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While a tuxedo might not sound like the first choice when it comes to dressing up for a beach wedding, it can actually turn out to be a much better outfit than you may think. Sure, you will need to ditch the usual formalities and go for a more spiced-up look, but a tuxedo can certainly be a great outfit choice for a beach wedding too.

Let us help you in achieving your best look with a tuxedo for beach weddings.

Understand the Difference

Before you consider the specifics of your attire, you need to consider the idea. You need to understand that for a beach wedding, most of the general wedding dress code rules do not apply.

So you need to approach your attire with a different mindset. For a beach wedding, semi-casual or what’s trendily called the smart casual attire is the norm. So you need to forget what tuxedos are usually worn to and think in line with what a more casual dress code demands.

Don’t Ignore the Comfort

Well, there’s some truth to the tuxedo not being the go-to outfit for beach weddings. In the hot beach environment, comfort is an important factor.

And the tuxedo isn’t very accommodating, especially with its fabrics and construction details. However, you will find the right type if you search hard enough.

First, look for a lightweight fabric. Depending on the exact type, linen is usually more breathable and comfortable than the other fabrics tuxedos are generally made of.

The same goes for the colors as well. You might think a darker color can’t make much of a difference in terms of comfort, but you would be surprised how much trouble a darker color can cause if it’s asked to deal with too much outside heat.


Light blue would be a safe choice. You can also consider other lighter colors, but we would avoid black like the plague.

It can be a disaster both in terms of the comfort and the style. The everyday black tuxedo would be too formal for a beach wedding, and too uncomfortable for your body to deal with all the heat it will attract and absorb.

Shirt – Comfort or Style?

The choice of your shirt will require a line of thinking more in terms of comfort than style.

You will regret it if you choose any shirt other than the one made of a lightweight, breathable fabric like cotton or linen. However, since the tuxedo can’t be cotton, we would prefer the shirt to be cotton.

This will give you a nice little contrast in terms of your look, while adding to the overall comfort at the same time.

While a plain, light-colored shirt is a natural choice with a tuxedo for a beach wedding, we personally wouldn’t hesitate to take it up a notch and go for a little bit of patterning on the shirt.

Of course, you can’t go overboard and pick a party-like shirt, but some light patterning on your shirt can make it a lot more beach-friendly than the type of shirt you would typically wear with a tuxedo.

Accessories – Almost Everything Flies!

When you’re talking a normal wedding, your accessories need to be as restricted as your options with your tuxedo. However, with a beach wedding, the options are virtually endless.

Some fancy, trendy jewelry, a cool sports watch, ditching the ultra-formal Oxfords, and going for some more stylish brown shoes instead, it all works.

Some people may argue otherwise and want to stick to the more traditional attire, but we believe a beach wedding has a very different theme and vibes and most people wouldn’t mind you going for a slightly casual-heavy attire and look.

However, some beach weddings have a specific theme. When that’s the case, then you would need to adhere to that in terms of your accessories instead of using your discretion and style preferences.

Should You Buy or Rent the Tuxedo?

Well, again, if we were discussing a normal wedding, you could make a good argument in favor of buying a tuxedo. This is because weddings usually have a formal wedding code, which means the tuxedo you buy can be used at many other formal events too.

However, this is not really true for a beach wedding. And that’s because you have both the flexibility and the need to go for a much different design and fabric for your tuxedo.

And spending a lot of money on purchasing a tuxedo that’s not fit for strictly formal events doesn’t make sense. But at the same time, your challenge will be to find tuxedos that are fit for a smart casual look on rent.

These tuxedos have a relatively much lower demand and are hence hard to find on rent.

The Best-of-Both-Worlds Solution!

So, what’s the way out here? Well, you would need a lot of luck to find a reliable store that sells semi-formal tuxedos at a price that won’t break the bank.

But if you’re reading this post, you’re already in luck as Flex Suits has one of the best collections of wedding tuxedos at prices that are almost identical to the rental costs of overpriced tuxedos at other stores.

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