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What Color Shoes to Wear With Tan Suit

Picking the right dress shoes says a lot about a man. It isn't only about the first impression, but also how good you can carry yourself with minimal effort. In simpler words, wearing nice shoes can instantly radiate your personality.

Especially when it comes to suits, it's a must on the checklist!

That being said, deciding on what colored shoes goes best with tan suits can sometimes be confusing. To help you out on the matter, we've dedicated this article for you.

Pairing Shoes With Tan Suits: Formal Occasions

Tan, being a soothing earthy tone, pairs up well with pretty much everything. Especially when choosing a shoe color for a tan suit, there's little to learn about what complements it. Rather think about your personal taste and dive right in.

However, here are a few options to figure it out easily:

Brown Shoes

Brown shoes with tan suit

Brown/tan shoes look spectacular with tan suits, simply because they belong to the same color scheme. Whether you opt for a warm tone or a cooler one, both will pair equally great.

Nonetheless, if you're aiming for a contrast outfit, choose lighter shades for darker suits and vice versa.

In case a subtle look is what you want, light brown shoes with tan suits should be in your list.

Other suit options for brown shoes:

  • White suit
  • Royal blue suit
  • Navy suit
  • Light grey suit
  • Dark grey suit
  • Black suit
  • Colored suits

Grey Shoes

Grey shoes with tan suit

The same theory applies to grey shoes as well. Go for darker shades if you're up for a contemporary appearance. You might even want to try a white button down look; it's downright stylish.

Other suit options for Grey shoes:

  • White suit
  • Light gray suit
  • Charcoal suit
  • Black suit

Black Shoes

Black shoes with tan suit

Given that you're stuck with only black shoes, go for it! It's a versatile color—the best kind that pairs with any suit. Try wearing a black shirt when you do so to keep the visual balance.

Other suit options for Black shoes:

Black shoes, like browns, can be worn with a variety of suit colors. If you're out of time to think, then just grab this!

Shoes for Laid-Back Events

If the occasion doesn't call for a dress code, feel free to explore and find your perfect pair.

Burgundy Shoes

Burgundy shoes with tan suit

Burgundy is a deep tone, that speaks for itself. This could be an ideal option for those who like colors yet require ultimate sophistication.

White Shoes

White shoes with tan suit

Want to make a chic yet bold statement? Wear white shoes with your tan suit.

When going to formal events, pair it up with a white shirt. For a semi-casual look, simply switch it up with a tee. It's a timeless combo- give it a try!

Eccentric Tones

Bored with the basic and neutral shades? Give your shoes a change and try incorporate a little burst of colors.

Vivid shoe colors, such as yellow, royal blue, red might sound too flashy, but they'll surely keep you separated from the rest. For a more elegant approach, shades like forest green, midnight blue, burnt orange will look incredible with a tan suit.

There's no hard and fast rule to this. Just be mindful of the shirt choice, and you'll be good to go.

Patterned Shoes

Most men are often scared to try out patterns when it comes to shoes. Our suggestion would be to give it a shot and see for yourself.

You might want to look into crocodile or snake embossed shoes, to keep it minimal yet slightly eye-catching. Given you want to go all in, multi-colored floral, Mughal, or abstract prints could be your go-to funky options. Hand-made brogues or loafers (both solids and eclectics) can be an exquisite choice for those who're willing to spend more for a unique pair.

Walk in Style: Know Your Type

As obvious as it may be, we realize the daily struggles to pick the right shoes to wear with your suit. Spend a few minutes to look up the below styles and decide for yourself:

  • Suedes: Tie-ups, boots, loafers
  • Oxford shoes
  • Monk straps
  • Chelsea boots
  • Slip-on pointed shoes

While doing our own research, we came across some mind-blowing tweed loafers. Adding a touch of vintage to your attire, these would make you stand out effortlessly. Sounds quite good, doesn't it?

To finish off our discussion, we'd suggest you keep at least two basic colored shoes to wear with your tan suit— a black and a brown pair. If you're up to grab a few more styles for your collection, go ahead and pick a minimalist as well as a vivid style. Possibly add a hand-made one too, they're both stylish and elegant.

In the end, we hope you find your favorite pair!