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The ultimate guide to navy suit and bow tie combinations for any event

The world of fashion is evolving every day. Each day brings new tastes and trends, but even in this fast-paced fashion world, some colors are constant no matter in which season you wear them. Some hues are forever; one of such neutral colors is blue, which is becoming the new black nowadays. 

Blue is known for its versatility, and a navy blue suit in menswear is classic. You can wear it at any event or occasion, be it weddings, formal events, black-tie events, or even funerals; blue suits are too sophisticated to attend any event. 

However, pairing a blue suit with different accessories can be challenging. The first and foremost thing that matters is the color of your shirt. When you wear a dark suit like navy blue the color of your shirt has to be subtle, something like beige, classic white shirt or even light blue and light pink shirt. These shirts can do wonders to your look, a black shirt can also go with it, but it's a bit less happening. The most happening accessories to complete your formal attire are your ties or bow ties hues. Tie and bow tie both look elegant with the navy blue suit, but its color scheme is the key to giving you an eye-catching and impressive silhouette.  

Here we have carved out some guidelines for you to style your navy blue three-piece suit, tuxedo, or dinner jacket with bow tie from a different color wheel.   

Which Bow Tie To Wear With A Navy Blue Suit?

Which Bow Tie To Wear With A Navy Blue Suit

A bow tie combination with navy suit looks highly sophisticated and stylish. However, bow tie combinations only look great when paired impeccably with the entire outfit. One wrong move with your styling can spoil your overall look. 

A bow tie is the hottest trend nowadays as it's vintage and gives you an effortless air of sophistication. Be it plain or printed, a bow tie, if matched carefully with the suit, has all the good reasons to make you notice. One more thing that plays a key role in enhancing your attire is picking the right color for bow ties because that is what catches the eye the most. We have paired up a navy blue suit with different color bow ties to give you the best look. The idea is to make the silhouette simple, classic, yet stylish.  

Very simple rules need to be followed when wearing a blue suit that goes best with a crisp white shirt or any light color shade like pink or light blue. You can also add patterned shirts to enhance your style. The right kind of shoes is also an important part of your attire with navy blue suits, usually dark brown or black shoes goes the best. A formal event calls for formal shoes like monk straps, brogues, and oxford shoes or loafers; this is how you make your formal blue suit ensemble attention-grabbing. 

Color Combination For A Navy Suit And Bow Tie

Color Combination For A Navy Suit And Bow Tie

A Navy suit is undoubtedly a class, but if not paired with the right color combination, your attire can suffer a drastic failure. We have discussed earlier that a bow tie goes amazingly well with the blue suit, but when it comes to one color that looks tremendously peppy with this, it would be pink. A pink bow tie looks fantastic with a three-piece suit. It's the easiest way to add some extra coolness to your attire. 

However, plenty of more colors can spice up your look when combined with a blue suit. Here is the list of colors that look dapper with a navy blue suit combination.  

Navy suit and white bow tie

Navy suit and white bow tie

A white bow tie with blue is an established phenomenon, and one can never go wrong with this choice. A white bow tie goes well with mostly menswear. You can pair it up with a button-down shirt or with a sweater. It just looks too classy, simple, and neat. On the other hand, teaming a white bow tie with a navy suit is such perfection that you can wear it at various occasions, be it a wedding, graduation, formal events, or even high-spirited parties.

Putting together a blue suit with a patterned white bow tie is a winning combination that every smart man should own. However, you can also sport a white bow tie with any funky darker color shirt as it goes hand in hand with a navy suit. Go all casual by styling it up with sneakers and sunglasses; this ensemble is surely an eye-catching look. 

Navy suit and black bow tie 

Navy suit and black bow tie

If you are looking for a color combination that never disappoints, then you should opt for the subtle black color, which can go with almost anything if you can ace it correctly. As we all know, black is best to define power, authority, and seriousness. That's why a black tie with a black suit is the most popular attire for formal catch-ups. Similarly, a black and blue combination, if paired correctly, can also bring a wow factor to your overall appearance as it looks sleek and vintage. 

Suppose you are planning to make a modern appearance for some occasion dress up yourself in a slim fit navy suit along with a white shirt and black tie. To complete this stylish chap's look, give it a finish with a black Chelsea-style leather boot; this polished combo will certainly stop all the glares on you. 

Navy suit and orange bow tie

Navy suit and orange bow tie

Orange is associated with positivity, just like the light that brings brightness to everything. Orange looks great with blue. It's the color of youth. You would notice that most young men tend to wear shades of orange as it represents enthusiasm and creativity. Pairing orange with darker colors always looks energetic and creative. If a navy is correctly styled with an orange bow tie, it can get you a celebrity-like dapper look. 

To look like an epitome of class, pair your navy blue suit with a pinstripe light blue shirt, orange bow tie, and patterned orange pocket square with dark brown derby shoes. A go-to choice of most of the fashion chaps.  

Navy suit and yellow bow tie

Navy suit and yellow bow tie

Yellow is the color of the sun, positivity, and joy; yellow is linked to all the happy and nice things and emotions. Even with the clothing, it just lights up any occasion. A Navy suit with a yellow bow tie is not limited to the grown-up's wardrobe anymore, but it's now a common choice for contemporary gents. Since it's a known fact that a navy suit along with a yellow tie is a great choice of superior men but styling a navy tuxedo with a yellow bow tie is the coolest and most trending combination you would see amongst younger men. This combination attire is trending nowadays, and it's gaining huge popularity among grooms.

However, for any casual or formal event, team up your navy blue striped suit with a yellow bow tie and darker color pocket square, oxford leather shoes, and level up your game with this sartorial elegance.   

Navy suit and gold bow tie

Navy suit and gold bow tie

Gold is the color of prosperity, triumph, and luxury. Anything extravagant is gold, be its jewel. The combination of gold with anything illuminates and enhances its value, and the same is the case with dressing.  

If you are looking for a confident silhouette, then style up your navy suit with a gold bow tie and a crisp white shirt. Adding a tan double strap monk shoe can flair up your look. This elegant getup is pure sheer sophistication and warmth to the eyes. 

Navy suit and gray bow tie

Navy suit and gray bow tie

Gray is a great color to team up with a navy blue suit. It is linked with stability and maturity. Gray attractively complements the navy suit and manifests intellect and elegance. If you have a textured or patterned gray bow tie, then you can subtly draw all the right attractions to your look. A textured bow tie can certainly boost the gray and navy combination to different levels. This combination is definitely a sophisticated choice for every modern man and a must-have addition to their collection.    

For a wow-worthy and dapper look, style up your blue striped suit with a white shirt and gray bow tie. This combo can be worn to all the high-spirited parties and events. To enhance this effortlessly stylish ensemble, pair it up with super elegant dark brown Chelsea boots.    

Navy suit and red bow tie 

Navy suit and red bow tie

A blue suit with a red bow tie is timeless, and it's the easiest way to make a classic statement. If you are looking to make a stylish and envy-worthy appearance for a formal event, then this look would undoubtedly make your class apart if you pick the hues correctly. A red bow tie makes you look extravagant. That's the reason it's a common choice of most grooms for their wedding ceremony. It looks charismatic with almost every color but pairing up a red bow tie and blue suit is a killer combination. It's like marrying sophistication with sassiness. 

If you are looking for solid proof regarding the awesomeness of this combination, then here is a perfect style guide for you. Match your navy blue suit with a red bow tie and a red patterned pocket square finishing it with burgundy leather oxford shoes. This polished pairing would make you like nothing less than a fashion icon, and for that, you can thank us later.  

Navy suit with other shades of blue bow tie

Sometimes you want to be dressed up in an all-blue look that can certainly be a good option. A navy suit with the same blue bow tie doesn't only look elegant but also enhances your presence. Not all the shades of blue look good with this color scheme as usually the lighter color shirts are recommended for blue suiting. However, we can certainly try the patterned bow ties. They can go well, but nothing can beat the magic of the same color combination as it can do wonders. 

To create a confident and rugged silhouette, pair your navy blue suit with a light blue bow tie and a formal white shirt. You can finish off this edgy attire by wearing brown leather boots. 


Can you wear a bow tie with a navy suit?

Can you wear a bow tie with a navy suit

Certainly, you can wear a bow tie in navy blue. It's one of the sassiest combinations. Bow ties look remarkably awesome with any type of navy-colored suit. Style a bow tie with any navy tuxedo, three-piece suit, dinner jacket, or even blazer; it just adds class to your overall attire.

What bow tie goes with a navy suit?

What bow tie goes with a navy suit

There are various colors that go perfectly well with navy suits. My personal favorite is a hot pink bow tie. However, there are a plethora of colors you can choose from like red wine, burgundy, gold, gray, and even black can look brilliant with navy. 

Can you wear a navy suit with a black bow tie?

Can you wear a navy suit with a black bow tie

Definitely, a nice bow tie with a navy blue suit is surely an epitome of sophistication and a perfect choice. 

How do you match a bow tie to a suit?

How do you match a bow tie to a suit

You can always wear a matching bow tie with the suit color as it's the easiest yet stylish way but for the best combination, always select dark and bold shades of bow ties when wearing a lighter color shirt and vice versa. This will give you a striking look. 

Is a bow tie semi-formal?

Is a bow tie semi-formal

Bow ties are formal, but they are also called business or cocktail attire, so they can be termed semi-formal as well. It all depends on you wearing it. You can wear them with a blazer or sweater to give them a semi-formal look.