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How to Wear a Velvet Lapel Tuxedo Formally in 2023

Dauntlessly, tuxedos are the pinnacle of men's clothing. Be it a wedding, a corporate gathering, or formal events; tuxes are the most famous and traditional menswear for almost everything. 

Although suits and tuxedos look similar and it's hard to differentiate them, the most significant difference is the use of velvet or silk on the lapels of a tuxedo, which makes it stand out from traditional suits. 

A tuxedo's lapel designs distinguish a tuxedo from a suit, as there are three types of lapels in a tuxedo: peaked lapels, shawl lapels, and notched lapels. There are several types of tuxedos, depending on their materials and construction. One such unique type is the velvet lapel tuxedo, in which the lapels and buttons are made up of velvet, and a velvet stripe goes down the trousers' sides.

If you're wondering about how do you wear a tux, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you. 

Why are Velvet Lapel Tuxedos Back in Style?

Why are Velvet Lapel Tuxedos Back in Style

The velvet material is nothing new; it has been in the business for ages, but the emergence of velvet tuxedos has made it a popular phenomenon and an irreplaceable alternative to traditional ones. The velvet lapel tuxedo is the hottest trend in men's formal wear as it is usually the most worn dress code for black-tie events and other social gatherings. It's pretty much back in style because everyone nowadays wants to look fancy and glamorous, and the velvet lapel designs are the best choice in such cases as it just elevates your appearance and boosts your confidence. 

Wear like a celebrity: 

Wear like a celebrity

The tuxedo styles are the epitome of excellence and elegance. That is why most celebrities wear tuxedos to premieres and other formal events. It's the celebrities who set any trend and raise the bar for any fashion statement, and who does want to look as dapper as they do? 

After seeing many stars donning velvet tuxedos, the masses have also started to follow the velvet tuxedo fashion, and it's definitely very stylish and classic. Celebrities on the red carpet have occasionally endorsed velvet tuxedos. Be it Dwayne Johnson "The Rock", John Legend, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling, or the Duke of Sussex Prince, all of these dapper stars have endorsed the velvet lapel tuxedo. 

As many people follow this trend, we can also anticipate men donning bolder colors like red velvet, sapphire blue velvet, and green velvet tuxedos in the future. 

How to Wear a Velvet Lapel Tuxedo

How to Wear a Velvet Lapel Tuxedo

A velvet lapel tuxedo is a luxe staple and the biggest trend of this season - wearing it is certainly the best you can do for yourself on a super formal evening. Style yourself with all the formal fixings like matching tuxedo pants, patent shoes, bow tie, and formal white dress shirt, and get yourself a James Bond look for all the prestigious affairs this season. 

Velvet Tuxedo Combinations

The most important consideration is the color of a velvet tuxedo. Typically, a velvet tuxedo is made up of two colors: one for the velvet, and the other, for the jacket lapel design. Although there are a variety of colors, beige is the most popular color in velvet tuxedos. It is also considered that a blue velvet tuxedo and a black one can never go out of fashion. In addition, after the color selection, the size of the velvet tux also plays a vital part. All your effort will go in vain if your tux doesn't fit you perfectly. 

What Trousers go with a Velvet Tuxedo?

What Trousers go with a Velvet Tuxedo

Tuxedo pants are not just like mere suit pants; they are different, with vertical stripes on each side of the pants. In formal attire, tuxedo pants don't need to have belt loops as they have application braces. A full velvet tuxedo looks great but is super formal and fancy. You can also pair up your velvet jacket with different trousers like denim pants, formal ones, and cotton ones. 

Velvet Tuxedos for Weddings

Velvet Tuxedos for Weddings

The velvet tuxedo trend is on the rise; it's also certainly the most popular fashion trend right now, and everyone is going gaga over it. Velvet suit jackets are a hit for two reasons. First and foremost is the feeling they give. It surely makes you feel like a star with its classy silence.

Secondly, everybody is familiar with the famous velvety smooth term that is generally used to describe something super-soft, so like its name, velvet tuxedos are undeniably the most comfortable, attractive, and soft menswear. A well-tailored velvet tuxedo or dinner jacket can give you a stylish and one-of-a-kind look. Tuxedos are usually in two colors: one velvet and the other lapel satin. 

Velvet Tuxedo for Groom:

The velvet tuxedo fashion trend is in full swing amongst the groomsmen and is the hottest trend of the year. It's famous for two things: aesthetics and functionality. The slim-fit velvet tuxedo with a formal shirt, bow tie, and pocket square compliments the best and gives you a stunning chameleon effect with your bride in a princess gown and royal arrangements. Though velvet tuxedos practically look like a winter affair, it's also a fact that its flexible fabric makes it a year-round fashion trend and goes well with almost any theme. Midnight blue, black velvet tuxedo, and blue velvet tuxedo can never go wrong and are the most popular and traditional hues for grooms in most wedding themes.

Velvet Tuxedo for Groomsmen

Groomsmen play an integral part in the wedding. Traditionally, the male crew of the groom follows the same scheme as the groom, with slight variations. They can also pick the same colored velvet tuxedo as the groom with formal pants to compliment him. There are many groomsmen suit ideas that can elevate the groom’s days without outshining the groom. 

Velvet Tuxedos for Formal Events: 

Velvet Tuxedos for Formal Events

A full tuxedo is worn to elevate your appearance. It makes you look super fancy, classic, and something like 007. The velvet tuxedo is actually a glamorous garment and the best choice to make to appear at prestigious events.

To elevate your attire, accessorize your tux with a bow tie, as it energizes your confidence. A velvet tuxedo's stylish silhouette and soft texture are perfect for formal gatherings. It is suggested to pick slim-fit trousers of an identical shade to your dinner tuxedo jacket for a formal setup. Mixing too many colors would make it look messy and informal, so try to make it clean. 

Most people in high-spirited affairs prefer velvet lapel tuxedos over normal business suits. Some people even wear just a velvet lapel tuxedo jacket or velvet bow tie to make a formal statement and stand out at such events.

Velvet Tuxedo for Casual Events

Wearing a tuxedo was initially considered very formal in most parts of the world, and wearing it in daytime affairs was discouraged. The only people who used to wear tuxes during the day were those who had to attend some diplomatic events or waiters, but since the fashion world has evolved with time, now wearing a tuxedo all day has become normal. Most men consider donning a tuxedo for many casual events by making just a few alterations. You can wear a tuxedo casually by pairing it up with casual pants. Your choice of color plays a key role in this manner, so to give your appearance a casual attire, avoid using traditional colors like winter blue velvet tuxedo or black tuxedo. Instead, try bright colors like red.

When Should Men Wear Velvet Tuxedos?

You can wear tuxedos at any high-profile party as they are fancy, have sheer elegance, and have a typical black-tie dress code. This classic attire is a usual men's go-to style for special occasions like baptism, graduation, weddings, corporate events, annual parties, award nights, red carpets, Opera, theaters, and so on.  


What goes with a velvet suit?

Always remember that you will need to work on details to enhance your overall presence. A vest is a must on a fitted jacket with peaked lapels and style up your shawl lapel tuxedo with a satin cummerbund. Moreover, wear a matching pocket and bow tie for a sharp and unique look. When it comes to shoes, patent leather should be the go-to choice.

When should men wear velvet blazers?

The velvet blazers are unquestionably the most beautiful and versatile velvet pieces. A velvet blazer has been in fashion for quite a long time, and it's not going anywhere. You can don a velvet blazer in almost every setting, be it a professional evening setting or a night out. However, it can't be worn as a daily staple and is worn best as evening attire or in the winter season.  

Which velvet is best for suits?

The best velvet for expensive suits is silk velvet which is popular formal wear. However, the most commonly used velvet for suiting is cotton velvet, as it is sturdy and soft. 

Can you wear a velvet tuxedo jacket in spring?

The velvet tuxedo fashion trend has taken the world by storm; these suave dinner jackets are trending so much that now a velvet tux is not limited to any season only. It can be worn in style in spring as well.  

Is velvet a luxury fabric?

Velvet is certainly a luxurious fabric that is pricier than the other fabrics. It's the epitome of luxury and a popular fabric for its unique softness and shiny appearance.