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The Best Men's Tuxedos for Any Formal Occasion

Shopping for tuxedos is definitely overwhelming. This fashion investment brings many factors to consider. A plethora of styles exist in the market for tuxedos - like double-breasted or classic cut. 

And then, you have to decide on other clothing items to seal the deal. For instance, cufflinks, ties, shirts, and vests are all crucial. This is the reason why men should pick a trustworthy retailer. Doing some homework will make your shopping experience smoother. 

So, if you have always been compromising on your attire, keep reading to learn everything about the art of wearing a tuxedo. We will also share the 5 best mens tuxedo to ease your decision. 

Let's get started. 

Suit vs. Tuxedo - The Main Differences

Suit vs. Tuxedo - The Main Differences

Are you invited to a wedding or a dinner party? You must be caught up in a tuxedo vs. suit challenge. Don't worry if you are confused about which one to wear. 

Ahead, you will learn the basic differences between the two attires so that your decision becomes less stressful. 

Are Tuxedos the Same as Suits? 

Are Tuxedos the Same as Suits?

The first thing you need to know is that both ensembles are unique in their own ways. While suits may be worn any time of the day, tuxedos are only meant to be worn in the evenings. Plus, if you like to have room for creativity and style, tuxedos won't give you that. 

Now let's start with the differences. Suits don't include satin details, unlike tux, which adds it on pants, buttons, and even dinner jacket lapels. A classic tuxedo also follows a specific dress shirt [Interlink: Can You Wear a Regular Dress Shirt with a Tuxedo] style and tags along with standard accessories. 

And on formal occasions, gentlemen are expected to wear black patent leather footwear. In simple words, there is hardly any flexibility with this attire. On the other hand, suits provide room to wear a variety of accessories, dress shirts, and shoes. 

You must be wondering about the formality levels of both ensembles. Suits can definitely appear quite dressy if the correct style, cut, and color are followed. This formal wear looks sleek and attractive. 

However, even the most sophisticated suit can never be as dressy as a tux. The reason is that a black tuxedo is the highest formal wear a gentleman can adopt. No wonder why they are the standard at black tie occasions. 

Finally, let's discuss when you should consider wearing either of the two at a friend's or your wedding. It all boils down to the formality of the particular wedding, and this aspect is governed by the host's demands, the weather, and the time of the day. 

All the clues are visible in the wedding invitation. For instance, if it directly states that it's a black-tie wedding, it is obvious to pull out your tux. Easy peasy. 

But if it says cocktail attire or semi-formal, pick formal wear instead. And if you want to play it safe on all weddings, just choose the dressier tux option. 

Many men ponder why are tuxedos so expensive?[Interlink: Why Are Tuxedos So Expensive] But remember, you don't have to shop from a high-end retailer. For instance, the following tuxedos from FlexSuits are priced reasonably. 

Let's see 5 of their pieces below. 

5 Best Men's Tuxedos for Any Formal Occasions

5 Best Men's Tuxedos for Any Formal Occasions

Do you prefer midnight blue tuxedos, or will you rather wear a shawl collar tuxedo? No matter what your preferences are, the following tuxedos will end your hunt for the perfect ensemble. 

1. Black 3 Piece Vested Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

Black 3 Piece Vested Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

This breathtaking 3-piece suit deserves your attention. Ideal for formal occasions, the all-black outfit includes the following:

  • Vest with black shawl lapel and 5 buttons. 
  • A fully lined jacket with side vents, 1 button, and a peak shawl lapel. 
  • Flat-front pants lined to the knees with tapering have an inseam length of 37 inches. 

This slim-fitting outfit is made of spandex, rayon, and polyester fabrics which offer flexibility and a sheer resistance to wrinkles. 

The unhemmed pants and single-breasted jacket have a cutaway front. Contrasting fabrics in the lapels seem divine. Your vest will be visible owing to the low-cut jacket front. A satin waistband in the pants is a stellar addition as well.

2. Blue 1 Button Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo

Blue 1 Button Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo

Fancy a striking color? Look no further than this dark blue beauty. The most noteworthy features include a single button closure and a narrow shawl collar. This slim-fitting tux adds no notch to the true shawl-style collar. 

  • A fully lined jacket with 1 button closure and side vents. 
  • Unhemmed, flat-front, and tapered pants with a 37-inch inseam. 
  • Stretchable fabric and a wool touch. 

It is upto you to wear a vest or not because of the low-cut jacket. The lapel features a contrast in an undertone satin material. Lastly, the straight-leg cut of the pants is timeless. 

3. Navy 1 Button Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo

Navy 1 Button Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo

If dark blue is not your cup of tea, consider navy blue instead. This shade is equally ideal for formal occasions. Consisting of a jacket and pants, the tux also adds:

  • Full-lined jacket with satin shawl lapel, single button closure, and side vents. 
  • Tapered pants lined to the knees. 
  • Slim-fitting tux with a wool touch. 

The option to exclude the best is best for summer. 

4. Peaked Lapel Linen & Silk Tuxedo Suit

Peaked Lapel Linen & Silk Tuxedo Suit

This extravagant peak lapel tuxedo excludes a notch lapel. However, it was flawlessly tailored in Italy. The best-in-class textured blend of tussah silk and linen includes these features:

  • Jacket with front-flap pockets, cupro lining, chest-welt pocket, peak lapels, and front button closure. 
  • Trousers with hook-and-bar closure and zip fly. 

Linen and silk fabrics will make you feel confident. 

5. Tailored Fit Wool Tuxedo

Tailored Fit Wool Tuxedo

This suave tux boasts a grosgrain trim and is made of fine wool. Perfect for special occasions and sophisticated evenings, the neatly tailored ensemble deserves a spot in your wardrobe. 

While the trousers are partially lined, the full lining is added to the jacket. There is some extra room offered for easy movement. 

The Right Tuxedo for Every Event

The Right Tuxedo for Every Event

Every man knows that a tux is equal to elegance in the fashion realm. However, most gentlemen face difficulty picking the appropriate tuxedo for an occasion. 

If you are on the same page, go through the following sections to have an idea of how to choose tuxedos based on several occasions. 

Look Like the Gentleman You Are at Your Office Event

Look Like the Gentleman You Are at Your Office Event

Being employed in an office means that you will have to participate in office events. For this purpose, always go for a practical tux that looks poised and is durable. 

Even the most basic styles available in gray or navy shades will be suitable. Moreover, try to pair the attire with ties and tuxedo shirts meant for professional workplaces. 

And as far as accessories are concerned, do not opt for bold patterns or bright colors. Lastly, make sure that the office tux flawlessly fits your frame. 

A Tuxedo on Your First Date? Why Not?

A Tuxedo on Your First Date? Why Not?

You know what they say - the first impression is the last impression. And if you want to sweep your date off their feet, don't be shy of being bold. You can achieve a perfect tux ensemble by adding the correct elements. 

For example, rather than thinking, what type of tuxedo shirt is in style?[Interlink: What Type of Tuxedo Shirt Is in Style] Simply replace it with your everyday t-shirt. For footwear, choose business casual shoes. And if you want to experiment more, wear vivid socks. 

You might also pick laid-back trousers and a tuxedo jacket to get a less formal yet attractive attire. It is advised to ditch ties on the first date as they will give off dressy vibes. 

The Right Tux for a Black Tie Event

The Right Tux for a Black Tie Event

Are you confused by the term black tie? It basically refers to simplicity and uniformity. The black-tie dress code demands men to wear a pleated white shirt, dinner jacket, black shoes, matching trousers, and a black bow tie. As an option, a waistcoat or cummerbund can also be worn. 

Dinner Jacket

Dinner Jacket

Originally, the black tie was actually a midnight blue tuxedo. For a fancy appearance, choose a velvet jacket in burgundy, dark blue, or green to give a vintage vibe. 

In warm months, an off-white jacket with black lapels should be matched with black trousers. When it comes to acceptable black tie lapels, two options exist - a shawl or peaked. 

Shawl lapels are traditionally sophisticated, whereas peak lapel is more famous and straightforward. 

Matching Trousers

Matching Trousers

This part is easier. Just pick a fitted dark set matching the jacket. Ideally, trousers should come with a taper. Be careful with its length. Without being baggy, trousers should flatter your physique. 

Pleated White Shirt

Pleated White Shirt

Black tie dress shirts feature white or black buttons, along with holes to fix cufflinks. These are commonly made of a stiff cotton fabric known as marcella. 

A standard collar or a traditional wing collar are both good. If you are adding a cummerbund, avoid pleats, as they will distract your profile. 

Bow Tie 

Bow Tie

You can add a splash of color to the bow ties. Doing so will not violate any rule of the black tie dress code. But never choose a white bow tie as that is only reserved for white tie occasions. 

The tie needs to be proportional to your head. Oh, and try to tie it with your hands. But if you lack that skill, a pre-tied bow tie is suitable too. 



This is a pleated, broad sash worn around the waist to form a sleek profile. Plum, burgundy, or dark green are the best colors for a cummerbund. 

Vest Or Waistcoat

This component also results in a streamlined look by emphasizing the deep V of the jacket. In order to add visual interest, choose a waistcoat in a textured fabric. But for a traditional look, black is the only option. 


For formal occasions, do not pick your everyday office shoes. You need to take it up a notch. Patent and black footwear bring a traditional profile. Round-toed or narrow are recommended. 

Avoid suede because it tends to appear messy or dusty under bright lights. Choose velvet instead. Recently, designer sneakers have been seen in black-tie events and even on the red carpet. Although it is a risky look to pull off, succeeding in it will make you stand out from the pack. 



If you want to add a watch to the mix, it should be gold and slim. However, luxury watches are a fine choice too. 

Similar to the rest of the ensemble, go for minimalistic and sophisticated cufflinks. Seal the deal with a white pocket square. 


Finally, only choose black socks for a black tie event, even during holidays. 

It is clear that guests at a black-tie event are not supposed to boast their creative flair or look different from the rest. These events focus on consistency with no room for patterns or loud colors. 

Tuxedos to Wear on a Wedding

Tuxedos to Wear on a Wedding

As a wedding guest, see the invitation to decide your attire. For instance, if it mentions "black tie preferred," "black tie," or "white tie invited," tuxedos are expected. 

However, if the invitation says "formal" or "black tie optional", you can choose between a dark suit or a tux. For all other invitations, a suit should work. 

Here is another factor to consider:

Time of the Day

As stated previously, a tux is only for evenings. And if the wedding will be conducted in the daytime or in the afternoon, a suit is a better option. If the wedding initiates in the day but ends in the evening, it's up to you. 

Also Read: How to Pick the Right Tuxedo for Wedding According to Your Body Type [Interlink: How to Pick the Right Tuxedo for Wedding According to Your Body Type]

Tuxedos for Other Formal Occasions

Any formal occasion commonly requires various tuxedos based on the dress code. For instance, blindly wear a traditional tux if it's a black tie event. 

But if no dress code is mentioned, play it safe with a black dress suit and consider accessorizing with either a pocket square, patterned shirt, or a colorful tie. 

That's all you need to know for common formal events! 

How to Get the Perfect Tux Fit?

How to Get the Perfect Tux Fit?

Let's be honest - flattering attire depends on the fit. For the ultimate tux fitting, follow these tips:

  • The bottom hem of tuxedo jackets is supposed to hide the hips. Plus, the vent shouldn't be exposed. 
  • The collar is supposed to lie flat on the sides of the neck and back without any bulges or gaps.
  • Your jacket should embrace the shoulders gracefully. The jacket is big if the shoulder pads extend far. 
  • The pants should break across the laces. 
  • If you desire a slimming effect, consider flat-front pants, as they offer a stylish midsection.
  • Jacket sleeves should be hemmed at the wrist, enabling the display of half an inch of the shirt. 
  • Lastly, a set of colorful socks showcases your personality. 


What Is the Most Formal Tuxedo?

Almost everyone is of the opinion that black tie is the highest quality of formal wear, but this is not the case. The best evening attire for men is a white tie. 

It means wearing a formal tux with a white bow tie instead of the usual black tie. 

What is the average cost to buy a tuxedo?

While a tux rental can cost $200, the average sale price of the clothing is $1,000. It is better to buy a tux as you can wear it regularly on different occasions and have a reliable investment. 

Moreover, you will have a wider variety of designs, fabrics, buttons, lapels, and everything else. 

Is it cheaper to buy a tux or rent one?

It is definitely cheaper to purchase a tux rather than continuously renting it out. 

What color of tuxedo is not to be worn during the day?

A black tie is only meant to be worn in the evenings. For the ones who prefer to follow fashion rules for semi-formal and formal wear, it is ideal for dressing for the end time of an occasion. 


It is clear that from choosing your first tuxedo or suit to creating a handsome gentleman's attire, there are many decisions to make. 

But the information from this guide is a good start to give you confidence. You will be able to wow the crowd anywhere and look dapper.