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The groom typically choses his male relatives and dear friends to be the groomsmen for him in the wedding ceremony.  One of these men, usually a relative, will be the best man.  The best man is the personal assistant to the groom while the bridesmaid provides personal support to the bride.

However, while being chosen as one of the groomsmen feels great, you may quickly find yourself confused about the beach wedding attire for groomsmen.

 But you need not worry if you’re reading this, as this post will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Venue Attire

 The bride and groom are planning a beach wedding in California, Florida, Tahiti, or another white sands beach lagoon with pristine turquoise waters.  The groomsmen will dress casually or have a more traditional look taking their cue from the groom and bride that will give them their fashion hint for their attire.

Whatever the seashore destination, keep in mind that beaches can be as warm in winter as in summer and no one wants to be uncomfortably overheated and sweaty focusing on the bride and groom at their special ceremony.

Informal, casual, relaxed, and unfussy attire is indicative of nature’s serene sea and sand, arousing the laissez-faire for the groomsmen and everyone attending a beach wedding.

Harmonizing Styles

When deciding on what to wear, remember that at any themed wedding the groomsmen must tie their style in with the groom’s.  Whatever the groom is going to wear, the groomsmen must synchronize for a similar stylish look.

 If the groom has his heart set on the long-established conventional wedding wearing a suit, tie, and a coat, be sure they are made of lightweight fabrics to keep the men and groomsmen cool in the sweltering warm sun of any season at the beach.  Even dark trousers and a white shirt will work for a classic and comfortable look.

 The men’s beach wedding attire casual can be a simple white, khaki, or any light-colored pants in ivory, wheat, or shale with a crisp or soft-flowing fabric shirt in white.  Alternatively, matching shirts and tops to the pants color will be striking.  Summer cotton is cool and flowing for the groomsmen as well.

 Patterns or splashes of color on shirts are appealing and might be in harmony with the colors of the wedding location.  Unbutton the shirt and roll up the long sleeves to be even more informal and why not roll up your pant legs too.

The Wedding Theme

Now that everyone has decided on a casual wedding, bear in mind that standing and sitting at the beach is when the groomsmen want fabrics that breathe so that they won’t shrink like a violet from the heat of the sun.  This plan is spot-on for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen to include the men’s beach wedding guest attire.

Garments made of linen are made from the flax plant and are valued for its incomparable coolness, breathability, and freshness in hot and humid weather.  It dries fast if you go into the water and get wet.  It has that relaxed look because the charm of linen is its knack to wrinkle.

Combine the linen pants with a linen shirt or a wispy thin light and airy bright and breezy cotton shirt with buttons.  It can have a standard collar or a Mandarin stand-up collar.

Seersucker is a light thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric, usually striped or checkered that would be cool and casual for the groomsmen.

A vogueish look for a beach wedding is adding a vest and suspenders with casual attire if you have the desire to wear more clothing.  Think about adding a hat to keep the sun’s hot rays off your head, tie a bow tie, and then forget about vests, suspenders, and jackets.  You can match the bow tie to the dress color of the bridesmaid.

Warm Weather Attire

The wedding ladies have it more stress-free and uncomplicated for warm and hot weather at the beach weddings.  They can wear lightweight strapless and sleeveless low-cut neck gowns to include even more casual clothing.  In contrast, the men have a more challenging task if they wear formal clothes such as a tuxedo or suit.

The chief complaint by the men and the groomsmen at a beach wedding is sweating .  For this reason, groomsmen prefer wearing casual attire and even contemplate wearing shorts or blue jeans with flip-flops, moccasins, tennies, and lightweight casual tops or even T-shirts.


Groomsmen can go barefoot or wear crazy upbeat colorful socks with sandals.

Socks are trendy anywhere today even with dress shoes that cover up the lower socks part.  The bride might like poking her toes into the sand or wear ridiculous looking socks to be off-the-cuff at the casual beach wedding.


Don’t overlook that men accessorize as well as women for traditional and casual weddings.  Think about men’s jewelry such as a watch, if you want to wear one on your wrist when going casual, cuff-links, bracelets, chain necklaces, or even a fashionable pocket watch.

Groomsmen might want to wear a starfish or a flower in their shirt’s button hole to match the color in the bride’s flowers.  Groomsmen might consider a handkerchief in the pocket if wearing a jacket.

Wearing a Panama straw hat will keep the rays off your head with sunglasses that will help from the glare of the sun on the water and sand.

Final Thoughts

The wedding ceremony and entire day will indeed be memorable to the groomsmen after the bride and groom have tied the knot.  A romantic beach wedding with dining in the open air or under huge umbrellas in the sand listening to the waves is a romantic day to always remember, so take lots of cameras for videos and single photos too.  Share them with the bride and groom and guests attending.

If the groomsmen stay late into the starry night with music, dancing to live music, or watching a dancing show after the wedding, more memories can be stored in everyone’s heart forever.

To summarize for the beach wedding attire for groomsmen, remember to get the best fit, fabric, and color to for staying cool and to flatter that you can wear for years to come.