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Tips On How To Wear A Velvet Blazer


The velvet blazer is a staple of this season, and it is back for good. In recent years the style for velvet blazers has been seen in casual outfits, but this time it comes prepared to get you out of all situations with its enhanced sense of class. It's no surprise that the velvet jacket was one of last year's most popular items. The style of velvet blazer goes well with just about anything. It will help you to create the perfect outfit for any occasion, whether it is work or casual clothing.

Here are some tips to wear velvet blazer outfits to look good all the time.

What you should know about blazers

What you should know about blazers

A blazer is a jacket that doesn’t fit correctly is considered an appropriate outfit to wear. Blazers tend to be single-breasted and cut to fit snugly. They often have flap pockets, notched lapels, and a vent at the back. Blazers can be made from many types of fabric but always contain wool or cotton.

A Blazer is often better looking than a velvet jacket and this is because they look more formal but casual. Blazers are a very unique piece of clothing and can be paired with a wide range of clothes.

It is obvious but it makes so much of a difference if you wear this jacket in a casual setting because the blazer brings class to any outfit. The good thing about this velvet blazer is that it can be adopted from day to night, from informal to formal. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and clean, so this piece can show off.

Blazer Vs Suit Jacket?

Blazer Vs Suit Jacket

A blazer stands alone as a very formal piece of clothing, whereas suit jackets are paired up to form part of a matching suit. Blazers have nice details like lapels but suit jackets don’t have any pockets or notched lapels. Velvet Blazer outfits can be used casually with jeans too but a suit jacket is usually the choice for businessmen.

A suit jacket can always be bought with matching trousers. Blazers however can't be bought with a matching pair of trousers.

Styles For Blazers

Styles For Blazers

Blazers' styles are conservative in terms of color choice. Blazers are usually single-breasted with notched lapels and two flap pockets on the front. 

The styles for blazers are given below:

Single-Breasted Blazers

Single-Breasted Blazers

Single-breasted as they tend to have one, two, or three buttons, but you might find one with four or five. They can be either hip-length or a little longer than hip length. These are great for an everyday look.

Single Breasts are very versatile and can be worn for various occasions. You can wear it to work, a meeting or even as a dinner jacket. Your office will be the first place where you show your style so don’t forget to pick up one which is suitable for your daily routine.

Double-Breasted Blazers

Double-Breasted velvet Blazers

Double-breasted is made with a larger amount of fabric that folds over at the front, and they come with two columns of buttons.

Double Breasted are more formal than their single-breasted counterparts and they look best when matched with a shirt and tie. These are great for weddings, black tie events, and other similar arrangements.

If you need more inspiration check out this guide on how to wear a velvet blazer.

Steps To Wearing a Velvet Blazer

Steps To Wearing a Velvet Blazer

Blazers are perfect for winter and they can give a great look to outfits. The velvet jacket is stylish and warm too. What more do you want? So check out the following steps:

Step 1: Choosing A Velvet Blazer

Choosing A Velvet Blazer

Choose a velvet blazer. This garment will be the star of the outfit so take your time finding a high-quality blazer that fits you like a glove.  When you find it, pat yourself on the back.

Choosing a velvet blazer is not easy, but once you find it every other step will follow easily. If you don’t like a black velvet blazer then go for a dark red or forest green velvet blazer.

Step 2: Pairing With Pants

Pairing With Pants with velvet blazer

With regards to the pants, going dark and simple is often the best choice. A black or gray suit pants will work perfectly.  You can also go for black jeans if you want.

When wearing a velvet blazer, it is recommended that you team it up with a simple dark one like black or gray. Skinny jeans are also perfect to wear with the blazer.

Matching with pants is an optional outfit. You can choose from different colors of your blazer and make a style according to that.

Step 3: Choosing a Shirt

Choosing a Shirt for velvet blazer

Choose a shirt with a velvet blazer and the colors that are suitable with velvet. It should be informal and the color of your blazer.

Choosing a shirt is easy after you find a suitable blazer. You can choose various colors like a white shirt, black tank top, etc to style with the velvet blazer outfits.

Layer your blazer over a clean white shirt. If you are attending an afternoon event or want to make it a little bit more fun, you can wear a white T-shirt underneath instead. 

Step 4: Choosing Bow & Tie

Choosing Bow & Tie for velvet blazer

Keeping with the elegant theme, make sure that you choose a dark-colored tie or bow to accessorize a velvet blazer. Going simple will only add to the look and make you stand out from the crowd.

Selecting a bow or tie is easy. You also have the option to choose neither of them if you want. But with a bow or tie, your look is complete so you should use them with a blazer.

Step 5: Choosing Shoes

Choosing Shoes for velvet blazer

Choosing shoes to pair with the velvet blazer is easy. Select a simple pair of informal shoes for example black or white sneakers that match your blazer and jeans or pant. You can choose from different colors if you want but going for a dark color is preferable.

A black, polished pair is always a winner. Be careful choosing a brown shoe if you bought a green or navy blue jacket. Sometimes it does work, but you need to be careful with color combinations in menswear style.

Step 6: Choosing Other Accessories 

Choosing Other Accessories for velvet blazer

Try to make your look true to yourself by adding any details or accessories that make it unique and personal. Wearing a watch, a tissue in the pocket, a belt buckle, or maybe grab yourself a neat hat.

It’s your look. You can choose any accessory to personalize it. So you can select the items like a hat, tissue, etc that suit your taste and style.

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Tips To Wear Velvet Blazer 

Tips To Wear Velvet Blazer

There are five different ways to wear velvet blazers. A few different ways are listed below:

Roll Neck Jumper

Roll neck jumper is a great choice to pair with a blazer. When the dress code says smart. Go for a simple black or navy roll neck in a fine gauge knit to offset the richness of the velvet and wear with slim-fit wool trousers or black or indigo jeans.

Printed Shirt

Choosing a print with a velvet blazer will get you in the mood! If you don't fancy floral, then a spot or geometric print will do the job just as nicely. A printed shirt with a blazer is an awesome combination of different colors. Try a deep red or purple velvet blazer with a printed shirt in black and white.

White Dress Shirt And Bow Tie

A white dress shirt and bow or tie are also a great combination with the velvet blazer style. So you can go for it to wear an evening smart look. If you attend many events throughout the year and fancy a change from your regular tuxedo then a bottle green velvet blazer will do the trick. Wear plain black trousers or if you want to go for it, try a Black Watch tartan pair.

Crew Neck And Jeans

The lighter color of this jacket lends a more informal slant to it, so go with the flow and wear a cream crew neck underneath and a vintage patterned silk scarf to give it an off-beat boho vibe. Finish the look with jeans or cords. Crew neck and denim are a great choice if you want to style.

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Do’s And Don'ts

Dos And Donts for velvet blazer

While wearing a velvet blazer or jacket, you need to also consider the things that should be there in your outfit and the things which you should avoid.


Go With Dark Shade Or Black Velvet Blazer

Velvet comes in different shades if you are not sure what color to choose, go for the darker shades like black velvet blazer and maroon. These are safe shades that are ideal for those who would like to pull off the look. Dark shades can be worn with any color.

Choose The Smart Finish

There are velvet fabrics with a smooth and rough finish. The ones that have rough finishes are typically poor in quality and their creased look can make any outfit look cheap. Smooth velvet fabrics, on the other hand, will look luxurious and well put together. Choose the smart finish velvet fabric to get a sophisticated look. A smart finish look will add to your look and make you look in a classy way.

Wearing Velvet Accessories

You can go for other fabrics for your top and bottom, and still wear velvet through your accessories. For example, hats, shoes, earrings, necklaces, belts, and bags. Accessories with velvet can boost your look and make you classic.

Paring It With Other Fabrics

Mix and match it with other fabrics. For instance, you can turn a velvet dress from formal attire to a daytime dress by throwing a denim jacket on top of it. You may also dress down a velvet top with your skinny jeans.


Over Embellishment

A few touches of embroidery or embellishment will add character and charm to a velvet piece. Overdoing it can turn the outfit into a disaster. Too much design is not always beautiful and this is something that applies to velvet. Over embellishment can make your look go bad. So don’t go with over embellishment of velvet items.

Don’t Overdo It

Wearing a velvet hat, top, and shoes can be too much. If you choose to wear a velvet suit, your shoes and bags, and other accessories must be made with a different material.  But don't make your outfit 100% velvet. Wearing an over outfit can make you look bad and cheap, so avoid it and go with a mix of other fabrics or materials to look stylish.

Final Notes:

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to add a velvet blazer to your wardrobe and start styling it in different ways. Just click here!