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Tips To Keep In Mind When Wearing Plaid Wedding SuitTips To Keep In Mind When Wearing Plaid Wedding Suit

The plaid suit has found a new place in the annals of today’s sharpest and most comfortable dressers. If you want to be part of this new era of the distinguished plaid suit, we suggest you follow these guidelines:

How To Wear A Plaid Suit

How To Wear A Plaid Suit

Theoretically, a groom plaid suit is a stylish choice that can be worn for just about any occasion or event. Keep in mind that this is a more formal outfit, so wear it only when the occasion calls for it.


Plaid suits for wedding

A plaid sports suit…like potato chips or MDMA, is highly addictive. A sport coat with a plaid pattern has an undeniable look that's both subtle and eye-catching. A suit like this can be paired with any occasion like a wedding or party, from casual to formal.

A plaid suit is a great look for a wedding or a more formal event. But they are not an ideal sign for an everyday suit. Since this is a classic outfit, it's important to keep it in your wardrobe for special occasions.

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To pair this type of plaid suit with style and elegance, look for clothing made from high-quality bold fabric. A green plaid wool jacket suit will always be an option that's both fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


Ties for mens suit

Plaid ties are the perfect way to flex some style into your wardrobe without being overbearing about it. It adds a subtle touch to any wedding outfit, even if it's one in a solid color. Ties should be made of the same fabric as your plaid suit or wedding suit unless you choose a more daring color like red. If you decide to go this route, make sure that it matches your plaid shirt.

Flat front pants

Plaid Flat front pants

Flat-front pants with a plaid pattern will stand out regardless of their color and shade. Darker (either in black or dark gray), will stand out nicely with neutral-colored shirts, whereas lighter colors go well with colors such as a plain red shirt.

Plaid Suit And  Your Body Type

Plaid Suit And Your Body Type

Just like any other pattern, this suit ranges from macro to micro. If you have a small or slim-fits figure, it would be best to choose medium ones. If you're an average build, wearing large or extra-large plaids. If you're larger, it's best to avoid wearing a plaid suit.

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Different Plaid Varieties To Keep In Mind

A Plaid suit all share their box-like effect, but there are quite a few different types. The varieties are discussed below:

Glen Plaid Suit

Glen Plaid Suit

“Glen plaid suit” refers to a four-by-four and two-by-two color effect. It's a very classic pattern that goes with anything and can be worn daily or for formal events.

Glenurquhart Plaid Suit

Glenurquhart Plaid Suit

A Glenurquhart suit is the same as a glen suit but includes a differently-colored overcheck woven into the fabric. It can be either black, brown, white, or gray crossing over the other colors.

Prince Of Wales

Prince Of Wales

A Prince of Wales check is indeed quite similar to a Glenurquhart suit. The difference is that it includes an additional, oversized check that goes diagonally across the pattern. This type gives off a more formal vibe than any other modern pattern.

Black Watch

Black Watch for plaid suit

Black Watch tartan is one of the more common blazer styles because it includes navy and green. It's also one of the most elegant patterns because it makes use of simple colors. This is a perfect tartan to style on formal occasions like parties, especially a black blazer paired with a tie, shirt, pants, and shoes.

Tips For Men To Consider In Weddings

Tips For Men To Consider In Weddings

Regardless of who you are or what your role in the wedding event is, we brought up a few pointers to keep in mind during the big day, so read them carefully and make them your own!

Consider Weight

Alterations tailors can generally make your clothes fit according to boys' details if so long as you only gain or lose ten pounds or so. Your suit should fit your frame properly according to your weight.

Get Clothes Ready With Plenty Of Time


There is little in this world that’s more stressful than it is a week before a wedding and your three-piece groom's suit isn’t ready. It’s best to get your tailor and fabric early enough so they can ready your grooms' suit in time.

Get Clothes Ready Before Wedding Date

Get Clothes Ready Before Wedding Date

If you’re buying off the rack, give yourself a Sunday to search online. Follow up with that company before your wedding date. Then place an order for the clothes in your size. Then go to services delivered directly to pick up a suit a few days before your wedding.

Color Combination And Styling With Plaid Suit

Color Combination And Styling With Plaid Suit

If you want to look unique and stylish on your wedding day, the color combination and styling with plaid suits guidelines are described below:

Color Combinations

Color Combinations

Just remember to stick with colors that complement each other. The best options are wearing darker colors such as gray, navy blue, and black. Classic charcoal with a light gray shirt and a white dress shirt with a charcoal gray suit gives you the perfect outfit for formal occasions such as weddings, parties, or funerals.

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Consider Lining

Viscose is commonly used as lining for a slim-fit suit, including a plaid suit. Viscose and silk linings are most appropriate for lighter colors such as white and ivory plaids; while heavier colors like navy blue and maroon can handle a combination of both viscose and polyester.

Single or Double Breasted

Most, if not all plaid suits can be classified as either single-breasted or double-breasted. Single-breasted is the most common type that can fit on party vendors. A double-breasted jacket is more formal and similar to a tuxedo.


Plaid suits are great bold or modern ideas for weddings, but there is more to it than just picking the right sizing and price. We’ve outlined some tips and considerations that we hope will help you find the modern plaid suit as inspiration for your body type and wedding day style. You can browse our selection of both classic and trendy Plaid Suits online with a click.