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The Best Summer Wedding Suits for Men

When it comes to shopping for summer wedding suits, there are several key factors to consider. These include the venue, the locale, the dress code, and the predicted day-of forecast. 

Let's face it - the summer sun can be unforgiving during an outdoor wedding.

If you're planning an outdoor wedding in a tropical locale, or if you're a guest invited to one, selecting an appropriate summer suit can be of the utmost importance. 

With so many options available nowadays, it can be difficult trying to decide what fits your style best. 

This article will help you find the perfect suit for wedding guests, grooms, and groomsmen!

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4 Best Summer Wedding Suits by FlexSuits

4 Best Summer Wedding Suits by FlexSuits

1. Green One Button Slim Fit Suit

Men's hunter-green tailored business suit offers a sharp appearance and contemporary details. Wear it as a men's church suit to a wedding or other event; the single-breasted, single-button design is at ease enough for all-day wear. In one of the darker hues, look professional at the office or in meetings. As an alternative, a men's white suit is a stylish summer outfit.

High-quality fabric and reliable tailoring are one of the reasons to choose men's slim-fit wedding suits.

2. Blue 1 Button Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo

This blue tuxedo's narrow shawl collar and single-button fastening make it ideal for wearing to any formal event. The collar has no notches and is truly shawl-style. 

In contrast, the lapel is fronted in a soft satin fabric. The low-cut front of the jacket can be worn with or without a vest. The straight-leg cut of the flat-front pants will never go out of style.

3. Grey Slim Fit Sharkskin Suit

One of our extra slim fit suits, it has a stylish appearance and is available in grey. It's multifunctional and adaptable, making it the ideal choice for almost any occasion where you could wear a suit, including weddings, business meetings, and most other occasions in between.

Given that it is made of sharkskin, it manages to be classy, opulent, and comfortable—a combination that is extremely difficult to find, especially if $100 is all you have to spend.

4. Blue 1 Button Satin Shawl Lapel Suit

This trendy, sleek blue two-piece men's slim fit satin shawl collar formal tuxedo suit set gives the formal dress a contemporary spin. Any formal or business-casual occasion will have you looking sharp thanks to a timeless design that will never go out of style. Once you've worn this tuxedo, you won't ever overpay for comparable, more expensive, but lower-quality tuxedos from high-end stores or boutiques again. A variety of colors and sizes are available for this tuxedo.

Wedding Suits for A Summer Beach Wedding

Wedding Suits for A Summer Beach Wedding

For the Guest

Need a suit that can keep you cool and stylish? Look no further than our summer wedding suit collection for the guests.

For the Guest

Topman Pindot Super-Skinny Jacket and Pant in Navy

At your subsequent beach wedding, complement the brilliant sky and sea with a dapper navy-blue suit. This one is constructed of a thin plain-woven cloth and has a nice slender fit. For a formal wedding, elevate your look with a tie. However, for a cocktail party, you can skip the tie.

For The Groom

They most likely already expect you to know that you should wear a linen suit if the ceremony takes place on the beach.

For The Groom

LavidesignsCo's 3-piece cream beech suit

The brand offers the highest quality best wedding suits for men in every Budget, velvet blazers, coats, smoking jackets, luxury suits, and tuxedos.

This company is an expert in creating outfits for grooms and groomsmen. Any bulk order requirements for your wedding party or the groomsmen will be provided at a discounted rate, and they are open to making 3- or 2-piece suits, vests, pants, or shirts only, so any kind of customization is possible at our shop.

Wedding Suits For A Summer Daytime Wedding/Formal Wedding

Wedding Suits For A Summer Daytime Wedding/Formal Wedding

Morning suits are great for formal weddings that take place during the day, despite the fact that grooms typically wear them across the Atlantic.

Brunello Cucinelli Unstructured Linen Suit Jacket

Unstructured Linen Suit Jacket

This suit, which is made of pure Italian linen, includes notch lapels, patch pockets, and a double vent to prevent creasing when you sit down. The jacket can be worn more informally by itself or with matching pants.

Suit Supply Light Grey Havana Suit

Light Grey Havana Suit

Given its light grey hue, this suit looks perfectly at home at a summer wedding. It is made of pure wool and is suitable for all seasons.

J.Crew Ludlow Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit Jacket

Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit Jacket

This suit is perfect for a more laid-back wedding due to the unstructured appearance of the jacket and the material, which is a cotton and linen blend. It's comfortable and adaptable, making it a nice piece to have in your wardrobe.

What Colour to Wear at Your Summer Wedding?

What Colour to Wear at Your Summer Wedding?

Summer wedding colors are hot and vibrant; they can also be quite laid back and warm. They give off vibes to match the intended tone and theme of the wedding. The best summer wedding colors range from shades of orange to pale pink, blue, and green.

Get the best wedding summer colors in June

Get the best wedding summer colors in June

Summer weddings can be such a fun time, but they can also be quite challenging. You see, the summer wedding season means that weddings take place outdoors. This means that you have to make sure that your wedding colors match not only the theme but also all of the other elements, like temperature and weather conditions.

Is your wedding theme anything but traditional? With summer wedding colors and a rebellious spirit, you can tie in a very specific feel and tone with your apparel. However, if you're stuck on which shade of orange to choose, here's what we recommend!

Sage Green

Sage Green

For summer weddings, we are offering various shades of peach tones and green that will create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. Perfect for lake-side weddings, make sure the groomsmen wear peach suits with sage green boutonnieres. 

Match it with sage green bridesmaid dresses and a combination of sage green and peach bouquets. Sage green and peach centerpieces, floral arrangements, and wedding stationery are also amazing.

If you want to make a summer wedding suit, then you should look at the primary colors of summer: peach, emerald green, leafy greens, and pale yellow. 

These colors are not just fun to work with, but they stand out beautifully in the summer heat!

Dusty Rose and Grey

Duty Rose and Grey

This set is perfect for an edgy tented wedding as its colors are bold and bright. Dusty rose, and grey colors match together beautifully, making it a classic choice for minimalist themes. 

The combination of light dusty rose the calming grey is superb for soft, minimalist wedding themes. 

Match dusty rose cocktail napkins with grey reception tables and mixed centerpieces. Choose dusty rose bridesmaid dresses for that soft, fragile look, and match them with a grey bouquet. The groom and groomsmen will fit into grey pants matched with dusty rose bow ties.

Dusty rose is a soft but strong color that can easily be paired with gold. Pair up your groomsmen in grey tuxedoes matched with matching bow ties, and get ready for the wedding party with a blush cake design. 

Whatever color palette you choose, expect that your wedding is going to be beyond extravagant. This will make a statement in itself!

Wedding Colors For July

Wedding Colors For July

The primary color of the summer is yellow. Start with this hue and then continue to apply shades of blue, orange, and other bright shades to create vibrancy for your wedding style.

Lilac and Lemon

Lilac and Lemon

The colors represented in this set are classic fiesta-style wedding colors that work perfectly together. The lemon energy complements the laid-back lilac to give an airy mood.

Perfect for beach weddings and weddings at sea, this palette will make beautiful bridesmaid dresses. 

Match with lilac bouquets peppered with lemon. Opt for a naked cake with lemon blooms in place of traditional toppers. 

Use lilac as the primary color for venue decor with a strategic appearance of lemon. Lemon stationery, tablespaces, place cards, and menu pieces will take your wedding style to the next level.

Red, White, And Blue

Red, White, And Blue

These classic colors can be used to create a romantic mood for the couple and guests at your wedding. Let your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear blue dresses and suits. 

The groom can wear a black suit with red ties or boutonnières. Finish off with a white cake with red and blue decor.

A summer wedding might sound like a lovely idea, but the sun isn't an easy element to deal with. However, if you're planning a summer wedding, you'll want to make sure your colors cut through the heat. 

Pairing blue and red is perfect for this season and will help cool down people during the hot days or nights. 

This applies to both men and women; have the bridesmaids wear white dresses or suits, while guests can layer on casual dresses in light blue and navy-blue outfits. 

Make your bouquet in white details with sprinkles of blue and red. Finish off with a white cake with red and blue decor.

The perfect color combination that is evergreen and eternal. Add a touch of romanticism to your homemade wedding with this stunning combo. It's a summer wedding that you will cherish for years to come.

Blue and Orange

Blue and Orange

A colorful summer wedding would benefit from the striking color combination of blue and orange. These hues are appropriate for the antique couple's camp-themed wedding.

Make the girls hold orange flowers like gerbera daisies while wearing royal blue bridesmaid dresses. 

The bride can hold flowers in her own color, or you can mix in some blue and white to correspond with your dress. The groomsmen may don royal blue tuxedos.

Yellow and Green

Yellow and Green

To dress in for a summer wedding, choose brilliant, airy colors like yellow and green. You can include your visitors in your lighthearted concept by using these colors. 

Wear a green floral crown with yellow accents. Decorate the cake with greenery and a yellow coating. 

Your reception table should be decorated with green centerpieces and yellow accents. Greens and yellows in abundance will make your food colorful. This arrangement is ideal for a tiny restaurant wedding.

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What Fabrics To Go With for A Summer Wedding Wear?

What Fabrics To Go With for A Summer Wedding Wear?

The fabric you choose for your summer wedding suit will be the most crucial factor in determining whether you will be comfortable or uncomfortable after construction. Traditionally, wool is used to make men's clothes.



Do you already have some sweat on you? Don't quickly dismiss wool. Light wool can be utilized to create practical, stylish suits in a variety of weights and combinations, especially if you choose a partial or even unlined suit. 

While quarter-lined jackets only have a lining on the sleeves and shoulders for comfort, half-lined jackets omit the lining from the back of the suit jacket to allow for improved airflow. 

The suit will be less durable the lighter the wool and the less lining there is. 

Fresco wool is an elegant and stylish open weave.

The issue with wool suits is that, although being lightweight and cozy enough to wear in the summer, they don't necessarily look it. 

Darker shades of wool can look far too formal for a beach wedding or daytime summer event, even if the suit itself is appropriate for the occasion. 

This also heavily depends on the color and cut. Fortunately, a wide variety of textiles made specifically for hot weather suits are available.

Let's remove polyester from the discussion right away.



If you're unsure about the material to pick for your wedding suit, linen has been thoroughly discussed here before. It wicks sweat away and is lightweight and breathable.



Silk or a silk blend is usually a fantastic alternative for hot weather if you don't mind the cost.


Although cotton isn't as wicking as other fabrics, there's a reason it's the classic summer fabric. As long as the air isn't too humid, it is airy, light, and feels cool. 

It quickly dries, is inexpensive, and durable even if you sweat (or spill). It is a good option for a wedding party or a one-time groom's summer wedding suit because of its affordability.


Seersucker is a final option that is worthwhile. After all, there's a reason it became popular among Southern gentlemen. 

Again, because it's incredibly cool, resists wrinkles, and is simple to clean, it's a great option for the groom and groomsmen as well as a guest's summer wedding suit.

Accessories to Pair With Summer Wedding Suits

Accessories to Pair With Summer Wedding Suits

Weddings in the summer are a great place to try out new fashionable accessories like cufflinks and pocket squares. We strongly advise arranging boutonnières for the groom and his entourage in the interim.

These floral bouquets not only provide the clothing with a lovely pop of color, but they also make it easier to spot the important participants in the event. 

If you're on a tight budget, you might also use less expensive synthetic lapel flowers. They can occasionally be purchased in large quantities for a great price, so they can also be shared among visitors.

You can surely choose a lapel flower if you're a guest. To avoid being mistaken for the people involved, you might wish to skip the boutonnière.


What kind of suit do you wear to a summer wedding?

For obvious reasons, lightweight fabrics will always be popular for summer wedding suits because it's not always simple to stay cool. Wearing clothing made of seersucker, linen, cotton, fresco, and worsted is a great way to beat the heat while also looking chic.

What are men wearing to weddings in 2022?

A dark suit in either charcoal gray, black, or dark blue is required for formal attire, along with a collared dress shirt and necktie. Depending on the color of your suit, your shoes should be either black or brown leather, and your pants should be flat-fronted dress pants with a straight fit.

When should guys get suits for weddings?

We advise placing your order for your suit 4-6 months in advance. This provides plenty of time for the groom and the wedding party to procure their suits, try them on, and undergo any necessary in-person alterations.

What colors are slimming for men?

So stay away from eye-catching colors like yellow and pink that also make you look larger. Instead, favor darker hues like grey, purple, brown, and navy, which will help to slim you down and give you a cleaner waist.

Bottom Line

A summer wedding held outside on a lovely evening has an extra special quality to it. Unfortunately, a light breeze and pleasant weather outside are not guaranteed. 

Summer weddings can be hot and humid, regardless of whether they are held inside, outside, or both. Nothing is more uncomfortable than perspiring for hours in a warm wedding suit that you are unable to remove.

We have highlighted the best wedding summer suit for the groom, groomsmen, and guests.

If you need any help regarding the color theme, fabric, or dress style. We are always here for extra help. 

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