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Ultimate Guide For How To Wear A Tuxedo Shirt And Tie

Learn how to wear a tuxedo shirt and tie. This type of shirt is different from standard dress shirts, so read this article before deciding what look you want!

A tuxedo shirt can send sartorial shivers down some men’s spines. Tuxedo shirt styles always involve the most formal dress codes and thus can cause some men to overthink it. While some may think that wearing a tux shirt with tails or without tails is the only thing to keep in mind, there’s more. We find out if they are right about it, and also bring you key factors to use when buying your own tuxedo shirt.

What Makes Tuxedo Shirts Different

What Makes Tuxedo Shirts Different?

If you’re all caught up on the differences between a tuxedo and a suit, you’ll know that one difference is that a tuxedo is always complimented by a tuxedo shirt.  A tuxedo shirt is traditionally worn with a turndown collar at the neck, whereas a dress shirt can be worn either with or without a turndown collar.

In terms of details, you should also know that buttons on a tuxedo shirt are covered in fabric as to not create any unnecessary shine. The last difference you should know is that tuxedo shirts are always accompanied by studs, which are the round buttons adorning the shirt.

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Types Of Tuxedo Shirts

Types Of Tuxedo Shirts

The anatomy of a tuxedo dress shirt is both simple and complex. While the shirt itself is not complete without its studs, collar, cuffs, placket (the strip of fabric that runs down the middle of the shirt), pleats at the back waist, bib (that part that lies beneath your necktie), and pocket flaps (which may or may not be included in the shirt you’re buying), the studs, collar and cuffs can be interchangeable. 

After that, you can easily learn the tuxedo shirt styles that go with certain kinds of ties. The following types are discussed below:

Hidden Front tuxedo shirt

Hidden Front

The placket of the shirt is the narrow strip down the front where your buttons and buttonholes reside. When you have two pieces of fabric stitched down the front that are completely separate, you’re looking at a hidden front tuxedo shirt. This means that there is no placket between the buttons and your chest--the bottom buttonhole closes directly upon itself.

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Tuxedo Stud Front

Tuxedo Stud Front

They can also come with a more standard buttoned placket but with an extra layer of fabric covering the buttons. This is a tuxedo stud front shirt.

We’ve also got you covered in terms of the bowtie and cummerbund to go with these shirt styles.

Pleated Tuxedo Shirt

Pleated Tuxedo Shirt

A pleated tuxedo shirt is a classic option that is distinctly recognized as a formalwear staple. It can be referred to as a ‘dress shirt,’ but the difference is that you cannot wear it with a suit. This is because pleats are not present on suits or blazers.

Pique Bib Tuxedo Shirt

Pique Bib Tuxedo Shirt

This tuxedo shirt style includes a tuxedo stud front placket and has a special pique bib sewn onto the front. A pique bib has a raised texture that is different from the rest of the shirt.

The difference between a pique and pleated tux shirt is not very clear, but a piqued tuxedo shirt has studs on the front and has pleats on the bib. A pleated shirt has no studs and does not have pleats sewn onto the front of the shirt.

Fabric Of A Tuxedo Shirt

Fabric Of A Tuxedo Shirt

Your tuxedo shirt should be crisp, comfortable, and classic. For that, there’s nothing better than 100% cotton. There are also tuxedo shirts made of polyester and wool, which you can check out if cotton isn’t your thing. So, the type of fabrics of your tux shirt is given below:

Twill Fabric

Twill is a tight, opaque weave with a bit of texture in the form of subtle diagonal lines and a bit of sheen that lends it formal appeal. Twill tuxedo shirt fabrics are often found in white and light blue. Its tuxedo shirt styles make it perfect for the warmer months.

Broadcloth Fabric

Broadcloth on the other hand is a tightly woven fabric with reduced sheen and little to no texture.  Most people prefer it in solid white. This is because its texture can sometimes look harsh against certain tie patterns, although it’s fine for solids.

Different Tuxedo Dress Shirts Colors

Different Tuxedo Dress Shirts Colors

Wearing a tuxedo does not always mean that you need to be a complete clone of every other man in the room. Tuxedo dress shirts colors can give you a distinctive look all by themselves. Below is given some colors of the tuxedo shirts:

White Tuxedo Shirt

Before getting excited to have a different: tuxedo shirt, it must be said that white is the most formal attire option. And when you’re going formal, there is no beating it. Now there is nothing wrong with mixing up the shirt and tie colors in a white shirt tuxedo, but remember that you should never wear a colored bowtie with a white tuxedo shirt.

Solid Color Tuxedo Shirts

Can you guess what the second most popular color is for tuxedo shirts today? It’s black. Black tuxedos are suited in almost every classic sense of formality like a black-tie event. But they also pair nicely with gray and navy suits for a more modern appeal.

There is nothing wrong with wearing any other solid color, though. You can wear red or pink, but avoid anything loud like orange or yellow unless it’s part of your theme.

Here are a few black tie rules you should know!

Collar Styles Of Tuxedo Shirts

Collar Styles Of Tuxedo Shirts

A tuxedo shirt collar is such a small detail that perhaps you’d be tempted to think that it doesn’t merit much thought. But the truth is that it’s actually a crucial part of your suit because it can help exude personality. The style of your tuxedo shirt collar should be given special attention when you are choosing dress shirts for a wedding or other formal events.

Wingtip Collar for tuxedo shirt

Wingtip Collar

Wingtip collars are the most formal and elegant option you can wear. But as with most formal things, you should be hesitant about wearing them because they can feel a bit stuffy. This is why a wing tip collar shirt is the best suited for events that have a dress code going from black tie to white tie.

Semi-Spread Collar tuxedo shirt

Semi-Spread Collar

Spread collars are the most common tuxedo shirt collar types. The term “spread” refers to the distance between the points of the collar. The spread is measured from the button to the tip of the point.

A semi-spread is a tuxedo shirt collar that has not quite gone all the way to its widest point, but it’s not exactly narrow either. You have more options with this type of collar than you do with any other because it goes well with almost everything from a slim black tie to a large, colorful bowtie.

Tuxedo Shirt Cuffs Styles

Tuxedo Shirt Cuffs Styles

The cuff of a shirt is the layer of fabric where the shirt ends on your arm. It involves some bordering so that the fabric doesn’t just come to an unfinished end. The following are the different cuffs of a tux shirt:

French Cuffs

French cuffs are the ultimate style for tuxedo shirts. They are mostly only found on formalwear and are tres chic. To create the cuff for your tuxedo shirt, make sure that it’s large enough in circumference to slip easily over the hand.

Convertible Cuffs

The tuxedo shirt is actually where most of your tux accessories will live, and from cuff to collar, there are a lot of ways to personalize your look. The convertible cuff is one of the most popular options because it provides an easier costuming option since you can easily slip your shirt sleeve up your arm to expose the lining.

Bow Tie Or Necktie And Different Accessories For Tuxedo Shirt

Bow Tie Or Necktie And Different Accessories For Tuxedo Shirt

The importance of bow tie and necktie which to use for which occasions and the accessories to use to highlight the outfit. Some people ask whether they should wear a bow tie or a necktie. It is actually the same as asking which one is better, a shirt or a blouse? You need to figure out where you’re going and what the expectations are, whether it be formal or casual.

Bow Tie Vs Necktie

Bow ties are a tux staple; they're the traditional approach to the question of formal neckwear. But not every event has that strict of a dress code, and modern style means a lot more wiggle room for personal expression. When it comes to bow ties, the fun begins with choosing your material. Satin will have a smooth, glossy sheen and can come in any color you choose.

Neckties are a mainstream wardrobe staple. They’re the perfect finishing touch for a dressed-up outfit, and if you want to show up at an event with a bit of personal flair, then necktie accessories are where you start. Ties come in all shapes and sizes, from skinny ties to novelty neckwear that makes a bold statement.


Convertible cuffs look like a normal sleeve cuff that most people are used to. However, convertible cuffs have the added bonus of including a little extra fabric inside the cuff. By undoing one or two buttons on your shirt sleeve and rolling up your arm you can create an instant tuxedo look without having to wear a tuxedo jacket.

Button Studs

Button studs are an accessory that allows you to fasten double-breasted or regular button shirts. These buttons are typically made of metal and some can be decorated with your initials on the back. They’re usually paired with boutonniere, but some people wear cufflinks in place of these studs if they don’t want to wear a boutonniere.


Cufflinks can be paired with your tuxedo shirt to add some class and personality. They can be made of different forms of metals or enamel or even semi-precious stones. The most common types are the straight bar, knot, link set, shell, stickpin, ball studs, and cufflinks shaped like a Roman warrior’s head. Cufflinks can be worn with or without studs.

Collar Stays

Collar stays are usually made of metal and inserted into the pockets of dress shirt collars to keep them looking crisp. They’re cheap, easy to find and make sure you don’t show up for an important meeting or formal event with wrinkled shirts or sweat stains.

Tips To Wear A Tuxedo Shirt

Tips To Wear A Tuxedo Shirt

Most of the time, when we get dressed, we don’t put too much thought into how our clothing fits us.

The following tips are discussed below:

Fit The Body

Your tuxedo shirt should hug your body while still allowing you to move comfortably. If you’re not sure whether your shirt fits correctly, ask someone to help you.

You should get all of your tuxedo shirts tailored so that they fit exactly how you want them to. A well-tailored shirt is comfortable to wear and looks great in any situation.

Fit the Neck

When you try on your tuxedo shirt, button it all the way up. You should have no difficulty inserting two fingers between your collar and your neck. Wearing a shirt that fits too tight can be uncomfortable and embarrassing if you start to sweat.

Tuxedo shirt collar should fit close to the neck, but not too tight. The correct measurement is about half an inch of open space between your collar and neck.

Fit the Sleeves

If your tuxedo shirt sleeves fit you well, pay attention to the cuffs. If you’re wearing a standard cuff that buttons to your wrist, then the cuff should slide over and past your hand and still easily button.

Here are a few more rules as well: 

If the sleeve is so tight that it doesn't let you do this, take the shirt to a tailor because it means something is wrong with either how the sleeves were cut or how they were sewn.

Final Thoughts

A tuxedo shirt is not the same as other dress shirts. It has several unique features that make it different and special. If you are looking to wear a tuxedo shirt, be sure to choose the right style and color for your needs. We hope this guide has been helpful and that you will enjoy wearing a tuxedo shirt for your next formal event. Would you like to try one of our stylish tuxedo shirts? Check out our Flexsuits Tuxedo shirts collection.