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Transitioning From Vintage Tuxedos to Modern Fashion

Transitioning From Vintage Tuxedos to Modern Fashion

The tuxedo is a classic, sophisticated and timeless look. While that fact has never changed, styles have certainly seen some changes throughout the years.

Read on as we journey through the transitions from vintage tuxedos to the familiar styles that we know today.

Vintage Tuxedo Styles Through The Decades

Where It All Began

It is said that the original tuxedo was created around 1865 for Prince Edward VII, the prince of Wales. His initial tuxedo was actually blue rather than black. The jacket was designed without a tail and was actually meant to be a more casual form of attire for that time period.

These vintage tuxedos were then known as "dinner jackets" or "smoking jackets." The style during this initial time period was white accessories and a shawl lapel.

Crossing The Ocean

This style of blazers didn't reach the United States until a good twenty-plus years later. The coffee business tycoon James Brown Potter introduced the style in Tuxedo Park NY.

The look quickly became popular and soon accepted as appropriate formal attire. The look of this period was typically black accessories and a peaked lapel.


Moving Into The 1930's and 1940's

Fabrics in shades of midnight blue became the popular tuxedo color during the decade of the 30's. The jacket style of the period was typically the more informal double-breasted jacket.

The 1940's would view a decline in tuxedos with men favoring the look of an informal suit. Fun fact: It was taboo to wear a tuxedo in a church. So much for that stylish wedding look!

The Roaring 50's

The 1950's saw some changes in tuxedo looks that brought them back to the mainstream. New fabrics were introduced that made them lighter and more comfortable. New colors were introduced along with matching cummerbunds and slim bow ties in plaid.

The common style consisted of a single-breasted jacket, shawl lapel, turndown collar shirt, and batwing tie. Jacket colors included traditional black or white along with shades of reds and blues.


Styling The 60's and 70's

Though it had a place throughout the centuries, velvet saw its heyday in the 1960 and 70's. Formal fashion was not immune to the trend. In a subculture of rock'n'roll, velvet was another way of advertising rebellion, in this instance against traditional style.


Modern Distinction Brings Class

Modern Distinction Brings Class

In the modern world of formal black-tie, there is a wide range of acceptable fashion.

You have the option of choosing from decades of looks, complete with different styles of hats and jewelry. This also means that you have the opportunity to show more of your unique personality through style choices.

Quality Modern Formal Wear

Quality Modern Formal Wear

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