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The Perfect Shirt Color Combination With Blue Suit

by Miguel 17 Apr 2023

What Color Shirt Goes with Blue Suit? | The Right Color Combination


Blue suit is a timeless choice for an elegant look, and this is something we can all agree on. Be it formal outings or a semi-casual party, you can never go wrong with blue suits.

The real question here though, is to single out the perfect color shirt to go with it.

As this can be quite a confusing and time-consuming task before you head off to your event, we're here to lend our suggestions.

Basic Shirt Combinations with Blue Suits

Blue suits especially navy are chosen as they can be worn with any color shirt, white, pink, or black, of the many options to pick from.

White Shirt

White Shirt- Blue Suit

If you're planning on a classic look without giving little to no effort, then a crisp white shirt should be your go-to option. It'll instantly make your blue suit pop and ready for any formal events.

Too afraid to wear light colors?

Then choose a white shirt with stripes to add some modern flair to your wardrobe.

Pink shirt

Pink shirt- Light Pink- Blue Suit

An alternative to white shirts, is a light pink shirt. Gone are the days where pink was categorized to be "feminine".

Real men wear pink too, and they look quite the snack when they do.

Look dapper in a baby or pale pink shirt with a blue suit, paired up with a purple tie to bring out your fun side!

Light blue shirt

Light blue shirt- Mid Blue Suits

Those of you who want to stay on the same side of the color wheel can opt for blue shirts without a doubt.

However, to keep the cool tones complementary to the suit, you might want to grab a lighter shade, such as a pale blue shirt with mid-blue suits. A baby blue shirt styled up with a navy suit will give you the gentleman look.

To make a bold statement and stand out in the crowd, just put on a vibrant pocket square. Go out there and experiment with shades of orange, purple or even dark red!

Black shirt

Black shirt- Navy Blue Suit

Opposed to the traditional white shirt combination, a mid-blue suit or navy-blue suit can easily make you look sleek when paired with a black shirt.

It's not just a great combo for a cocktail party or a gala dinner, but the best option one can go for without a doubt.

Grey Shirt

Grey Shirt- dark blue suit

In case you prefer darker shades when it comes to suits, combining your dark blue suit with a grey shirt will look extremely classy.

However, one thing that you should keep in mind, is to blend it all in with a tie that includes shades of both grey and blue.

Besides, when choosing a charcoal grey shirt for your navy suit, make sure that the grey doesn't overshadow your blue suit.

Hence, always go for a lighter hue of grey to balance it out.

Vibrant Color Shirts and Blue Suit: Are They Ideal?

Wearing vibrant color shirts with a blue suit is quite a debatable idea to most. But we highly encourage playing around with colors and discover what's best for your individuality.

Although it's suggested to keep your blue suit to be the main focus and avoid any striking colored shirts, we find the combo pretty intriguing that will make you stand out in the crowd.

However, this shouldn't be the case for all shades, as you need to maintain a subtle balance without overdramatizing your shirt choice.

Especially for highly-energetic shades such as mustard yellow and pine or emerald green, it's a big no!

Purple Shirt

Suits in different blue tones are known to be a staple, go-to choice for most men.

Since they effortlessly fall under the traditional category, a blue suit can thus be paired up with an unconventional color shirt, instead of the plain and boring "blue suit white shirt" combo.

Our first vote goes to purple, a member of the pink color scheme. In case you didn't know, this color symbolizes delicacy, interesting, and of comfort.

Adding a hint of purple to your blue suit will thus instantly put you and your surroundings in a frisky mood, ready to rock springtime weddings and gala nights.

Having said so, make sure to go for lighter shades or darker tones of purple if you mean to keep the tie combination similar to your shirt.

In case you want to experiment, going for a maroon red tie will undoubtedly showcase your bold persona.

For more formal occasions, opt for a navy blue suit and tie combinations with your purple shirt of choice to keep a sophisticated look.

Red Shirt

As opposed to the conventional and much safer blue suit and blue shirt choice, how about you go for a red shirt to wear with a blue suit instead?

As dramatic and challenging it might sound, a red shirt will make you walk against the crowd and let you create your distinct identity.

Even though this eccentric combination might seem harder to pull of with a blue suit, knowing the right ways to dim it down to a fair level can actually work wonders!

Simply style it with a darker shade of blue tie along with some classic accessories, and you'll be ready to put on a breathtaking show.

Dressing yourself in a red shirt with a blue 3-piece suit can also be a creative way to stand in the spotlight with little to no effort at all.

Floral Shirts

Contrary to the olden days, floral shirts are quite in demand among the younger generations.

In fact, nowadays, older men are seen to discard the false narration of floral shirts being too feminine and embracing them with open arms.

The only advice from us regarding floral shirts, is to wear them on casual occasions only. This is because it gives off a much more relaxed and breezy impression.

Be it a navy suit or a light blue one, you can find your desired flower-patterned shirt to get you in style in no time.

As for your selection in ties, we'd suggest you to go for a plain tie and avoid any patterns or such to avoid confusion. A navy tie to wear with a blue suit will work best in this case!

Shoe recommendation

Honestly, I prefer black or brown shoes with blue suit. With a lighter blue suit you can wear brown shoes but with a deep blue suit, black color shoe would be good choice.

Final Words

The most popular suit color is blue, and for good reason. For men who want to make a serious fashion statement, it conveys authority, dependability, and loyalty.

Then why wait? By using our go-to advices, go seize the limelight for yourself!

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