a white man than someone with color. Now that’s not saying skin tones other than white can’t make it work, but just something to keep in mind as you plan the color combination.

Lighter Variations of Champagne

Now if you’re someone who would rather want your partner’s suit to straight-out match your dress than compliment it through a contrasting look approach, then the lighter variations of the champagne color can all be good choices.

The good thing about these colors is that they can be an equally suitable option for both white men and men with darker skin tones.

There’s only caveat here that you run the risk of your champagne dress overpowering your partner’s suit, but if the suit has the right styling elements then that effect would be off-set and likely won’t turn out to be a problem.

The Traditional Color Choice

When we say the traditional color choice, we mean going with something time-tested, something that used to be widely accepted for wedding couples back in the past. These color choices haven’t gone extinct just to be clear, though wedding couples in modern times often look for fresh, more style-worthy options.

That said, any darker variation of the blue color would be a good fit for a champagne dress, at least traditionally speaking.

Charcoal – A Unique, Bold Color Option

If you want your man to match the level of power your dark champagne dress would bring to the table more than merely matching the color, then nothing gets better than a bold charcoal suit. Even better is a combination of a charcoal suit and brown shoes, a combination that exudes pure power with well-balanced elegance.

Needless to say, this would be an especially impressive option for men with darker skin tones. It would be a perfect fit for their overall personality. But if a white man too can make it work as well. Just make sure you go with a suit with subtle styling elements and also accessorize lightly.

So that is it from us. We hope you found all the information you were seeking in this article, ranging from direct suit color recommendations to things which you may not know about but should!